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It is often difficult to know just which way, and how far, an idea can go, but nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Benjamin Franklin once said ( in reply to a person who had just viewed and criticised the first manned hot air ballon flight as useless and good for nothing) " Yes, but what is a new born baby good for ?" What he, of course meant, was that it is impossible to guage the importance of a new creation until more time has elapsed. I have no idea where Evoke might go or what good it might do next month, next year, beyond my lifetime. It is obvious from reading these blogs and posts that the Evoke team members have very different notions of how to improve the lot of mankind. Some proposals may seem far fetched, almost whimsical, some very hard headed and, perhaps, cold hearted. Yet they all contain the essential belief that the problems of the world are solvable. We are the captains of our souls, the masters of our fate. We are not going to roll over and play dead. If one of our plans is a failure we will not fold our tents and walk off into oblivion. We will try another, and maybe a third if that does not work. Unlike much of humanity that is willing to ignore misery, unless it directly hurts them, the Evoke team will not rest until suffering everywhere and afflicting everyone is addressed, confronted and bettered. That is the idea that is being birthed in this game we are playing. If the Team can foster and promote this idea, this concept that we are our brother's keeper and all of us have an obligation to make ourselves aware of one another's problems and needs, then like Franklin's balloon, like the new born baby, Evoke will have been seen as the initiation of a movement whose time had come,one that made the World a better place and what more worthwhile goal could we have hoped for when we started this game ?
I'm slightly confused at how runes will be lit after May 12th. With so many people still with challenges unfinished, I don't relish your monumental task of reviewing thousands of external blogs for users still in the process of completing EVOKE Missions...

How will the team be checking those needing their work evaluated to complete missions they have active after the finishing date? Would you also consider establishing regional groups with third-parties like Blogger for all existing and future EVOKE users; enabling a place in each country to upload their work and keep better track of Agents?
Well, I am sure everybody is asking the same question. Where do we go from here? Our evokation course is nearly over, but problems still persist. I hope we would reach to a counclusion that our group efforts are invested properly in the near future.
A few questions to help with my script ideas, to see if they are viable.

1) Will there be time in between the last comic you produced and the first of new missions or are you expecting the next gen to pick up right after you left off? What's your timeline for getting the next missions started? you'll obviously need time to pick the winner, but is there anything left to decide?

2) My script idea has big changes for the current characters, I'm going to write it anyway, but should I try for a second one that sticks to the continuity you've set up because you've already got the next gen missions and story lines planned out?

3) Will the current website content, both the user created blogs vids etc and the current comics, be available to the next gen? No need to rehash old stories if the old ones are still up right? A separate site with a new and improved model of this one for the new kids, and this one still here for research and for those playing catch up?

4) Are all the answers to my questions ones I can give myself? Is it the current network that gets to answer them or do you have your own designs?
I guess then a critique of the past and a look towards the future would be in order.

My only issue with "EVOKE" is partially the time scale and the "this is supposed to be a realistic projection of the future" 10 years is both a very long time away but still a very short time away and with all the issues we faced 10 years prior to today.

(The war in Afghanistan started in 2001 and we're STILL dealing with it almost 9 years later, will it be solved in the next year? four years? ten years? The Sri Lankan civil war has JUST come to a close after over 20 years of fighting, that's 20 years worth of bad blood that the Sri Lankens are going to have to deal with now on top of other growing issues. The Somoli Civil war still rages on today reaching it's 19th year, will that end in time for people to be helped within the next 10 years? Simply looking at the world hunger map one of the areas MOST affected by food issues has been dealing with a war since 1998 and it's not over.)

The fact of the matter is until the world can come into some sort of peaceful understanding and stop fighting each other on something as stupid as lines in the sand the world as a wh*** isn't going to be able to come together on major issues that will affect all of us like Food and Water securities, Global warming and basic human rights for all people. It's not even a matter of sending in a near magical dream team to convince locals to "Do the right thing" (As one can see with something like Japan and dealing with the Tsiji dolphin culls every year, sometimes the locals actively don't want "outside help" nor care about the effects of what they're doing to themselves or the environment) and then giving them the resources for it (as pointed out in episode 3, sometimes giving the locals the resources won't inspire them to do anything more then help themselves at the exclusion of others, or for that matter it doesn't matter how many resources you give them, if a drug lord or war lord comes in and kills everyone to take it for themselves, there's very little your "Locals" can do)

Sure the group has been great in dealing with what could very well be real issues in interesting and innovative ways that if there was a billion dollar secret company willing to back them they would get lots of things done. I'm sure if there was a billion dollar secret company willing to back ANYTHING the world would be a MUCH different place. The Problem is that even if there is an "Alchemy" out there somewhere there are about 50 "Alpha's" actively trying to stop him because pain and misery is profit for someone. War is money, Disease is gold and big companies are not "Moral entities" and don't often think about "Long term gain" just the short buck here and now.

So what is the future of Evoke? Hard to say. Harsh reality or hopeful feel goods?
Harsh reality would state that Citizen X media would release everything Alchemy had been doing, some people would support him, some people would not support it, governments who may have originally called them in would renounce them for compromising national security and sovereignty and the team would become international criminals wanted on multiple trumped up charges by various governments and communities they'd originally helped. Those who knew what they did to help would stand by them, some within the community would be mad that they didn't help sooner, communities they didn't help would be mad no one helped them at all. EVOKE would revert back to what it is today. Small collectives of people bumping up against political agendas and personal agendas to try and scrape together plans to help people around the world but finding more opposition in the government and global governments then in the actual problem itself. (Remove the government and most world problems would have really easy solutions.) 10 years from now a few communities are better, but ultimately? No real global change.

The happy bunny ending? Alpha does something to expose evoke members, other secret members all over the world stand up for them, the governments that they've helped stand up for them, everyone bonds together and decides to make the world a better place, hugs all around.

"But Ty! Aren't you being a little callous?" You may ask.

Trust me, trying to complete my missions, and trying to evoke change since university. I've been at this for 10 years and my biggest opposition has ALWAYS been "We don't care" from more people then I care to count.
People that are friends, family, people that could, simply by caring a LITTLE BIT make a big change, people that are directly involved and people that could make MONEY from caring but don't because the effort to care seems to outweigh the actual benefits. I've been punished and yelled at and ridiculed for caring, hell the "ex" boyfriend I mentioned in my very first Imagine looked over my shoulder at this site and made fun of me for caring about it. Laughed as I pleaded with him that people in the world need help and even something like my window box garden could save a life.

And you can't dismiss these people because while it's lovely that 19,107 people worldwide CARE that's not even 1% of the world population.
Not even 1% of us can completely and unanimously work together to make a major change for the rest of the world, but well over 1% sure can decide to do nothing and not care about changing the status quo.

The game is good, and I hope it continues, I hope it continues until it is no longer an alternate reality game but a reality game we all play real time.

The longest journey begins with a single step, but it is a long, long journey and we're having to drag unwilling people with us on it.
i sent you my evokation
got no reply yet
what happens next?
Dear Alchemy/Jane/Uevoke team,
According to Jane's faq on the evokation the deadline for submitting the evokation as a url or as relevant urls is May 19th.
But nothing is said about not submitting early.
Since I finished all my quests and missions to my satisfaction and I only have to do a little editing and tidying and backing up, I decided to finish my evokation work first.
And I sent it to you as prescribed as 2 urls with my personal details as required. @urgentevoke.gmail.com .
You had said I will get a confirmation email.
I have got none so far.
Can you clarify what is happening regarding this matter?
Did you not get it?
Do I have to sent it again?
After May 12 only?
Or should I include my entire evokation in the email?
Where have I gone wrong that I have not got the confirmation mail?
Please do clarify so that I can correct any mistakes on my part at the earliest.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. A.V.Koshy.
it will be the greatest moment to see what happens next after May 12 it would be more like waiting for the rain.
Next is the begning of Practical Evoking.......... We all the agents are going to make the real impact on the world......... Now we have a plateform of evoke and now we would make the things happen for the world and we are going to make difference.................... Yes this is true all agents.........
This is indeed a great game with the ability to really impact real world problems. I like! And I want to be part of this!

Next is the begning of Practical Evoking.......... We all the agents are going to make the real impact on the world......... Now we have a plateform of evoke and now we would make the things happen for the world and we are going to make difference.................... Yes this is true all agents.........
Hi all

Quick question. I have read that we have to start an external blog to post yet to write evidence. How can we get the mission runes to light up?
I am currently producing a doc**entary on climate science and the efforts of the WMO to better understand our climate through modelling and simulation. It is possible the subject could be made into an Urgent Evoke style game based in the real world and inviting practical solutions to real world problems.
I've sent two emails to Jane McGonigal inviting a discussion but received no response to either.
I like what Alchemy has done with Urgent Evoke it's a great idea but I wonder if Alchemy and Urgent Evoke players are more interested in comic strip fantasy with no real world benefits to their efforts

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