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Now that the game is officially over, I'm curious about the secret missions...

1. Did everyone get one?  Or was it just some people?  (If so, which people?)

2. What were the different missions?  I think I picked out three of them.  One (the one I got and didn't do, for a variety of good reasons) was to find someone in the game you'd never talked to before, and whi was very different from you, geographically and culturally, to "friend", do a short interview with,  and to promise to stay in touch with.  Another was to find all the Evokations and make a list of them.  And I think another might have been to make a personal video of your experience here. 

Next time it would be great if the secret missions were things that everyone could find and do, and were discovered through actually playing the game (like an Easter egg), rather than something that was just emailed to us.  And it would be great if we could have a choice of which one/s to do. 

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very good observations and recommendations Turil. It would be nice to find and develop the missions for which we have our best energies and talents. congratulations on finishing Evoke season 1, and best wishes for continued good evoking! michele
I got two chances. But I don't think I want to tell what my other secret mission was. Part of the reason, it was something that took actually reading my work before it was assigned to me.
I get the impression that secret missions were based on what were perceived strengths and weaknesses. And so being, its personal. And because its personal, its meaningful.
The problem with someone else trying to decide what I'm good at is that they simply can't know anywhere near as much about me as I do. What they see is the superficial stuff, not the personal stuff. And if they were trying to be personal, they got it very, very, very, very wrong. If I'd gotten two options, that would at least have allowed me to consider which was more doable for me. Ideally, though everyone needed to have the opportunity to do any or all of them, since we can use all the help we can get in this world, and not taking advantage of enthusiastic volunteers for any reason is simply a waste.
Actually, no.
My other mission was something only I could do well. Other people might try to do it but they wouldn't have been able to to the degree I was able to.
This site, it is volunteer help.
The reason the badge is special is because not everyone gets the opportunity. Sorry, thats life. The badge only has meaning because of the threshold that has to be met to get it. Everyone may get a participation ribbon in a science fair but only a handful get scholarships and the chance to move on.
Who cares about the badge? It's a meaningless random blob of color on a website. It doesn't help anyone live a healthier life. The mission is the thing. The mission to do something to improve people's lives.

This game is supposed to be about challenging people to do great things, and you can't do that if you don't actually give people the challenges. :-)

And, again, we need everyone's help to make the world a better place, and anyone who shows up with the enthusiasm to volunteer to help is important. Otherwise, as I said, it's a waste of resources. It's great that you happened to be matched up with a mission that worked well for you, and (presumably) was valuable to others as well. But clearly that only happened for a few people (given the fact that almost no one actually did the missions). And that's just unfortunate for everyone.
This game has challenged people to do great things already.
Let me break down the involvement level structure for you.
1. You do the first mission.
2. You do three submissions of one mission.
3. You do enough good enough work that you earn 100 total points
4. You do enough work and gain enough social clout to earn 100 total points for one power(and interestingly enough if you did the right missions, the natural award points would give you this award)
5. Your work is so teachable that you're held up as an example for people to follow
6. You've done so much work, spent so much time, networked so much that obviously you need a challenge.

Look at those levels. Didn't you learn while you were searching for that other person to make friends with that a VAST majority of people only got to level 1 or 2. 3 if they kept at it. 4 if they worked like hell while there was no one to give them any feedback and they were the only ones power voting themselves.

This is a game. Its a really challenging game. Obviously your last mission was too great of a challenge for you.
My goal isn't the same as your goal, apparently. My goal is to use everyone who shows up with resources to contribute gets used for something valuable. And the secret mission could have been another great way to do that. So next time, I hope the game designers can be even more successful in using folks, by making the mission accessible to anyone who puts the effort in to find it, and by giving people choices, so that they can decide which mission/s are the best matches for their own unique talents.

As for what I learned while searching for someone I hadn't already interacted with was that I'd already interacted with pretty much everyone who was actually interested enough in EVOKE to stick around, at some point. (I already knew that most people didn't find the game alluring enough to fully engage in.)

Also, I'm curious if you really think this game is challenging. I didn't really. But then this is the kind of stuff I normally do anyway. On the other hand, I did find this game highly rewarding as an outlet for my expressions. It was great to have a creative platform to apply my skills, ideas, knowledge, and passion to.
*shrug* Your goal might be different then that of the game. I know mine is different from the game. Having played lots of all different types of games(i'm part of a board and card gaming group that meets every sat) and games that i've never even heard of before and play for the first time, you become adept at picking apart the right strategy for winning the game. And then it becomes more interesting because you learn the strengths and weaknesses of all the other players in gaming group.

Your strength and weakness is that you're idealistic to a fault. I'm going to cry the day you lose it because I remember when I lost mine.

When I first started playing I was using it as research for a project I was currently doing that had absolutely nothing to do with gardens.

Yes, this game was challenging because I played it my way while still trying to meet the obvious requirements. I made it a challenge because theres so few actual challenges in my world so I have to make every single opportunity into more then what it is. Its something you learn how to do in art cla****, take the assignment and make it yours. In a month I wrote a business plan. I've never written a business plan before. It was because of the suggestions of the other players in this game. Because of this game, I thought of something that not only was achievable but I could do and probably finish in a year that would have a massive impact on novice gardeners.

Perhaps the problem isn't with the game, nor with the badges or the challenges, but in teaching people how to remake the assignment in their own image.
Does anyone else get the feeling that we need a founding member poker night? We can hold it online and everything^_^
Gabriel Martin said:
Does anyone else get the feeling that we need a founding member poker night? We can hold it online and everything^_^

*laughs hard* I'll take anyone of you on in a game of Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carcassonne:_Hunters_and_Gatherers
Ursula, I already lost my "serious" idealism a couple of years ago, after being rejected by pretty much everyone I cared about, and having lost all hope that the world was worth living in. :-) Now I'm just here for the fun of it. My idealism now is a non-attached awareness of the amazing realities that exist, and the joyful thrill of bringing that awareness to others whenever I can.
Hadnt you heard? Evoke Season 2 is going to be a carcassonne style game^_^ its going to be called carcassonnevoke, naturally.

edit: kinda roles off the tongue actually.^_^

Don't worry! We can all learn together, after all, we are all gamers now.

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