Urgent Evoke

A crash course in changing the world.

Call the EVOKE Network to action.  This is your chance to harness the collective and collaborative powers of EVOKE.  Submit a challenge to the Network in this discussion thread, and my team and I might feature it in the Breaking News box.

A good challenge will take only a short time to complete.  Consider these possible challenge themes, or suggest something of your own:

- Collaborative efforts
- Making new connections within the Network
- Forming teams/Working together
- Looking for patterns in the Evidence
- Collective intelligence challenges
- Creative challenges


1 - In this discussion thread, describe your challenge.  Tell us what you’d like to see the EVOKE Network do. 

2 - Choose the EVOKE Power or Powers you want to see grow. Tell us how you think the challenge
should be rewarded.

If your challenge is selected to be featured, you will earn +100 Spark.

The Network awaits your call to action.

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Theory is great, but spring is coming. It's time to focus on planting gardens, How to plow, plant, fertilize, set seeds, arrange watering, drainage. We're losing time, and we won't get it back. I loved the roof gardens and the garden tower. Let's get going on planting 101.
This is a great idea! Started looking into possibilities - peanuts seemed like a good idea in that you could eat the shoots and the nut - according to this article (http://thegardenersrake.com/how-to-grow-peanuts-indoors) the nuts themselves take 2x too long for this at 130 days, so I need to keep looking - could just eat the shoots though :)

Amanda Jeffrey said:
I propose a challenge to the people interested in dealing with food shortages and possible solutions - the challenge is to plant from seed (or grocery refuse) and grow something edible in the 68 days left until the end of the first season of Evoke.

People should be encouraged to discuss in posts and threads what they will be growing (and why), what container they'll use for holding the growing medium they're using, if they're going to reuse any household waste they have (and the benefits or negatives of doing so) and what they'll use their edible plant for.

They should take photographs (in an album) of their growing location, of the first sprout, of the second growth of leaves, and then of the plant when it gets to some arbitrary heights.

Finally, a grand points prize for the day when they harvest their plant, and actually eat it.

I believe that this will be most appropriate for Resourcefulness, Sustainability, and possibly Local Insight.

I believe a great many people could take part in this, green fingered or otherwise (do we think that people in trouble will be given the luxury of letting their plants die) from busy office workers with a pot of chives, to wh*** classrooms of school children with windowboxes full of chinese cabbages and radishes! I am ready to take the lead on this, if people need encouragement.
Perhaps you could also add a system whereby after each debate the debaters post a new topic which can be used for a subsequent debate. The question should obviously be controversial to enable both sides to have a chance to express different views. Really good ones could also be rewarded with resourcefulness or creativity points. Introducing this would certainly increase the efficiency of the proposed debating system.
Peter Beare said:
I would like the EVOKE network to feature a debate form of the player-created game - something that would be of use to us if we were to enter into any particular field, as debating is so beneficial an art. It would fall under both knowledge share and resourcefulness - the mission would begin a countdown timer, or something to that effect, and the two agents participating would research and prepare a blog page on the topic that they had chosen on the site. This would promote research, argumentative writing and quick thinking.

It should be rewarded with a Knowledge Share and/or a Resourcefulness point, with the points going to each who participated, perhaps two to the one chosen as the better debater (Knowledge Share and Resourcefulness), and one (for Knowledge Share) to his competitor. Vision points could even be brought in, in exceptionally good cases.

I think this could prove a useful tool for any people planning on making a big impact on the world - because in order to obtain assistance from anyone, you often have to make them see what you do - and debating hones this skill.
Another idea, for a player-run game like that of Amanda Jeffrey, could be an "expansion - the information game" whereby each player invites friends who are not EVOKE members...yet. Upon their entry into the game, the new players then post, under INVITE1, who invited them to the game, for which the inviter is awarded a Collaboration and a Resourcefulness point, and the invitee a Collaboration point. After all, they're working together to spread the word, and for the good of each other. Working on such a large base, we could increase the influence of a social innovation site, like this one, tenfold - and isn't awareness the first step towards change?
This challenge is simple, and easy to do. It requires elements of Resourcefulness and Collaboration, the powers I would like to see grow.
Different kelps grow up to 3 meters a day, and the Japanese culture already eats seaweed. also, there is an overabundance of jellyfish off the coast, that is also a good protein source. Take a look at my blog on the subject for my solution ideas. http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/urgent-impending-famine-in

Lower down after the pictures there is a technical manual for all the nutrients provided by different kinds of kelp.

Alex Stovell said:
This is a great idea! Started looking into possibilities - peanuts seemed like a good idea in that you could eat the shoots and the nut - according to this article (http://thegardenersrake.com/how-to-grow-peanuts-indoors) the nuts themselves take 2x too long for this at 130 days, so I need to keep looking - could just eat the shoots though :)
I've been noticing that, while certainly the contributions of people from all over the world are welcome, North America and Europe seem to be far overrepresented on the EVOKE network. On top of this, those few members from countries like Uganda and Malawi often seem to not be very involved in posting evidence or completing challenges.

My challenge to the EVOKE network would be to contact some of these players, who can offer the most valuable local insight on the issues we're discussing, and encourage them to be more involved. This can be by sending friend requests, messages, or even writing joint blog posts. I think for the purposes of the challenge though, these best verification would be to have the contacted player to leave a post on the "contacter's" profile. I would also say bonus points for posting a blog with new information you've discovered about the contacted player or his/her country, or having the contact player doing them same about you.

As far as what powers would be added for those who complete the challenge, local insight, courage and collaboration all make sense, and I suppose depending on how the player decides to go about the challenge would determine the reward. Just having them leave a comment on your home page might be a courage point, but posting what you found out about them and their home country might be local insight as well, and so on.

Just a thought, let me know what you guys think!
We need to discuss how as friends can collaborate? I have a debatable topic: How can we manage to minimise the risk of corruption and fraud which is facing the World Business? They tell us about ethics, but its seems, it doesnot work.
Step one in solving any problem, is to understand the problem. That NEEDS to be our first challenge. In week one we read 33 tips for innovation in Africa, one of them really stuck with me, it was posted by Amy Smith from MIT.

# Listen to the right people.

As EVOKE agents before we can really get our hands dirty we need to do our homework. My challenge calls for massive Local Insight & knowledge share. We need people, the right people, as Amy would say who either have personal experience or who are in contact with people who do, to share their experiences. This would take the form of video, audio, and text interviews as well as reports from EVOKE agents who are currently in the field. From their videos all EVOKE agents will benefit from seeing and hearing the problems from a primary source.

Then and only then will we be better equipped to tackle these serious issues.
Wonderful intriguing presentation Worthy of the game itself :)
Greg Stevenson said:

Forming teams/Working together

Mission: Save the World
Classification: Covert
Codename: Kahatika
Assets: Seven, passionate, highly trained agents. Location unknown.

Brief: Kahatika is the Maori word for good power. It also, the soon to be, not for profit vehicle that will deliver good power to the people. The mission is to put together the resources to make this happen.

This is a real mission. There are real assignments done in the real world. Only the seven best will be chosen. It is not for the faint hearted. If selected, and your mission is successful, you will have saved the world.

This is covert. There is not a lot I can tell you without jeopardising the mission.

What I can tell you is this.

1. I have been planning this mission for over a quarter of a century.
2. Very few people know about it.
3. I designed the key elements before the technology was available to build it, or society was ready for it.
4. I’m still not certain society is ready for it.
5. It is Radical.
6. It is Global.
7. If you are left leaning you will love it.
8. If you are right leaning you will love it.
9. If you believe in God you will believe it is God’s work.
10. If you don’t believe in God you will see it as the human’s ultimate empowerment of humanity.
11. You will be stunned by its beautiful pragmatic simplicity.
12. You will be staggered by its pervasive complexity.
13. Every issue or cause you have ever felt passionate about will be positively affected by this mission.
14. You will be in awe of its potential power.

I can also tell you what it is not.

1. I don’t think it’s dangerous.
2. As far as I can tell it isn’t illegal.
3. It is not about micro finance.
4. It won’t allow you to point to a specific life you saved. (You will have saved everyone)
5. It is not a remedy for a specific cause.
6. It is not without financial reward.
7. It is not about financial reward.

Successful Agents will be paid. How and when is up to you.

Assignments will include the use of: Programming Skills, Creative design skills, Marketing Skills, Public Relations Skills, Presentation Skills, Statistical analysis skills, Simulation skills, Project coordination skills, financial modeling skills, Game Theory Skills, Human Relations skills, Industrial psychology skills, Management Skills.

Aside from possessing one or more of these skills there are two critical areas of understanding secret agents on Mission Kahatika must possess.
They must understand Love and they must understand Money. To be selected you must understand both and be capable of demonstrating your depth of understanding in a global context.

If you are selected, your outputs will not be public. If you are after fame, you will only receive it when the mission is successful. This may only be recognised in decades to come.

You will find out nothing more from me unless you are selected. Then you will be sworn to silence and the message will self-destruct. You can read my blog but whilst every post relates to this mission in some way, you will struggle to put it together. You will however learn about me.

You will be tackling the biggest, hardest issue on the planet, greater than global climate change, greater than nuclear proliferation, greater than peak oil, greater than the banking crisis, greater than starvation and poverty.

How can it be bigger than all those issues?

Simply; It underpins them all.

By now, you don’t believe me, but deep down you wish it were true.
There is only one way to find out. Find me, take the Red Pill and self-actualize.
careful, i'm not being as friendly and charming as i could be in this post. that being said, someone has to say it.

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

-Robert A. Heinlein

Ok, it's been mentioned before, blogged, discussed, we've all patted each other on our digital backs and added a few power points.

now, do we all feel better that we got that out of our systems? can we get on with a little action? or is this a feel-good facebook knock off?

other than reading and networking, whats goin on here folks?
how are your first aid / emergency response skills?
how about building skills? any good with a hammer, nails, powertools, gluegun?
do you kill your houseplants or can you garden? do you have a garden?
you can blog, but can you fix your computer?
and other than talking about what we can do, or you out doing it?

now i know some of you can and some of you are, so lets focus on some action here.

here's my challenge to you, go _do_ something. teach someone something useful. organize a first responder group. rip out some of that grass in your yard and plant some food. do something every day and then come back here and blog about that. find people here doing the things you do and actually collaborate, maybe a little face to face action... scary i know but... its a scary world, thats what we're supposed to be dealing with here, right?

now i might not get featured cause of my brusque tone, but, i don't care about the points as much as i care about doing something.

but points are part of the game and i do like games... post pictures, videos, or blogposts about what you are doing right now and add the tag NOTAGAME. i will hunt these things down and power you up.

let's get our hands dirty :D
Thanks David, this is a very useful challenge for the EVOKE network and I hope we all can participate in this challenge and offer valuable contributions to encourage players from these countries to be active on the network as well.

I'm certain that besides PV for each other to earn points for taking up this challenge, Alchemy's team would also be waiting to award participants with those huge Evidence Awards mentioned HERE :)
Yemisi, thanks for your thoughts! I'm already on the lookout for players from underrepresented countries and yes, the Evidence Awards are a great incentive to do this anyways. Let's see what happens :)

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