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Just wondering how many people know about TED and their amazing talks? I think it would be a great resource for many people on here to get some great evidence of what is going on! I am not trying to take away from this site, that is not the point. I just want people to expand their minds with some really cool motivational talks. I know I can't watch everything, so if people share those ideas and expand on them in their own ways it would be great.

I really like this community and what is going on, I have already seen some really intelligent posts and some really cool creative pictures. Continue the great work.

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Wow, glad to see there are so many "TED heads"!
Alright, it's been a little over a week now and we should get this thing started, don'tcha think ?

The TED talks format is as follows :
Speakers : 1, sometimes with the aid of an assistant for demonstration ;
Theme : 1 theme (ranges from creativity, to business, to management, to productivity, to science, to almost anything) ;
Duration : The talks last up to (but not over !) 19 minutes.

These talks are designed to keep their audience as interested as possible and we could certainly just follow these guidelines. We could also start each presentation with the EVOKE handsign, and sign off with it ?

As far as sharing is concerned, Vimeo automatically come to mind since that's what the EVOKE trailer was posted to. Go get yourselves accounts, and start filming, guys ! Once you're done, upload your video and add it to the EVOKE Talks group after joining. It will be easier to go with that name, since TED Talks might not be pleased that we use their name without permission ;)

Let's make it work, guys !
I love ted talks! Did anyone see the recent suspended animation video?
Has anyone reading this ever been to the conferences live? Like paid to go and see it? That would be amazing. My soft spot seems to be the more philosophical topics, ala. 'Remebering and Experiencing true happiness' blew my mind about how I believe the human psyche to be.

This community continues to grow in awesome-ness....
Speaking of TED and EVOKE... we've got something in the works that might or might not happen... stay tuned. You might find out something in a few weeks. Don't say you heard anything. ;)
Oh, how you tease us ;)
TED is acutally the reason why I joined EVOKE. There is a really cool talk by a developer and that got me started.
TED is great treasure chest of knowledge and a huge inspiration for me.
yeah, please tell us it's a TEDx EVOKEx... please, please, please...
didn't hear anyting, anyway...

Nathaniel Fruchter said:
Speaking of TED and EVOKE... we've got something in the works that might or might not happen... stay tuned. You might find out something in a few weeks. Don't say you heard anything. ;)
So much of what we are trying to do here, with EVOKE, and out there in the real world, is footed in education. As a person with life-long dedication to education and learning, but with a serious bend toward application of ideas, TED proves to be one of the few places that sustains my belief in turning thought into action. I really hope that EVOKE will as well. It was, in fact, Jane McGonigal's TED talk that brought me to this network.

Using TED as a tool, I've held, and attended, several evenings of discussion at my home about TED topics and the impact that the ideas have had on me since seeing them. It was also a great experience to share the ideas immediately instead of having them hit me in a mental vacuum. I would like to elevate this sentiment, having them be a call to action.

I'm looking forward to being more of a producer in this enterprise. Hopefully, my schedule works out and I can participate be providing a (not)TED worthy production.
Love TED...been watching it for 3 years. That is how I found this game.
TED is amazing. At my local school using it is almost like part of the curriculum. TED also has an iPhone app so you can each talks on the go.

I LOVE the TED talks, which are not only educational, but also extremely inspirational!

I've been watching TED talks for a couple of years now. I am always blown away by the innovation of such awesome and intelligent people!

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