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Call the EVOKE Network to action.  This is your chance to harness the collective and collaborative powers of EVOKE.  Submit a challenge to the Network in this discussion thread, and my team and I might feature it in the Breaking News box.

A good challenge will take only a short time to complete.  Consider these possible challenge themes, or suggest something of your own:

- Collaborative efforts
- Making new connections within the Network
- Forming teams/Working together
- Looking for patterns in the Evidence
- Collective intelligence challenges
- Creative challenges


1 - In this discussion thread, describe your challenge.  Tell us what you’d like to see the EVOKE Network do. 

2 - Choose the EVOKE Power or Powers you want to see grow. Tell us how you think the challenge
should be rewarded.

If your challenge is selected to be featured, you will earn +100 Spark.

The Network awaits your call to action.

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If we wanted to do this people could put the content they are contributing on their blog, then add it to the wiki, and leave a link to the blog post at the end of their contribution so people can power vote it.
I have a global problem and its solution. I would love , EVOKE working on this to give Africa and world a global solution.


A project proposal by:

J C Shukla

Most poor countries have the following in common:

1 A lot of surplus man-hours and manpower, which is unemployable (Opportunity earnings for them is zero or near zero).
2 A lot of national resources, which are not deployed / invested due to many reasons
3 A lot of unfulfilled needs, for reasons varying from the non availability of Purchasing Power to the absence of facilitation.

We can solve all these three problems and many more by opening a barter window through ICT, say on an e bay or similar platform.

Since time immemorial, the barter has been the original means of trading as well as valuing the various goods and services.

We can revive the same, making it more powerful, more widespread, more attractive and very easy to handle by leveraging the power of ICT – Information & Communication Technology.

With the advantage of ICT, the physical, one to one barter in the here and now in a flea market would be now converted into a virtual, many to many barter where one can sell not only goods but also services; not only big projects but also small services like a hair cut or a massage; not only for the here and now, but the buyer or seller can keep his bid or offer open till cattle comes home.

The portal especially designed for this purpose will connect the DEMANDERS with the SUPPLIERS.

While the technology end will be taken care of by a portal on the lines of e bay, it is the last mile end that will be the one which is the most interesting and most beneficial to the society, and particularly to the poor and the unemployed people in the society.

The portal will have agents throughout the world, even at village or town level; wherever the computer has reached. These agents will bring the portal very near to the last mile.


The poor and unemployed who are interested in a source of income will go from house to house in their area of operation. They will help each family by making the list of surplus or unused or unusable items they possess. They will also try to get from the family the price at which they would like to sell such items. For example, the item can be a voltage stabilizer or a pager or a book or a compass box, or an agricultural implement or a vehicle - not repairable and so on.

Similarly, he may ask them what they want to buy. Someone may want to buy a mobile phone at Rs. 100 or a computer at Rs. 1000 or a TV at Rs. 300 (B & W will do) and so on.

Having collected this data from as many families as possible; he will first match if any demand and supply from his customers matches. In this case, he just facilitates the transaction and earns a commission equal to the difference between his buying and selling prices. Mind you, he does not have to invest his own money (if at all) for more than a day or two in order to earn this commission.

Those demands and supplies that he can not match even after some persuasion; he will go to the Agent who will feed this data into the portal. The data will remain on the portal until a transaction is executed. When the transaction is executed; the agent at both the ends will get a commission of about 1 to 4 per cent depending on several factors; prime factor being the price of the item.

The last mile facilitator will get a commission depending on how he convinces the two sides to close the transaction by bargaining; as the commission will depend again on the difference between buyer’s and seller’s prices.


The possibilities are almost endless. An agricultural labor may find he will get best daily wages in Haryana rather than Punjab. A barber on the move may find out which is the village where the haircut prices are so high, he can move there with the family and make a more decent living.

The portal can additionally operate as a savings bank account for those who deliver service or goods on the portal. They can save the money now so that good quantum of funds is available in the pre-monsoon sowing period and so on.

One can also offer a service in return for another service. For example, a barber may offer a haircut in exchange of 1 kg of wheat or one man day of agricultural labor.

Just as in a bank, the beneficiary will have the option to withdraw his funds whenever he needs them.


1 Those without any goods to offer can offer their services on the portal.
2 Those who act as last mile facilitator can earn a decent living from this activity if he works hard on it and is willing to wait for few months to one year by which time the portal and operations will get fully stabilized and expanded geographically and geometrically. Considering that their opportunity income was any way zero, this is not a bad deal at all.
3 The agents will also earn commission on a part time working.
4 The most important thing will be that the NPAs (Non Productive Assets) lying in the private homes now get deployed into the mainstream of economy; thereby making them Productive. This will straight away lead to a rise in the GDP of the nation concerned. This could be the talisman we are searching for to overcome the current slowdown.
5 A new market of second hand goods will be created which will allow those at the bottom of the pyramid to exploit the gold at the bottom of the pyramid.

To sum up, this is an idea whose time has come. We have the people with zero income. We have the idle resources lying all around. We have any numbers of needs going unfulfilled due either to lack of money or higher price or lack of facilitation. Barter facilitated by the ICT will make is possible for us to leverage all these negatives to create a positive for the needy individuals, for those who can only deliver services and for those who facilitate the last mile of the barter operation. Many more will be employed like the agents, the IT people who handle the portal and so on.

So, let us start. The time is NOW.
I really like the idea of "Forming teams/working together because, in my european daily reality it's seem something we're losing. Racism, discrimination and so on are all blocks that do not make possibile team work and to be able to share everyone's skills and knowledge to solve social problems.

So I think that it could help to create teams composed by agents from different parts of the world possibily and to assign them a country with a particular need (e.g: India: poverty and children rights to study) and this team will have to project a useful solution dividing tasks between the team's members (one would look for demographic statistics, another one would look for political background in India and so on...).
The team members will have then to trust one on another, to work together, to look for and to share informations finding a final solution to present to the EVOKE Network and Alchemy's evaluation.

The reward could be: + 50 pt. Collaboration, + 20 Creativity, +10 Sparks or maybe to assign to each team's member points according his/her role in the teamwork.

Here is a creative challenge I created. I am trying to get the word out on the discussion board! :)
Dear Friends,
This EVOKE Challenge is real.

We challenge you to make it to the top 33 players of Urgent Evoke, and then use your courage and entrepreneurial creativity to participate in an Expand The Box Training. We can afford two scholarships per training, with priority for people from 15 (minimum age, with parental permission) to 25 years.
See www.nextculture.org PERSONAL / CALENDAR for dates for this 3-day rapid learning environment.
Part of your challenge is to get yourself here (we can't afford that part). Try to get here sustainably: walk, sail, bike, ride a camel, just get here safely.
Details about the training are online.
The experiences and skills you gain will amplify your real-life powers of collaboration, communication, and resourcefulness. You will learn about things you did not know could be learned about.
This training is a step in an authentic 21st century rite of passage to adulthood. Yes, we know what we are talking about.
You will be required to read a book before you come: Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings by Clinton Callahan, out in June 2010. More book info here.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Clinton Callahan
Remember, an agent is resourceful.
My challenge:

nemanja divjak posted about Earth Hour here: http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/lets-help-over-planet-to .

I challenge the network to participate in turning off non-essential appliances for one hour on March 27th, 2010 at 8:30pm local time as a part of it!

I think this should be under courage and spark. Daring to set an example for others about energy conservation.

Its also collaborative, using this network to connect with outside agencies and what they are up too.

This sounds really cool- lol but I don't think I can swim across the ocean :( I just had to turn down an opportunity to go to Guatemala because it was to expensive also. *sigh* maybe I'll figure it out one day.
But to those who get to go: AWESOMENESS!

Clinton Callahan said:
Dear Friends,
This EVOKE Challenge is real.

We challenge you to make it to the top 33 players of Urgent Evoke, and then use your courage and entrepreneurial creativity to participate in an Expand The Box Training. We can afford two scholarships per training, with priority for people from 15 (minimum age, with parental permission) to 25 years.
See www.nextculture.org PERSONAL / CALENDAR for dates for this 3-day rapid learning environment.
Part of your challenge is to get yourself here (we can't afford that part). Try to get here sustainably: walk, sail, bike, ride a camel, just get here safely.
Details about the training are online.
The experiences and skills you gain will amplify your real-life powers of collaboration, communication, and resourcefulness. You will learn about things you did not know could be learned about.
This training is a step in an authentic 21st century rite of passage to adulthood. Yes, we know what we are talking about.
You will be required to read a book before you come: Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings by Clinton Callahan, out in June 2010. More book info here.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Clinton Callahan
Remember, an agent is resourceful.

Forming teams/Working together

Mission: Save the World
Classification: Covert
Codename: Kahatika
Assets: Seven, passionate, highly trained agents. Location unknown.

Brief: Kahatika is the Maori word for good power. It also, the soon to be, not for profit vehicle that will deliver good power to the people. The mission is to put together the resources to make this happen.

This is a real mission. There are real assignments done in the real world. Only the seven best will be chosen. It is not for the faint hearted. If selected, and your mission is successful, you will have saved the world.

This is covert. There is not a lot I can tell you without jeopardising the mission.

What I can tell you is this.

1. I have been planning this mission for over a quarter of a century.
2. Very few people know about it.
3. I designed the key elements before the technology was available to build it, or society was ready for it.
4. I’m still not certain society is ready for it.
5. It is Radical.
6. It is Global.
7. If you are left leaning you will love it.
8. If you are right leaning you will love it.
9. If you believe in God you will believe it is God’s work.
10. If you don’t believe in God you will see it as the human’s ultimate empowerment of humanity.
11. You will be stunned by its beautiful pragmatic simplicity.
12. You will be staggered by its pervasive complexity.
13. Every issue or cause you have ever felt passionate about will be positively affected by this mission.
14. You will be in awe of its potential power.

I can also tell you what it is not.

1. I don’t think it’s dangerous.
2. As far as I can tell it isn’t illegal.
3. It is not about micro finance.
4. It won’t allow you to point to a specific life you saved. (You will have saved everyone)
5. It is not a remedy for a specific cause.
6. It is not without financial reward.
7. It is not about financial reward.

Successful Agents will be paid. How and when is up to you.

Assignments will include the use of: Programming Skills, Creative design skills, Marketing Skills, Public Relations Skills, Presentation Skills, Statistical analysis skills, Simulation skills, Project coordination skills, financial modeling skills, Game Theory Skills, Human Relations skills, Industrial psychology skills, Management Skills.

Aside from possessing one or more of these skills there are two critical areas of understanding secret agents on Mission Kahatika must possess.
They must understand Love and they must understand Money. To be selected you must understand both and be capable of demonstrating your depth of understanding in a global context.

If you are selected, your outputs will not be public. If you are after fame, you will only receive it when the mission is successful. This may only be recognised in decades to come.

You will find out nothing more from me unless you are selected. Then you will be sworn to silence and the message will self-destruct. You can read my blog but whilst every post relates to this mission in some way, you will struggle to put it together. You will however learn about me.

You will be tackling the biggest, hardest issue on the planet, greater than global climate change, greater than nuclear proliferation, greater than peak oil, greater than the banking crisis, greater than starvation and poverty.

How can it be bigger than all those issues?

Simply; It underpins them all.

By now, you don’t believe me, but deep down you wish it were true.
There is only one way to find out. Find me, take the Red Pill and self-actualize.
There is a huge, global (backed pro bono by Wieden & Kennedy - the Just Do It people) umbrella of synergy getting ready to explode at www.fouryearsgo.org.

EVOKE needs to be part of this.
You and me, we transform the human morphogenetic field together, making critical connections between communities of practice (such as between URGENTEVOKE and other players also taking radical responsibility with radical audacity) emerging sustainable cultures now.
The CHALLENGE is go to www.fouryearsgo.org and register yourself online to be included in the team. Just takes a second.
Thank you.
Clinton Callahan
We're focusing on Social Innovation, and a food crisis right? Well- part of that is the carbon emissions and global warming of course. Our daily life patterns can effect how much food people in developing countries can produce.

The idea is that people have a carbon footprint- or how much carbon they produce into the atmosphere based on their lifestyle choices: driving a car, taking public transportation, getting locally grown foods, that kind of stuff.

I challenge the network to find their carbon footprint here: http://www.ecofoot.org/

And, then challenge everyone to choose one way to reduce their footprint and doc**ent it through blog, video or pictures :) While we are finding ways to solve the problems of today and the future- we can begin to reduce the impact of our daily actions on the world.

Sound cool? It does to me.

I am planning on recycling more. I have been bad about it in Chicago, and there is no good reason to why I cannot recycle more often than I do.

I can be responsible and choose healthier ways to live. For myself, and for others.

Powers- sustainability - Promoting responsible use of natural resources.

I really think this would make a good player initiated game.
Tokyo Tool Kit – Part II

Agent Alice Yaxley questioned whether the information graphic on Quinn’s computer shown on page 5 of the Evoke trailer is significant. It might be.

What you see are graphs and a newspaper article that could be nothing more than random graphics drawn because they look good but I do not believe that is what is going on.

Look at the images. The graphs overlay on the screen which weakly implies that they are from separate sources. Perhaps from Alchemy’s research teams. One is some sort of an “Internal Memo on the Rice Reserves” from the “Tokyo Emergency Resources Department”. Quinn’s finger is resting on a graph labeled “National Food Reserves – Japan” and the red line of the graph shown a steady decline toward zero but it also appears to be leveling off. The two graphs above this one show “Malnutrition Cases in Tokyo” and “Projected Mortality Rates”. Both are rising and both appear to be leveling off. It is not clear if the Mortality Rate graph is for Tokyo alone or for Japan as a wh***. The top right image is of a newspaper article and says “Pacific Fisheries All Time Low” and “Yellow tuna catch lowest ever”. I have no idea what the blue circle and the characters mean. The circle is very precise so perhaps it is some sort of identification or signature stamp. Any suggestions on that?

This is thin evidence to do anything with, but here is a first take based on taking the Tokyo Challenge apart backward.

If it was an overall drastic food shortage with no sources through fishing or importation and with one month to go until everything is used up, then the job would be post-catastrophe clean up or to get the people to eat yeasts, fungi and insects grown on disinfected sewage and all the random plant materials that could be gathered. If there are ideas for generating a wh*** population’s food supply from near zero to adequate in one month let us hear them. I’m drawing a blank on that.

If it is a rice shortage combined with more or less adequate foodstuffs of other kinds then it looks to me like malnutrition stemming from a cultural issue. A meal with no rice is simply not eaten. The leveling of the malnutrition and mortality rates points in that direction in that enough skipped meals get people hungry enough to work past the lack of rice. The mortality graph points at an increased death rate for people so set in their ways that they skip too many meals combined with the fact that it is actually very difficult to bring people back from starvation states. The fisheries article puts us on notice that the solution is not going to be netted from the sea.

So the Tokyo Challenge looks like a combination of overcoming a cultural issue about a meal without rice and providing other highly prized and attractive foods in the cultural context.

That is a possible one month job but obviously hard.

This is a lot to generate from one piece on one screen of the Evoke trailer but it is where I landed. So jump right in with your ideas. Maybe you can swim better than I do.
Tokyo Tool Kit - Part II (Addendum)

Ok, the comment from Nathaniel Fruchter sent me back to the trailer to look for more.

Page 1 has pointers to a “Food Shortage” and “Rice Reserves”. It also mentions that the Network solved a maize (corn in the US) shortage in Lagos.

Page 2 shows the crisis request type: “Tactical Social Innovation Deployment” in the category of “Food Security”

Page 3 indicates that Network Agent Ember is a Sociologist.

Page 6 refers to the Tokyo problem as a “food shortage” and not an impending famine.

That is all I have for the moment. It all points at the Challenge requiring the solution of a social-cultural problem more than a physical one. We will see.

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public servants

The exchange works directly for state and public workers and servants. It gives them credit in exchange for the amount of public work they contribute to the community. The more constructive they are based off a base rate the more credit they recieve.
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