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Challenge: Build TRUST for strong reputation networks

Over the next 6 weeks we have a rare opportunity to work closely with people around the world who we may never meet.  Then again, we may find that our evokations take us to other corners of the globe to places where we will need to rely on each other for survival.  This network we are weaving here will mean life or death for many in our extended circles and it is important enough that we take this role we share seriously as we grow into this work together.

To work together we must first know that we can trust one another.  Trust is a very difficult thing to pin down and know when working virtually through words, videos and photos.  While video and skype and other remote conferencing tools provide some sense of what the other is like it is still rare for us to truly connect and form a kinship of respect with others in digital space.  We may make friends here but few of those friendships will really stick around long term.  The bonds that will last will be forged over our evokations and long term endeavors where we choose to partner together to build more than we can do alone.

How do we build partnerships based on trust and respect?  First we LISTEN.  We hear where others are, what's going on for them and what their struggles are in the current situation.  We offer what resources we can but do not force our will on others -- we work gently and with compassion for the great journey that others have taken to be at this place with us.

My question to you is:  how do you build trust in these networks?  How can you express to others that you are a trustworthy person who will get the job done and be dependable in times of extreme stress and crisis?

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Trust is built through reliability more than other things.
You show trustworthy by coming through when you are needed, and being true to yourself and others.
I really like your post and pointing out that we first 'listen'. We don't have the normal visual clues but in most cases it builds over time as character develops, and there's an understanding we think alike in in that we want to bring change to the world.

To build trust takes time for me. It's how we communicate (or listen) and how often, and what the topics are. I try to keep an open mind about who I'm meeting but I never forget I don't really know the person.

Arunas P said:
Trust is very difficult to define as it's too personal thing.
As people before me mentioned in online communities commitment is all too often mistaken for trust. For example taking computer games as an example: take a player that is extremely committed to the game, is always on time for events and possibly organises a lot of them. In this case I would agree that there may be someone else, who invests just as much time as him, that really trusts him, but could he be trusted by someone who neglects the game, or simply does not have time? Maybe, but not necessary.
So in my opinion would be that trust exist between friends and can only be (dis)proven by unexpected situations, that require some serious effort by one party without expecting any reward.
In various projects/games/etc what you want is commitment, and if you can befriend and trust someone - it's a bonus.

As for collaboration one way to do it (naturally that would possibly require some modifications to system) would be to disperse different messages to different users, not unique but just a few variations, and make users find who has the other part they need, or simply make them do something in a group and add a way to anonymously vote contribution by other members of a group.
I love this challenge to the network because seems quite a k-issue for solving real problems through the net.
i agree completly with Buffy B and some older post where the questions is "solved" by saying that maybe is not exactly a question of trust.....

My point of view after this experience...for exemple: i really enjoy the evoke experience and i think is very important to follow on this path....but i couldn't be present when the game started...so i've been evoking like crazy in 2 days...i called: full immersion... and i hope that this effort could be of some purpose for somebody else...not only myself...

I would love to put energy in something useful... and in doing so having fun and learning... if i'm not able to really participate in networking but i can do the mission and something in my work can be useful to somebody...and in doing so i have develloped or discovered something useful for myself...then great!!! and i really don't need trust.... i simply need transparency and i would love to have feedback...to know that somebody is listening...if nobody gives feedback.... you get tired...mentorship here has been a great help...

ok..sorry for english...:-)

@Janak i love your definition of trust...but then how do you know when you are needed? and how do you know you can answer the need of somebody that doesn't ask? or doesn't know that you can help?
Firstly, I would like to say I'm a christian.I am a man of my words.I have been told to always speak the truth to people. Deceiving people doesn't pay me in any way.I look onto fulfilling every job given to me in times of extreme stress and crisis; giving the best I can to get the job done.I will put the EVOKE network my number one priority, and I will be accountable to every actions I take to the World Bank Group.
Dear Evo and my fellow EVOKERs,
Good day!
I think following 3 do's and 2 don'ts will serve the purpose.
1. Be honest while responding to ones query.
2. Value others time on net--be brief, as far as practicable.
3. Be good to others.
4. Never encourage to form sub-group within group.
5. Never be negative while participating in discussion.
Thanks and regards,
Pradip Dey

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