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What do you think of the story so far? Discuss what happened in Episode 3 here.

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Eureka provided the people of the favelas with one sort of power - electricity, which was in short supply. But this is not the only power that these people need, nor it is the key to their welfare well-being. If you read Eureka's dialogue with the young man, you would notice the desperation in his words. Caught in the midst of crime and poverty, between ruthless drug-lords and merciless criminal justice system, these people have no hope for a better future or a better life, and material poverty is but one aspect of this problem.

I think it was Amartya Sen who noticed that people of the middle class have an optimistic world view and clear sense of progress, while the people of the lower cla**** tend to have a pessimistic world view and (justifiably) no real sense of progress, as their life don't get any better as they grow up.

The windmill project was a good start in giving the favelas the sense of supportive community, independence, growth and optimism that would motivate them to help others in the same way, but the process is not complete, and it should not continue by building more and more windmills. Good steps at these points would be to harness the powers of the community - preferably with the aid of binding forces such as Football and the Church - to gain collective power against criminals and state. Initiatives such as a local football club (it's practically there already, just hang a sign!), neighbourhood watch, community garden, local library, collectively-obtained legal counsel, church-sponsored rehabilitation programs and the like would go a long way in making the favelas a safer, friendlier place, and its citizens more willing to share their social and technological prowess with their neighbours - which would naturally include building additional windmills.

EVOKE network succeeded in providing a technological solution, but failed in following it with a meaningful social change.
I think the EVOKE Network fail in one part of the plan. Eureka didn`t have to be alone, it was necessary to include an another part of the team, EMBER!! She specialize in community mobilizations.
It is not enough give people what you think they need, is necessary to understand their culture an convince them why the thing you are offer it can solve the problem they have.

"Mobilizing the community begins when:
* Concerned citizens organize to take a stand.
* Needed community changes are determined.
* The public is concerned about the problems and need for collaboration among the community groups and individuals.
* The community at large is involved in the situation.
* Emerging community leaders are recognized and encouraged.
* The efforts for change are kept going after the coalition is ended. (Owen and Miller) "
I find this in http://ohioline.osu.edu/bc-fact/0010.html
The EVOKE Network didn't fail, in my opinion, but rather ran into a speed bump. It was not wrong of them to assume that everyone would want to help work together and generate power quickly, however it may take a little longer than that. One windmill and one TV is how it will start, but I think it would soon grow into a lot more. People will start to feel cramped and want to spread outward but continue to use the electricity created by this one windmill and will see that they need to create more if they plan on moving away from this little hovel.

Just as electricity and powerlines did not just suddenly appear, but rather they spread outward from one single location, I think the people of Rio will slowly but surely help themselves to more of this energy source. Especially if they have a few people there willing to teach and help construct such devices.
Hi Jeremy,
Many millionaires failed in their quest to succeed.However, faill is an existing word, which should be there to remind us of all the failures, which where and that we cannot avoid them in the future.
Over the last 30+ years having worked with funding organisations on projects, much money was spent on what EVOKE try to achieve, however the warning I have given to many, communication is essntial, but to proceed money is a necessary to fulfil any obligation we set out.
Look forward to hear your next proclamation

Jeremy Laird Hogg said:
There seems to be a majority of people that want to take the term 'fail' out of our vocabulary; many arguments against EVOKE having failed thus far are generalizable to all instances of what would otherwise be called failure - eg: there cannot have been a failure in light of the fact that something can be learned from it --- which is true of all 'failures'.

'Fail' ought to remain in our vocabulary. It is that beast, hard to look at, we are trying to avoid. And we should know what the beast looks like.

That being said, I don't think the beast wins in episode 3.

It seems to me that failure will be defined by an outcome's (non)relation to an (acted on) intention. This seems to suggest that EVOKE did fail in episode 3 - windmills did not go viral, and there is no way that EVOKE had an intention loose enough to be satisfied by spending resources (agent, flight out there, time, reputation, etc) on boobtubing one hut.

HOWEVER, an intentional outcome is always at least tacitly related to a time scale, and sometimes to a probability defined outcome. Did EVOKE fail? Yes, if the time scale on the intentional outcome is immediate to the story. But it isn't. One of the main powers cherished by the EVOKE organization is Spark. In the time frame the episode covers, a Spark is created. Evidence for this in the graphic depiction: 1) inspiration in the little girl with the model, and 2) (as some discussion posts have mentioned) the desired ability to watch soccer will be motivation to follow the windmill example; the windmill may go viral by piggybacking on the bragging and such of the homestead's televisional abilities. This is only probable, not certain, but I think it is easy to pass the judgment that a seed (or Spark) has been sowed in episode 3 that has a reasonable chance of pollinating.

There is, admittedly, an epistemic ambiguity based on what the chances are of pollination against what kind of chance is reasonable enough to register as within the intended outcome (which cannot be too large, but should register varying degrees of success). But as I say, the judgment call does not seem to be too hard to make when we have our concept of 'fail' straight: although there is not fast and certain win in Episode three, EVOKE did not fail.
A good example of innovation on the periphery....
This is an good episode because it is so real and familiar. Innovation is the answer and we should also look at short-term relief but long-term solutions.

About failure - social entrepreneurs never fail ... they learn while working towards a solution
I liked that the Evoke story isn't all easy wins and supported assumptions. The last time I was in Rio was a while ago but I remember the favela tours (I chose not to go) where you could as a tourist be escorted through the slums to see how they lived. I chose not to go because it was debatable whether my tourist dollars went to the favela and it seemed weird to gawk like I had a higher moral ground or something. The idea you change ideas over time is also important.
Hi, I have experienced a problem while doing my quests: I completed/submitted both number one and two quests before hand and was busy editing guest two there after for corrections when after submitting it again I lost all my information of both my complete quests. I must now start all over again but I am not going to do that until I know what the problem was and when it is fixed. You must have some record of published information. Could you help me? Thanks.

I can understand the Evoke side as well as the locals. I don't think that the Evoke Network has failed. There can be searched for other partners who are going to build up windmills!

So far I feel like the EVOKE network is progressing when they think they are failing. I think the EVOKE network needs to keep their secrets to themselves and watch out for hackers. I believe that the windmill idea can make a positive affect on man peoples lives. I am very anxious to read the next episode.

Hello Kennedy!

Wow, it is difficult to imagine that there are new Evokers working behind the scenes. Wonderful. My own primary focus was on global nutrition, which of course does include the recent mandate by the United Nations on clean water.

See Grant Gibbs in South Africa for his latest invention, the Hippo Roller, to transport clean water in larger quantity with a greater likelihood of it reaching its destination, clean and safe to drink. Less ch***ra, hopefully. Grant is on Linked In.com

Then you may want to check out the Barkers, Carmen and Jack who have invented a 100% self-sufficient solar and/or wind power water filtration device. It has recently been patented and sold to governments and military, however there are small units. Carmen does to sales aspect and can get quotes. She is on Linked In. com as well.

My personal forte is in the educational aspect of nutrition. While we all thought it was hunger that would kill so many, it is more often malnutrition and food borne illness. These can be relieved with better knowledge of food selection, storage, preparation.

As a former trained, skilled, and experienced acupuncturist in the USA, I discovered that while many of my patients became healthier following acupuncture treatments, these are not enough to sustain a healthy life over a longer period. Nutrition, lifestyle and attitude are the long-term contributors to wellbeing.

Thank you Kennedy Suttle, for sharing you precious time on Evoke to make the world a better place.

May you and yours...Be In Good Health.
Laura Dawson, MAOM, Dipl.Ac.
Evoke Founding Member 2010


Good day!
I was just following the current discussion. In this regards, I would like to state that whatever I said for my EVOKE Manifesto 2021 (you may follow the link: http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/evoke-manifesto-2021) is valid for the current session also. Briefly here I go:
EVOKE is at its best when the bonds between agents are strong and when the sense of common purpose is clear. Today the challenges facing EVOKE are immense. Our unity is overwhelmed by mudslinging, our fabric is frayed and our system has compartmentalized. But these problems will be sorted out by pulling together and working together.
Real change comes when the agents are inspired and mobilized, when millions of us are fired up to play a part in the globe’s future. Yes this is ambitious. Yes it is optimistic. But I remember what Che Guevara once said "Let's be realists, let's dream the impossible".
Thanks and regards'
Pradip Dey

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