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Episode 3 CODE PHRASE: "Wood already touched by fire is not hard to set alight."

It's an old Ashanti proverb:  "Wood already touched by fire is not hard to set alight." What do you think this code phrase means to the EVOKE Network?

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If I'm reading the proverb correctly, it's about the ease with which an idea or enterprise can grow once its taken root properly.

It's easy to see how this applies to EVOKE. The network has only been operating for a few weeks, and it's already helped spread ideas, innovations and inspiration.

The reversal of this would be the difficulty in getting a project off the ground in the first place (getting the first fire to light) Eureka experienced this difficulty in Rio, just as many of us have in our own undertakings.

Of course, the only answer is perseverance. :)
Its easy to do things that have already been done.
For example it would be easy to build indmills because kankwamba already has blue prints
for do it yourself windmills beside its 300 years old technology the dutch had it when eaah
The first step is the hardest. Once you overcome the initial issues, everything seems and is easier. This is how i see it, at least.
One of these sayings where perspective makes a big difference... If we're meant to be the fire-makers, this is advice about gathering wood. If we're trees, it's advice about vulnerability. If we're foresters, then maybe it's advice about where to compromise...

I take it as a general statement about using history and experience as leverage points. Maybe our "failure" in Rio is really just doing the early burning to make the wood ready for a later torch.

Maybe the experience of Evoke is getting us ready for future, full fledged networking, like the recently announced www.jumo.com -- more details here:
My first thought reading it was that we are the wood. We've been touched by something that inspired us to help, and the act of setting us alight is actually getting us working on things. Of course, it would be as easy to say that it's about violence, and people already angry are easy to coax into fighting.
Dear Alchemy and All,

To my mind, Wood already touched by fire is not hard to set light in the background of EVOKE Network means beginning is half done..... in other words journey started is a way towards completion. So once the innovation mind set is developed, the day would not far away when we would be finding the solutions for the sustainable world........ We have started our journey for the peace and prosperty of the World and with the collaboration we would find best solutions........
in my opinion it can be understood as an example of a child who rehearse his subject over and over again. the more he rehearse the more is the chance that he will remember it well next time. with each rehearsal he remembers more and more...in simple words its a matter of repeating a scenario over and over again.
In my opinion, i think what has been done before will never be difficult to be made again or repeating something over and over again, finally one will be able to make it.
in my opinion l think the phrase just refer to a simple situation ,that a journey of a 1000 miles already started is easier to fullfil ,than to take the first step in that 1000 miles.meaning it`s easy to finish what has be already started than starting your own idea
My Interpretation using elements from the comic:

It is not always necessary to immediately achieve all the goals to accomplish the mission.
Even a failure is still progress


It is easier to complete work that others have started, instead of doing something completely from scratch.
(ie in programming, re-existing code, or as in the windmill , older technology which was used for grain now for a new purpose.)

In terms of people, i find that i can't find the correct words, but this is the best i could come up with:

it is easier to utilize those who are already inspired and possibly failed at their task(image of the small girl attempting to make a windmill, but it was too small and fragile to be of use), than to try and inspire those who chase after other pursuits/goals.(the soccer fan tv watcher)
Listening to other cultures informs our own, Ashanti wisdom is particularly easy to access. Adinkra symbols embed the understanding and wisdom throughout that culture. The symbols which stand for sayings and advice are to be found everywhere, on plates, on fabrics, in furniture, on walls, carved in wooden utensils. For a very early age the children are touched by these ideas so when they are grown they come to mind intuitively.
These sayings operate at many different levels. Individually, societally, practically, spiritually, this saying about wood already touched by fire is not hard to set alight makes sense.
Here we are functioning at least two obvious levels here in Evoke and here in the world. What takes fire in Evoke will not to be hard to set alight in the world.
It is a great venture and our heads are exploding with new things.
The fire and energy in the Brazilian population just has to be taken advantage of in the proper manner in order for them to set or create the light (literally) for themselves.
I had been touched by fire and was set alight by Evoke.

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