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We are living on earth and living with electricity. But electricity will run out someday. Nowadays, we are facing a problem that energy sources are running out . By this way, we may lead a life without electricity. Can you imagine what a terrible life it will be? So we should give our best shot to reduce the waste of electricity. Maybe we can take public traffic instead of driving our own car.We can find new energy sources instead of oil. Such as solar, wind, gas, waves, and so on. If oil runs… Continue

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Energy- A hundred years from now

Can you imagine what the world would be like without cars, scooters or MRTs because of the depletion of energy? The system of human society would be completely ruined. It would be a total chaos. To prevent all this disaster from happening, scientists started brainstorming about the possibilities to solve the energy crisis. And a hundred years later, the situation of energy crisis is solved. After years of thinking, scientists finally came up with an idea of using the techniques of Nano… Continue

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A Hundred Years Later

By 2111, fuel and gas will have ran out, but this doesn't really matter to anyone in this age. People will have gotten a mini machine under there skin and it serves two functions. One is to speed up how people walk and the other is to "squeeze" the space. By making less distance between countries, people can spend less time and less energy. Energy is made from N2 and solar so people have to go sunbathing frequently to recharge their machines. N2 is the most abundant element in our air so it is… Continue

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People use oil as an important energy source. Many machines need oil like cars, airplanes and ships. But because the population is increasing, we use more oil than before, and it is becoming scarce. In the future, we may have no oil to use. What will the people do? And what will the world be like?

The prices of the oil may be higher, and countries will arguing because of the lack of energy. However, humans are smart and they know arguing and complaining won’t make the situation better. So… Continue

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ENERGY 11106

Energy problems are getting worse now; for example, oil is going to run out. Although oil and gas can make energy, they cause lots of pollutions. Some countries will fight for oil; it starts wars and causes damages. The price of energy gets higher and higher. What can we do to solve these problems? Maybe we can create new energy sources. We can try to use less energy.

After one hundred years, what will the world be? I think people will solve these energy problems. We use energy sources… Continue

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Future Without Energy (charlotte)

Future Without Energy

    Probably everyone thinks it’s horrible to face the future without energy. But I think it will also bring us some bright sides, too. The following are my thoughts about the changing of the world and the new life style of the future.

    Traffic systems will change the most if oil is no longer available. People will have a hard time while scientist haven’t figure… Continue

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Ohne Geld bis ans Ende der Welt - To the end of the world without having money

“When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.” This is a famous quote of Oscar Wilde.

He is right in some ways. Money is an important thing in our life. Having a lot of money means that you can do whatever you want. Having only $2 a day it is hard to do what you want to do.

But I saw an interesting doc**entation on the German TV channel “ZDF”. It was called: “Ohne Geld bis ans Ende der Welt.” In English:… Continue

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Money, Money, Money

Donation is convenient way to support the goals of organizations. Sadly we do not know, if our money is spent "in the right way". On the other hand we have no other chance. We have to trust these organizations.


So, which one do I support?


I came across Ashoka, when I did my researches alternate energy sources. I really liked their concept of supporting social innovators, so I donate some money, for the greater good.


Go on.

Added by Robert Bouda on April 27, 2011 at 8:31am — No Comments

My favorite secret.

"Try living for a week on $2 a day."

This secret appealed to me becuase to truly understand someone's situation, it is always our best bet to walk a mile in their shoes, or at least attempt to. It is easier to see the bigger picture if you go out of your way to be involved, as opposed to trying to observe everything from an outsider's prospective.

At times, we forget how fortunate we really are to be living a healthy, well fed life in the, "land of opportunity". When we… Continue

Added by Sonia Asghar on April 27, 2011 at 7:58am — No Comments

Imagine #2

In ten years from now the dinner that i am having will be from my own garden in my back yard. it will be something along the lines of corn and greens which i will have grown myself. it will be plan yet flavorful and will be organic. i will be eating this meal with my husband and our two children and we will be at home. this will all take place at our dinner table.

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The Action i took to provide food security to someone i know is by giving a homeless person the left over pastries from job. After talking to my manager about the homeless poeple who stand outside my job which is a local starbucks she agreed to allow me to give them our left over pastries at the end the day.

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Virtuel Water Business

It is a proposal to get a more efficient use of water by proposing a regional balancing and bringing water to the places where it is needed. You can find the wh*** study here: http://www.die-gdi.de/CMS-Homepage/openwebcms3.nsf/(ynDK_contentByKey)/ENTR-7BMF8T/$FILE/Studies%2022.pdf

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Learn# 2

i'd say the biggest problem to food security after doing research would be global warming. this is affecting our food supply by the inconsistant wreather patterns and in turn affects our eco system. this is very important to our food chain because everything has it's time to bloom and with all of the climate change the reproduction of animals are not what they use to be. more animals are dying as the water begins to rise. today some of the solutions that are in effect now are watching are… Continue

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Local Currencies - About 30 also in Germany!

Money is convenient, because it can stand for any goods and simplifies its exchange. But there is one problem. The imprinted worth of the notes by the state persists, but the worth of goods, which you are able to buy with it, fades. Money only computes, if there is something to exchange. It has to be created where useful production goods are developed and it has to be withdrawn from circulation, if the goods become useless. New money should only be printed, if the useless production goods…


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Ten years from now i will be working in one of the highest paid PR Organizations where i will have my own charity by the name of London. it will be named london for my first born; for she has brought about great change in me and my charity will do the same for those who are apart of it. this charity will provide food and shelter for those whom are affected by the tokyo food crisis. through my charity people will be able to reiside in an safe environment.

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Before the industrial revolution started at nineteen century in Europe, people only can use natural energy,

like hydraulic power ,solar power and wind power. After twenty century, people not only using natural energy

source but also using petrochemical energy. Though the gas may more stable to use than the water, but it also

caused lots of problems when human using them.

Because petrochemical energy are all non-renewable, so the… Continue

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the hero i decided to follow on facebook is Wycleaf Jean. He is originally from Haiti and ever since he came out to the states has never forgot about his native land. Although he has been very successful with his music career, he has done continuous charity work to raise awareness and money for the impoverished land. He is now know for his charity Ye'le Haiti foundation and is the ambassador that promotes the development of the country. i chose him because i think that it is remarkable that he… Continue

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Learn #1

#6: If you want to make something 10 times cheaper, remove 90 percent of the material. I picked this as my secret because i feel that if we took a deeper look into things then we would be able to solve some of the under linning problems. i believe to truly solve a problem you must remove 90% of it's layers. by doing so it will creat an openness as to what we do not see.

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I am in California with my family. We live on a ranch in Lathrop. We eat homegrown fruits and vegetables. We milk our own cows and eat farm fresh eggs.

I am in California with my family. We live on a ranch in Lathrop. We eat homegrown fruits and vegetables. We milk our own cows and eat farm fresh eggs. Continue

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Helped my mom start a home garden with vegetables.

Helped my mom start a home garden with vegetables. Continue

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