Urgent Evoke

A crash course in changing the world.

Call the EVOKE Network to action.  This is your chance to harness the collective and collaborative powers of EVOKE.  Submit a challenge to the Network in this discussion thread, and my team and I might feature it in the Breaking News box.

A good challenge will take only a short time to complete.  Consider these possible challenge themes, or suggest something of your own:

- Collaborative efforts
- Making new connections within the Network
- Forming teams/Working together
- Looking for patterns in the Evidence
- Collective intelligence challenges
- Creative challenges


1 - In this discussion thread, describe your challenge.  Tell us what you’d like to see the EVOKE Network do. 

2 - Choose the EVOKE Power or Powers you want to see grow. Tell us how you think the challenge
should be rewarded.

If your challenge is selected to be featured, you will earn +100 Spark.

The Network awaits your call to action.

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Marko Kolovrat said:
Here is my challenge:
I think a new challenge should be for us to visit some Eco Village near us and show how much we care about the environment, take pictures and talk to people there, then afterwards when we get home make a blog post about it and post those photos,
I do realize that this does not take so short time like other challenges would but think about it, it really would help raise the awareness don't you think?
I think this challenge should grow the Sustainability and/or Spark EVOKE powers:)
We need to also apply Mathematics concepts in our Game to increase our knowledge. I suggest. I am still going to sit down and see how can we do that.
Let me reword this.

Challenge: Microcosm

Find an issue within your local community and a similar issue in another part of the world. In a blog post, image, or video compare the two citing similarities and differences about their respective obstacles and solutions.

This challenge should get agents to start opening up their communities and their minds to see how similar we all really are as a species, in a way that fosters progress and strength in community.

This Challenge should be rewarded with Local Insight upon Alchemy's (and his hard working team's) review.

Marcus Tracy said:
I call this idea "Microcosm"

I think it would be valuable for agents to look for situations in their own community that share similar problems with some of the worlds largest issues, in a blog post. By investigating the problems in our own backyards perhaps we can find solutions that are applicable on a larger scale as well.

Even if this is not the case, I think the practice of this thought process is a fine exercise for agents and opens up our communities to other communities on EVOKE.

This challenge would reward +1 LOCAL INSIGHT, and many agents may find it appropriate to power vote depending on the blog post in particular.

I propose a challenge where agents must identify a problem or issue raised by another agent in their blogs or discussions that they have never heard of or are not well versed in. After identifying that problem the agent should read up on the issue and then post a blog, video, etc.. to provide their own insight on the issue to help one another, spread the word, etc..


A challenge where agents must find a partner and collaborate on a specific issue for a week, trading info, insight, etc.. in order to come up with some basic solution. The challenge would jumpstart networking in EVOKE and help agents find other agents interested in the same field so collaboration can occur.


I've kicked off a website with a forum and chatroom to discuss projects, ideas, etc.. and start getting the ball rolling.
I would like to evoke everyone to contact someone you would otherwise not contact in another country to encourage them to do something (no matter how small) for their country today. I have contacted a military person in India asked about his country and what is good about it. He did the same. We both agree to do something good for our country and say it is from them in their country. Exchange an idea with someone in another country for the benefit of their country. My suggestion to him was to use his knowledge to help his people. I will be mentoring at a school for free for my country to pass on my technology expertise. What a concept.
I believe this would create much more interest, energy and participation if we picked a "real world" problem. Someting that we are facing today. I like the ideas in Deborah's post suggesting that we tackle problems such as terrorism, the economic climate world wide, hunger, or just about any topic that touches our lives today.

Widen your friends and your skills. In this game you are to make two lists, one for some of your best skills eg. creativity and the other list skills you wish you could improve eg. public speaking.

Then you task is to seek out other agents who wish they had your skills and comment on there post giving advice on how or where to improve these skills.

+ Collaboration
Combat the future where today 146 women becoming pregnant who did not plan or wish it.


And reverse news articles like this: "USAID stops providing contraceptives to a world leading Charity. "

Reduce the predicted:
"by 2050 Population in Undeveloped countries will have increased by more than 3 billion."

My idea for a challenge is specifically for those people who are working with plants, roughly speaking, but it could apply to many other areas of endeavour.

There's a lot of people who seem to be inspired by the farmpunk vision and have knowledge of growing/planting/sustainbilty.

So...Could we have an EVOKE growers comp? You don't have to be a green thumb, but you have to show how you've contributed to green-growth, whether through uploading a how-to garden vid, outlining a sustainable or drought resistant gardening plan, donating seeds or encouraging your local community to plant trees or maybe even lead a working bee to clear invasive weeds from a natural environment close to you.

The idea is that you get an award for your profile.

Those EVOKE agents with demonstrable work that fits broadly within the realm of developing the natural world get a small green tree icon for their profile, that can in turn link back to a database of all such agents. In this manner, should a need for a nature-specialist come up during collaboration, they can be easily contacted.

Similar comps could be run to establish databases of other specific areas of expertise (like science, music, government/bureaucracy), etc - anything where in a collaboration it may be necessary to quickly find someone with that specific knowledge.

The level of expertise demonstrated needn't be too great - let every level of knowledge be recognised and rewarded. The aim is to create sub-groups of common interest that can be called on no matter what the requirements. Maybe you need someone who has built a garden themselves. Maybe you need to know about organic pest control. Maybe you need to know about planning civic tree-planting. Maybe you'd just like to browse all these profiles to get ideas, generally speaking.

Just a half-thought, it's getting late here, so goodnight and I hope someone reads this and thinks it might be the start of a good idea.
some of the youth they do not believe that HIV and AIDS exist so i feel somehow because of this reluctant people
Here in Rochester there is Freecycle - http://www.freecycle.org/ its great and embodys a lot of what your suggest. check it out.


Panamericana said:
Mr. Alchemy, Fellow Agents,
I have a very simple challenge for the Evoke Network:

@ Make a list of 10+ products or services you need, A Wish List.
and a list of 10+ products or services you can provide, A Gift List

Put it in a blog post tagged GIFT-WISH.

This will allow the following:


The problem with barter is that if you and I want to trade we both need to have something the other one wants and would trade for what we have to offer.

This problem can be solved if the trading is done not between two persons as it would be expected but amongst a ring of persons.

Person A has an extra Shinai and wants a Daniel Suarez Book
Person B has an extra graphics card and wants a Shinai.

No go. So let's introduce a 3rd person.
Person C has a Daniel Suarez book and wants a graphics card.

Person A gives the Shinai to Person B,
Person B gives the graphics card to Person C
Person C gives the Daniel Suarez book to person A.
The ring is closed.

If members of a network like Evoke have a Wish List and a Gift List, and a barter program runs through them finding the possible rings the possibilities that what one wants is not available to be given and the possibilities that what one has is not wished to be gotten are reduced drastically. It can be seen as a synchronic pay-it-forward ring, a pay-it-forward-now ring.

Wish/Gift lists can include services, futures(CSA), even currency.

Of course that if Person A has currency and wants a compass and Person B wants currency and has an extra compass they could just trade directly, that would be more efficient one would think. But how many people have their needs satisfied in the transaction? Only two.

What if:
Person A gives the 50 Freedom credits to Person C
Person C gives a blender to Person D
Person D fixes a lawn mower for Person E
Person E gives a water filter to Person F
Person F gives 50 Freedom credits to Person B
and Person B gives the compass to Person A.

Person A gets the compass and Person B gets the currency, but six people have their needs satisfied.

These transactional rings not only make possible trades that would be impossible otherwise, by combinatorial matching as in the first example. They also allow for trades that are already possible to be arranged in a manner so as to make other trades possible, that would be impossible even with combinatory matching, as in the second example, thus maximizing the network benefit.

I challenge you to tell me what you need and what you have to give.
I love this idea.

Amanda Jeffrey said:
I propose a challenge to the people interested in dealing with food shortages and possible solutions - the challenge is to plant from seed (or grocery refuse) and grow something edible in the 68 days left until the end of the first season of Evoke.

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