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I have noticed that EVOKE is always written in capital letters.  I'm convinced it must be an acronym but I can't think what it might be.

E = 
V =
O =
K =
E =

Any ideas anyone?


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Voices to
Knowledge and

Visions in
Order to
I think you might well be spot on regarding Knowledge, maybe E would be for Entrepreneurship ?

David Dreshfield said:
Voices to
Knowledge and
Then Alchemy I propose the following acronym for EVOKE:


This represents very much what this organization is working hard at creating; the first step of this organization is to awaken. To wake from the sterile dream that many of us exist in every day and realize that there is very much the power within us to change what has occurred. Weather we live separate from the action or not, we must first overcome the mindset of apathy that will plague us when we begin, and realize our own enlightenment. From this, we must begin using our voice to communicate, just as a toddler does, the language is strange and alien but to progress we must master it and move forward. We will make mistakes, we will be corrected, we will be hurt while trying to learn this but it is the nature of us to keep going forward and it represents our determination how well we learn this. Ranging from internet speak to the languages used by your host culture when you attempt to aid them, you must know the ins and outs of it.

And now Of, you wouldn’t think that such a word is important but in this it is of critical importance, before you can go anywhere you must know your roots and who you are. Where you come from will shape and mould you into the person you are today. Understand what makes you different, realize what these differences will mean to others in the world and think about this impact. While it is important for you to be who you are, it is also important to remember that if the people around you will not accept you then no work can be done. Think long and hard about this when selecting where you want to work for your project, and where you will be able to help without the community putting boundaries that do not fit your character and they will expect you to change because of this. This is not to discourage you, many of the great things that need doing in the world will need culture shock to help with so problems…but with doing this remember that you put yourself in great danger while doing this.

Realize the cost and sacrifice that must occur for you to attempt to be the one who brings such very different culture to the outside to help those that are outcasts. Only those of the stoutest heart, thickest skin, and grimmest determination can hope to succeed.

So you have decided where you are going you have your voice and you know who you are, the next step is to seek out Knowledge. This does not mean just being scholarly; it means putting yourself forward to life and getting the experiences that it has to offer. The best teacher truly is life itself, and the beautiful thing with it is that if you allow for these things to come into your life they will. You start the process and a chain reaction will transpire. Permit these to happen, and roll with the punches that come and you will soon be one of the most knowledgeable people about the facts of life, and what drives it. Using this knowledge you will be able to know what is required to create driving forces and you yourself will be transformed into one of these extrinsic forces for human kind.

Lastly, Everywhere, now you have the power, the knowledge, and the skills to do what you feel must be done. Are you ready to take that step? That leap of faith that is the final plunge? You have to move, you have to go and where you are needed. It is one thing to be an extrinsic force but now you must become something even more powerful, an intrinsic force. You have to become a part of what you wish to change, and you must be the revolution within it. Weaken the bonds of apathy, throw off the shackles of suffering, spit in the face of regression and bring the change that will bring light into this world.

This is what I feel EVOKE means.

And to do this is to be an evoker of the highest degree.

Alchemy said:
Well said. Evoking is a state of mind indeed.
But every superhero team needs a call to action -- a rallying cry that captures the spirit and purpose and modus operandi of the team. EVOKE is our call to action...

Kenneth Evan Neufeld said:
But Alchemy, if may be so bold as to ask, are there any words in any language that can accurately describe the concept of the EVOKE network, if this is an acrenym, in only 5 words? The very idea of it, from what I've seen has begun to spark fantastic action in the hearts and minds of many of the people I've just talked to, let alone the action and implication of it can be described....perhaps it's more of a state of being and mind.

Alchemy said:
There's almost always more than what meets the eye in the EVOKE Network.
If EVOKE were an acronym, it would certainly tell the world what we stand for...
Perhaps you can guess or invent your own acronym to tell the world what YOU stand for as an EVOKE agent...
And perhaps the most trusted members of the EVOKE network, those who level up this week and the next and the next, will learn what it really stands for....
WOW! In fact - Double WOW (is that WOWOW?). Whatever it is, it is telling that every time I come to reply to a thread on here my first thought is indeed WOW. These ideas and discussions of the EVOKE acronym and mind-blowingly brilliant. What more can I say?....err....WOW!
As in :

What an
Ode to
Wonder ?


Simon Brookes said:
WOW! In fact - Double WOW (is that WOWOW?). Whatever it is, it is telling that every time I come to reply to a thread on here my first thought is indeed WOW. These ideas and discussions of the EVOKE acronym and mind-blowingly brilliant. What more can I say?....err....WOW!
HA HA - Brilliant! :-)

Thomas Maillioux said:
As in :

What an
Ode to
Wonder ?


Simon Brookes said:
WOW! In fact - Double WOW (is that WOWOW?). Whatever it is, it is telling that every time I come to reply to a thread on here my first thought is indeed WOW. These ideas and discussions of the EVOKE acronym and mind-blowingly brilliant. What more can I say?....err....WOW!
Knowledge and
Knowledge and

or more seriously:

Organization for
cool beans
you win :)

Mia Judkins said:
I don't know if it is an acronym, but if it is, I think Yomi's one must be pretty close (Every Venture Opens Knowing Eyes).

If not, maybe it is something like these?


Options to

Volatility by
Very nice!

Marc Skaf said:
Knowledge and
E very
V isionary
O ught to
K indly
E nvolve

That's what this wh*** project calls to mind, perhaps because of the initial comic suggesting the need for solutions to fit in the old paradigm of being supported by a business scheme. Maybe the words "World" and "Bank" and "Institute" when put together also evoke these thoughts. It's the standard "solution" meme of using other people's woe's as opportunities to make money by setting up new methods to perpetuate self-destructive living (but in new ways!) instead of addressing the root causes.

So called "developing" nations are un-developing the planet within their self-declared imaginary boundaries. Exchanging the self-sustained developed areas for worthless money (inedible, can't replace species or time, etc.) creates a siphon draining all life and nutrients, eventually leading to… nothing. Not even the money remains because it gets exchanged for reactions ("solutions") to the problems caused by the "development" when the true pre-existing development could have been acknowledged and thereby lived within its means.

The so called "third world" is actually what is remaining of the "first world" that is still innocent of being used as a source of ingredients for products. It is not backwards but instead is self-sustaining and sell-adapting. It is not behind but instead are the few remaining demonstrations of how collaboration works amongst a multitude of lifeforms within a local ecosystem. It is not less advanced but instead is of the most advanced areas on the planet because of the sustained integrated collaborations of all lifeforms in the area, unlike anything perceived in our civilization. The next most advanced would be the life forms themselves.

Our economic systems easily fail to come close in comparison and can't seriously be considered as an admirable advancement. They focus on growth (fattening and bloating) instead of sustainable existence for either the companies or the communities. They applaud competition against each other for a few "resources" to make the same thing as each other instead of synergistically complementing each other's focus to truly innovate and live within each other's gaps. They ask for more than what they put in and moralize it by calling it "profit" while devaluing every life form by assigning them monetary values, as if money could bring back what is combusted, or reverse genocide, or reestablish lost culture and languages.

Yet, all the money in the world, when totaled, would not come close to being able to pay for every resource, every product, and every service available on this planet. Since there is no equal exchange, there will never be enough money to obtain, make use of, and do everything through the indirect exchange demanded by our economic systems. Depending on money as part of the solution when there is not enough money for everything thereby dooms those money-focused solutions as untenable.

People who have collected the most money are still very poor in comparison since even all the money in the world not only could not get them everything in the world, they couldn't even make up for the consequential destruction they inadvertently helped into existence while obtaining that money. In contrast, the richest people have no money, instead they have an integral influence with the life forms they live amongst (therefore still have their integrity). Is it any wonder such people are sought out and have everything in their lives taken away from them in the moralized names of "development" and "advancement"? They then experience the unresolved problems developed by the civilization as we've come to know it, in exchange for losing their culture, language, knowledge, and way of life.

As for human made technology, it doesn't come close to the technology inherent in every life form. What device have humans made that can regenerate like a starfish?

Where is the human-crafted technology that self replicates unaided, takes care of itself and aids its community, and integrates complementarily amongst others in its environment, i.e. has become part of an ecosystem, needed and in need?

What, other than landfills, have humans made that can persist through the centuries as trees have without seeming to deteriorate? Ironically, deterioration is a sought out quality of landfills (though, still lacking in ability) and seems to be an instilled characteristic in human technology. Is such technology really something to be proud of as a species when it fails even in it's failure?

Not only am I pointedly declaring the root causes are not being addressed, I'm also proposing the "problems" became the seeds leading to our present development because our past solutions have continuously cultivated those problems as a means of living upon. In other words, we continue to validate our way of life by living off our problems by dressing up those problems as solutions (i.a. tourism, gambling, recycling, homeless shelters, parking garages, prisons, schools, etc.).

The economic systems depending on an indirect exchange (with money) as a means of providing purpose in life, and as the validation for allowing a life form to live, is disassociating and distancing ourselves from living within the available sustainable means. If we really want to have more, then we need to put more into the systems or make use of any excess continuously leaving the systems. Simply rearranging what we've got into big piles that are locked away from everyone creates scarcity. Add, not take away. Let others live their lives where they are at, and not shove them out and make them live a different way just so we can genocidally displace their environment.

Our intentions of "development" have to be in ways other than we currently know it, it has to be supportive by being additive without being parasitic. For example, adding electricity to a village, town, or city with a power source based on combustion is physically parasitic of the local environment because matter is being transformed into energy. Therefore, growing fuel is out of the question for the physical matter is destroyed, and consumed faster than it can be grown. Yet, combustable fuel brought from outside the local environment is by definition unsustainable, and therefore unreliable.

The same goes for food, water, and anything else that becomes consumed faster then it can be locally replenished. For example, people would starve to death if they depended solely on agriculture since it takes too long to wait for crops, and only at certain times of the year. As such, we have set ourselves up for a potentially massive famine by becoming more dependent on them. This is exactly the type of approach that needs to not be imitated.

Any changes for any reason must be based on local resources in a way that does not consume the local environment faster than the local environment can replenish itself, else you might as well be sucking blood from your own wounds or eating your own limbs. It also can't result in byproducts that aren't beneficial to the local environment and its life forms in some way, such as radioactive waste, air or water pollution, or so-called "disposable" items.

In other words, just about everything we are doing right now is not worthy of promoting in "developing" countries. In fact, we are having to replace what we are doing to ourselves with something new, and as such aren't really of any help to others as an worthy example, except by discouraging them from taking the same path that has gotten us our problems.

Truly, if we ever witness the reduction of society's ills (i.e. civilization as we know it) it will not be by encouraging everyone to become like us, to live like us, or to think like us. That will only lead to more of the same since that would be doing more of the same. As the analogy above suggests, we need to seek local sources that replenish faster than we use them, or can given time to recover without our need of them during that time. It also needs to require little or no maintenance, or else we will still be feeding off of ourselves, fooling ourselves with our large tummy (huge bank accounts) by not acknowledging we've eaten our limbs. Money is not a suitable substitute for anything it is used to replace, i.a. time with family, personal health, and ecosystems.

I can not emphasize enough that any source for any solution to any problem has to be self sustaining and can not depend on us to put forth our own energy towards it. For example, raising crops uses more energy than letting them grow on their own: this is sucking our own blood, eating ourselves. We don't see it that way because we don't care about our loss of mobility (flesh of our limbs) because we are disassociated from it personally, sated with our meal of ourselves.

When we run out of "expendable" (?!?!) body parts, we'll have no other option than to find another source. However, because we would have incapacitated ourselves (no arms, legs, hands, or feet, just a torso of organs with a head), that source will have to be one that doesn't require our nurturing it and one that willing comes to us.

The only question is: now while we can, or later when we can't? For example, trying to fix crops while starving doesn't work, and the famine becomes the solution. Reducing our need for a resource reduces our dependence on it which makes the undesired solutions (e.g. famine) less severe and more manageable.

Once again: address it now while we can, or later when we can't?

This may seem blatant, but anybody who harms themselves with non-nutritional substances and chemicals is choosing the latter, and likely can neither relate to the urgency, nor has the practice of doing the former. If nothing else, that's an example of how such self-destructive thinking has become acceptable in our supposedly "civilized" culture and permeated our decisions about not only our own personal health but also how we treat where we live, and how we encourage others to live.

It's not money that is needed for solutions, there's not enough. It's not outside resources that is needed to be shipped in, that's not sustainable. Instead, for any solution (I dare say), it's going to have to heavily involve one of the most abundant presences there is on this planet: people.

It won't simply be the act of people moving "materials" and "resources" here and there. It won't simply be the "services" provided or the "products" created by people. It has to originate deeper than that, even more basic than those superficial and busywork methods.

It will have to be people thinking differently. The only way to think differently is to question our assumptions. Questioning our assumptions essentially means questioning our very lives and how we live it. That would be everything from wiping our butts with tissue paper, managing a restaurant, negligently rubbing our crotches against other, to absently believing the commercials and news on television. Everything needs to be questioned.

That doesn't mean everything has to change, but it does mean we need to be open to question everything we are doing. And this is the reason why: civilization as we know it didn't start with us. We have forgotten the beginnings, lost over the generations. and don't know why we are doing what we are doing. In many ways we are following blindly and can't be sure we are doing anything effectively, especially since most any "modern" activity we consider turns out to be very inefficient upon truthful consideration.

The more we can get people to begin questioning their lives, to question their basic assumptions without worrying about whether they've been living right or wrong their wh*** lives, without degrading/congratulating themselves about being a bad/good person for realizing something about themselves, the more likely we can begin actual open dialogs for new ideas instead of debating old, worn-out ideas.

Of course, with that in mind, anything I've said is with the expectation it'd be questioned, not simply accepted. ;-)


With that said, in a unintended diatribe manner, here's what I'd like to think of instead of my first thoughts about what EVOKE might represent. Since I'm not very imaginative, and I also want to emphasize questioning, I've replaced the K with Q. It's also unique, so less likely to be used elsewhere.

While K is great for representing Knowledge, I believe knowledge comes from Questioning, particularly questioning assumptions. For certainly, we can never know anything other than what we think, unless we question our assumptions.

Aren't superiority complexes the downfall of villains, and so to be avoided by superheroes? Isn't it the villains that are assured of themselves of their knowledge while the superhero questions and wonders about the overall threat and potential reconciliation?

Anyways, with the unusual spelling as EVOQE:

Evoke (or Evoqe, for consistency)

Or evocating:


And perhaps evocation:


Hmm, well maybe not the last two, but I definitely like the first: Evoqe Viability Of Questioning Everything

Helpfully, Q is the familiar abbreviation for "Question", as in "Q and A" or like this:
Q: How…?
A: Like this….

Also, by being different, it's in itself an example of making changes when thinking differently, yet without it being too much of a stretch beyond what is acceptable and familiar. I'd like to think that in itself would be comforting for those times when we might be frightened of change, especially for those times it's really needed. That is, that a change could be interesting instead of threatening.

Of course, I don't expect this to be accepted since EVOKE has been used everywhere on the site already. If anything, that's fine because I can use it for myself instead, particularly since it now has so much meaning for me.

In a way, I think that's appropriate. What we come up individually is an expression of our individual motivations, in addition to any official meaning there may be. Anyways, those are my thoughts on the matter of an acronym with EVOKE.

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