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I am not sure that I understand the proverb associated with this Mission 9, about the 'crowd does not lie", however I would like to share some of the resources that my work when it has been in crisis managment provided for me and how they have been acquired and utilized.

Being a California resident, I was directly affect by the repeated wildfires that are a constant in that environment of larger open wildlands, covered with drying annual brush, indigenous trees and shrubs. The other risk factors included homes that were built in these areas by community members, which could cause a human life risk as well when the fires rages quickly, driven by Coastal Sundowner Winds. To make matters more challenging, the fact that California is largely an arid state, except for the areas that are irrigated by waters purchased from other States with access to rivers, in addition to the runoff from snows on the California Eastern boarder mountain range, The Cascades.

When the fires became larger than 100 acres, they moved into a different category, and the BAER teams would be sent into these areas after the fire was contained, not necessarily out, but managed sufficiently to reduce damage and risk. I was a member of several Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) teams, working in California and also in Colorado.

Being a Team Member gave me direct access to the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service databases and emergency warning systems where I became trained to map, engage helicopter, fixed wing planes, pilots, and ground crews, in contract bids to address the fire. An organization created an early warning and evacuation site that is currently being used to inform areas that are under the fire protection of the Federal Government, as well as some of the state local agencies. It is called InciWeb since each fire is given and incident name and number for tracking purposes. This may be a good model for the Crisis Networking to use on a Continental or Global function for warnings.

Also, during the recent H1N1 aka Swine Flu, pandemic fears the US Dept of Health and Human Services created a warning system, which I frequently broadcast to local health offices, churches, and patients on my mailing lists, in order to keep fears down and information up.

Finally, during my research for one of the Quests my vision of a Global Health Information Network, became a reality for me. This network was launched by the World Health Organization under the name: The Global Health Information Network. It is designed to be visited by health professionals as a data collection and collaboration center online. Please take a moment to visit http://www.tghin with was launched July 2009 and is growing.

Thank you for taking the time and showing the interest in reading and viewing the links on this post, that can help in disasters and their aftermath.
Be In Good Health.
I would love to have the UE Agents join me so that we can all work together when, not if, a crisis occurs.
I think that during a crisis the one thing everybody will need is food and water, so I think that if a wh*** bunch of cooks come together they will be able to provide food for the victims. The food doesn't have to be wonderful and the cooks can all just take different shifts of cooking. It will be kind of a massive soup kitchen.
"You will know the truth and the truth will set you free". This week's episode is not simply about an impending crisis but an incident in news reporting and the role of the media in reporting it. One of the reasons a society can be gripped by a paralyzing, mindless paranoia is the willingness of media reporters, and that includes bloggers, to sensationalize a story, to hype the story, in order to boost ratings or simply to magnify their own importance to their audience. Whether it is a pandemic or an oil spill, disaster captivates a populace and the media knows full well that it can hook a willing audience by insinuating that Armagedon is near. At this point fear takes over and instead of rationally looking for practical solutions society is reduced to hand wringing, wailing and the gnashing of teeth. The media has an obligation to be accurate, to report only what is known to be certain and if given to speculation needs to inform its audience that this is only supposition, not liklihood. The public also has an obligation to avoid media that has developed a reputation of sensationalizing news. If the public stopped watching, listening to, texting and twittering stories of doubtful veracity much evil and foolish behavior could be avoided and more reasonable and rational projects initiated. In other words, if you wish to be an agent for productive reaction to crisis be cautious, even skeptical, of what the media tells you. Check and double check the sources. Where did the media get its facts from? Is there reason to suspect the reporter has an agenda ? an ax to grind ? And before you go off half cocked make certain that you do not unwittingly wind up disseminating misinformation and rumor, simply adding to the ignorance, and, perhaps, fear and panic. The truth will set you free, but only if you get to know it.
I am no engineer of any kind. At the moment I wish I were a petroleum engineer so that I could do something about the Gulf oil well blow out which is going to hurt a lot of people in ways we are only just now becoming aware of. Unfortunately producing energy of any kind is dangerous with drawbacks ranging from inconvenient to catastrophic. Oil wells catch fire and explode. Methane gas fills coal mines and explodes. Natural gas pipelines rupture and explode. Hydo electric does not kill people but disrupts water flow and fish spawning runs. While solar and wind power are realtively innocuous (except for birds). even in the best case scenarios, they are producing only a small per centage of our energy needs and our energy needs keep growing. We all want and expect that when we turn on our computers there will be electricity to power them. If we could convince ourselves to use less energy we could reduce the hazards associated with energy production but let's be honest, how many of us will set the thermostat at 60 degrees (fahrenheit) in winter or who among us will forego airconditioning in the midst of summer ? Although nuclear energy seems to be killing very few people to produce power there is such a fear of the word "nuclear" that few governments are willing to build new nuclear facilities ( except for the French who now get something like 70% of their energy needs from nuclear). As long as we live in societies that require energy production there will be accidents and trade offs. I fear that all we can do is choose from the least of evils and hope that engineering can reduce the hazards associated with energy production. Perhaps cold fusion or something akin to it will offer us some better choices in the not too distant future.

Robert B. Lewis said:
@ Kevin,the lack of response to this Oil spill in the Gulf is shocking!! Can we EVOKE it? Can EVOKE afford to be down for a season. Problems are occurring with shocking frequency. Does the EVOKE network have any Petroleum Engineering subject matter experts. I see your quoting scripture, thats so cool!

Oil spill:



Woods H*** Oceanographic Institution:

I think it is strange how at the beginning 25 million people asked are we okay. In first world countries we never even have to consider the possibility of no water running through our faucets or the water being btw, whereas these people are asking ARE WE OKAY?

I have no questions.

No questions.

Who is Alpha, and who on earth does he work for?I mean, he's evil like Citizen X is believed to be, but is he their leader???????

No questions.

Is Cypher still part of citizen X?

no questions.

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