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Episode 1 CODE PHRASE: "The earth moves at different speeds depending on who you are.”

It's an old Nigerian proverb:  "The earth moves at different speeds depending on who you are.” 

What do you think this code phrase means to the Evoke network?


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I think that if you are interested in what you do time pa**** quickly because you are involved and interested. If you have nothing to do and nothing interests you then time goes so slowly because you aren't engaged.
For me, when I am thinking. doing and interacting time moves very quickly -- all of me is fully engaged in the process of some sort. When you become stuck on a problem and can't see past it then for you time stands still or goes very slowly.
I love this. I mean, absolutely LOVE it. I spent a lot of time last night focusing on EVOKE, and on what it meant to me, and others. Yes, it's a "game" - but it's a game designed to shift the universe, so to speak. It's meant to make us think, to work together, to make the conscious decision to change the way things are done for the better.

"The earth moves at different speeds depending on who you are.” I re-read this, over and over, because while it makes me feel, and think, and see things more clearly, I feel like my emotions are jumbled and my thoughts maybe too disjointed and non-linear to share. The truth is, my feelings and yours are just a perfect example of what this proverb means. We're each unique. We're each different. It takes one person to change the world; it takes people of all sorts and kinds to make the world we all want to save.

We each of us come from a different place - from different walks of life. I grew up in a military family, which in some ways makes me predisposed to want to affect a change. But there are people on here from all over, from wealthy to poor, from social outcast to the center of the popularity universe. Serious people, silly people, brilliant people, and beautiful people. And each and everyone of us is going to approach a problem differently, to attack it with unique strategies. This game has been designed so that YOU CHOOSE the impact you have on the end result. To me, it honestly is important (even with a crippled computer and shady internet connection lol) to fight for this. Maybe for you, it's a casual thing.

So perhaps, the earth will move at different speeds for all of us; our perceptions are fluid and shifting, and I invite you to ALWAYS share yours with the world. Tell us how you want to tackle a problem. We'll do what we can to help. Because, while maybe it moves at our own pace, we are still the snowflakes that are coming together to make it a world, at all. Whether you're jaded or hopeful, EVOKE will remind us all of the good of humanity, and the beauty in one another, no matter what speed we take our journeys at.
While the quickest answer will be the emotional one, as we have seen, commenting on the speed in relation to character or social involvement, I saw it as you did. The speed of the world and how much time you have in the day is less esoteric and more simple math. Everyone has (roughly) 24 hours in a day. What we can do with that period of time is based on what our opportunities in life are. While some may actively choose to waste their time, we cannot concern ourselves with them. They will waste whatever they have whether it's a few minutes or years and outside of educating and hoping for change, we can waste our own time being concerned of their actions.

With the understanding that we are concerning ourselves comparing those who choose to make change and work within the constraints of their time. This is where the basic math comes in. If you have 24 hours in a day, assuming you spend 12 hours sleeping, eating, bathing, etc... that leaves you 12 hours to take other actions. If you are independantly wealthy, you can spend that 12 hours helping others. If you are very poor, you may need to spend those 12 hours just helping yourself meet your basic needs.

Our hope is that our actions, as individuals who do have discretionary "free" time in our day, can leverage our single hours into multiple hours for others. If I spend 1 hour of my day working projects that result in freeing up 1'000 people for an hour of their day apiece, I've invested my 1 hour and gained, for the world, 1'000 in return.

So, to me, the day moves slower (ie., I have more time each "day") than the person who has no free time. They simply wake, proceed with their necessities and then sleep only to repeat this. I have the freedom to wake, proceed with my necessities (ie., work, bath, eat, etc...) and find a little extra time in the day. How we use it is the true difference in each of us.

Raymond M. Kristiansen said:
There are a few ways to approach this, and a simple google search unearthed at least two perspectives:

1) Life progresses at different speeds depending of who you are. Environment is important here, and for instance the difference in access to information and resourceful people can mean a lot if you want to do a project. The banal example could be: Getting water by turning a tap, or getting it by walking 1 hour to get to the nearest well. Water is the simple example - others could be access to information (library, a computer with internet connection), or even access to knowledge about what information IS out there which might be relevant for you. As Samuel Johnson famously said: "Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it." Your world moves at different speed depending on how resource ful you, and your network, is.

2) The earth movies physically at different speed in its rotation depending on where on the globe you are. This is a much less interesting solution, for me, but is true.
Money is power.The more money you have the higher rank you will be in the world. When you have that power life will always be at a fast pace. Its vice versa when your poor.
I think that this quote is stating that it depends what role you play in society like the president or something
I beilieve that it depends on how your living your life, is how your time is spent weather its going fast., Or its going slow.
This was a very interesting comic strip. One that makes you think.
I think this code phrase means that people of the world move at different speeds naturally but if we all move no matter how fast or slow we can change the world one step at a time.
When tend to think people in poor countries live in a different world. We call it the third world and sometimes believe the whatever happens there stays there. What some might consider slow in the third world, I would call responsible, or sustainable. Without so much material wealth to throw away without a care, the average person does more for the world that most activists in this country.
To me the world seems to move at all kinds of speeds. One minute it will move fast and the next it moves slow, then there are the moments where it moves but not fast or slow enough.
Life progresses at different speeds depending of who you are. this phase to me means like if we all started to worl to do som,ething things can get down but if your lazy and wait for things to happen then progress from you in your life will surley take its time
The East Africans have a similar phrase - "The Bazungu* have the watch but we have the time".

Some people have a habit of charging around expecting everything done yesterday and will often accomplish something, that collapses as quickly as it is finished.

"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." - Lao Tzu

We can quickly solve the food security issues in Tokyo but there is a danger that the solution will die as quickly as it is born. We need to adapt and match the speed of the people. Live with them. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. Bring them up to speed.

The Evoke Network needs to work with the people.

*Bazungu - This word has many definitions but no direct English translation. Often used to describe foreigners it can also mean wanderer or tourist.

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