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i am a maintenance electrician in an industrial setting. what that means is that process operators call me when their automated equipment is not working, and i troubleshoot it and get it back online. for each call that i go to, i apply the same formula for solving the problem:

1. verify that there is actually a problem. sometimes nothing is broken, and in fact the problem is operator error.

2. isolate the problem. sometimes the symptoms of a problem aren't very helpful in identifying the cause. and sometimes the root of a problem can be 5 steps up or down the line from where the problem becomes apparent. sometimes figuring out what ISN'T broken is what leads to to what IS broken.

3. make the repair.

4. test the repair and verify that everything is working. make adjustments when necessary.  sometimes this can be very time consuming.

5. put the equipment back into service.

i find this thought process to be pretty effective. i think it could be useful in solving many of the worlds problems, or at least in identifying the root cause of them.

so i am going to play the role of the operator, and you guys come and fix my machine.

i operate a country in africa, and my country is broken. the symptoms of my problems are widespread famine and sickness. please come and figure this out for me!

*ps, your operator is typically your best resource in helping you isolate the problem. ask lots of questions.

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were she a blog, I would vote her.

supper analogy. great point about the operator. You'd think, considering that point, that elementary school and high school would have a little bit on psychology and self-motivation.
thanks man. i'm kinda new around here... do these forums see much traffic? i'd really like it if i can get some people involved in this little exercise.
To be honest, the popular blog posts have faster and longer discussion than the discussion forums, usually. The forums see traffic, but this post for instance is a blogger for sure. I would tag it for mission 1 learn (aka 'learn1'), personally.

When you blog, whether you get a good discussion going or not is part luck. But there are lots of blogs with discussions to join (watch traffic on the lower right sidebar for what's going on presently), and occasionally they may be on ye'r own posts =)

also, see http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/evoke-official-ongoing

which is a portal to some great projects in discussion and 'new agent rest stops'.

btw, the season is in it's evokation phase - many people are doing their last assignments for the season, creating a project to win seed funding or a trip to a summit and such (due may 19). may 12th was the closing day for certain types of credit for taking part in the game - more on the meta game here

thanks. i might just copy and paste this into the blog like you suggest. thanks!

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