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Wooden Memory - Save the Knowledge about a Tree

Wooden Memory - Save the Knowledge about a Tree

For this week’s ACT I took an article about the Mapuche-Pewenche in Chile – the people of the Araucaria tree.


The Araucaria tree is the centre of the Mapuche’s live. They use the tasteful pine nut as a staple food, especially in winter time, when potatoes become scarce. Moreover the wood is utilized to make fire and with the resin the Mapuche are able to prepare medicine to doctor different complaints. Furthermore the Mapuche have a spiritual relationship with these trees.
Because I want to save these knowledge secrets (I did not know before) for the future, I created a piece of wood with information about the Araucaria tree on it. The piece of wood is very handy but has still space for many details on six sides. The photo shows one side of the block. You can see the main described “features” of the Araucaria tree above shown with symbols.
I chose this kind of encoding, because the author as well as reader shall create and read it quickly. Also I decided upon wood and branded symbols, because it is very simple to create. With this method nearly everyone is able to write his or her knowledge down and save it for the future. Especially the Mapuche will be able to pass their knowledge to the next generation, in a written way.

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