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An Alternative Way

I believe the idea of alternative currency is a good one as there are numerous means by which purchases and exchange of currency can benefit people, places and things. Although we as humans are accustomed and have grown up to know about one type of currency – that produced by the government and confirmed as specific types of dollars, we learn that there are “alternative” ways to make currency exchanges.

Many of us exchange goods and services through alternative currency types and may… Continue

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New Ways To Pay

There are numerous, creative ways in which transactions can be made without the use of money as the median.

According to the many resources, Facebook, Twitter and other social medians are being used just for that. Not one is more creative than the other since they all work for the same purpose.

For the most part, it previously was confined to the online auction company, eBay. Since 1998, PayPal had enabled people to transfer money to each other instantly. For Twitter, for… Continue

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Evoke Network - Direction

The Evoke network should remain small and devoted to changing the world, one eco-friendly business at a time.

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Crisis Networking

Covering Risk
People’s perceptions of various risks differ greatly. How will these beliefs about risk play out in a pandemic? And what is the role of officials and journalists as they deal with both people’s strong emotions and emerging facts as they communicate with the public? Peter Sandman, an expert in risk communication explains why risk truly has two elements—hazard and outrage—and why understanding them both is crucial to crisis communication as well as pandemic journalism.

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The Evoke Network

The Urgent Evoke Network:

Mission: To create a healthy, peaceful, equal, and happy planet for all to share


  • To End Starvation Worldwide Equal Opportunities for all Complete Sustainable Buildings and Technology

    For Everyone to be Happy

Members: Anyone is Welcome to Join and Add to the World's Progression

Members Should Be:

  • Devoted Hard Working Want to Create a Better…

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A gay day for gays!

May 17th is the international holiday celebrating H***sexuals and Transgenders!! On May 17th, 1990 organization WHO made it's decision to remove h***sexuality and transgenderality from the international classifications of diseases.
Unfortunately, this year, 2011,more hate crimes than ever towards gays and lesbians have been occuring.

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Flu Pandemic

In the event of a widespread Flu Pandemic, I would create an online website for the dispersion of goods and vaccine to the public. People would simple have to fill out a quick form to receive the vaccination, we would send out a licensed nurse, or as close as we could get to the requested area. The same would be for food and water.

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Evoke Manifesto

The Evoker are a group of people who worked hidden so far. This will change now!

The only task an evoker has is to work together with other Evokers to change the world and save it from catastrophes. For that they work as near to the crisis centers as possible.

For Evokers it is not enough to solve a problem and then just vanish again. They work different. They solve the problems and try to keep it solved for as long as possible.

To reach that goal they work… Continue

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All You Need Is Trust

It is not a surprise but nonetheless really important, I mean the information given in the interwiews of “Outbreak Communication: How the Sources See the Story”. Of course are all 5 strategies important but good crisis communication has manifold effects.


First, a following, second catastrophe can be averted. As told in the end of the interviews people rioted in 1918 because they were lied to. Normally a country has to manage ONE crisis and recover from it. A second crisis…


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The following text was written by me for a Seminararbeit. It's only aviable in German.

Evoke Seminararbeit

1 Einleitung

1.1 Das Online-Planspiel Evoke

Diese Seminararbeit befasst sich mit dem Online-Planspiel Evoke. In ihm gilt es wöchentlich sowohl Quests, als auch Missionen zu erfüllen.

1.1.1 Das Comic

Einleitend gibt es jede Woche ein Comic, dass die Geschichte von einer kleinen Gruppe von Aktivisten erzählt. Diese heißen Evoker und… Continue

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WHICH great challenges and social problems should the EVOKE Network tackle next?

->I think one big problem is rural exodus. So the big cities will grow and grow. I think thats bad for the environment, cause the cities become to big and in the countriside are only old people.

WHERE in the world should the network try to build up new EVOKE communities?

->People in the western world are living in rich circ***tances, but if we loose this circ***tances no one could help the poor… Continue

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Mission 9: Learn - crisis networking

After reading the five articles on crisis communication from the Neiman Foundation for Journalism, the one I want to talk about is number two, covering risk. There, Peter Sandman explains that the risk of an emergency event can be divided into two parts: the hazard, meaning how likely it is to hurt or kill people, and the outrage, which describes how people experience the crisis. Either they are emotional, mostly fearful or angry, or they are apathetic and dont care about the potential…


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Learn 9 - Crisis network

"How do People React in a Pandemic?"

In a pandemic crisis people behave in extreme situations. Therefor Sandro Galead eveloped a framework that identifies five stages of reaction to a disaster to get a better overlook of human behavior.

Five stages of reaction to a disaster:

1. Self-Preservation: Humans primal instinct.. survival.

2. Group Preservation: We try to help the people (family, friends) close to us.

3. Blame Setting:… Continue

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Street Life in Lagos - Al Jazeera

Witness - Street Life in Lagos from the Al Jazeera network.

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covering risk

I think, the most interesting secret of crisis communication is “covering risk”. I didn`t know that the risk consist of hazard and outrage. I really think that the hazard and the reaction of the people are often different things. In most cases the outrage is much higher than the hazard. I think, responsible for that are often the journalists. The article about covering risks… Continue

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Due to the huge earthquake risk that exists here in Hayward, the most obvious disaster that could happen almost anytime would be this. In this situation the main things that would need to be tracked would be the severity of the earthquake and how high it was on the Richter scale. Secondly data on exactly what areas it hit and how far the damage spread around this area, but also how many deaths and injuries had been recorded since the time of the disaster. Then people would need to know about… Continue

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I imagine that with the help of the program I chose to educate and empower women that in the future women would gain more respect in society and have more knowledge in general. Today in India women have significantly less rights and value, but also are very uneducated due to young mothers not being able to go to school. If more women were able to learn about contraception then there would be more time for them to get an education. If women were more respected then men would be able to take care… Continue

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In 2020 I will have a media-related job that I really enjoy. Also I will be married and live in Newyork city.
By that time, I will run my own media company that provide innovation to society and spread worty ideas.
I hope that I can contribute to the world with my job.

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I donated $10 to a program that educates and empowers over 500 women in India by teaching them life skills and sex education to adolescent girls to improve their quality of life. I think this is an important issue as many young girls are not taught about contraception in less developed countries as the amenities are less easy to find and generally not well discussed. I also posted on Facebook for people in my friends list to make donations and support this program as I think it should be voiced… Continue

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I investigated a news story on the rise of women becoming more educated in less developed countries which stated that this issue would not only improve individuals but society in general. It focused on a campaign called ‘Better life, Better future’ which promotes education for girls and women and is founded by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. Various stories online discussed how more women in third world countries were able to get a fair education and rights were… Continue

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public servants

The exchange works directly for state and public workers and servants. It gives them credit in exchange for the amount of public work they contribute to the community. The more constructive they are based off a base rate the more credit they recieve.
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Where I will be in ten years.

Ten years from now I will be in a political job assisting with people in the midlands of South Carolina particularly the rural working class and farmers. As the class of people that feed the nation I find that it is imperative that we assist with making sure they produce as much food as possible. I would like to support local scientists as well that are leading in research on how to produce food more efficiently. I will also be participating in missions to foreign countries to help people with…See More
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Changes to Charleston

https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zQ49AvLkhA2w.kfbaOGer-lQYIf you click my link to my custom map using Google My Maps you will see the addition of a Emergency Shelter to be used in case of a tidal wave or other event from the sea. Included are new emergency routes on what will be an expanded highway to allow traffic to flow in the event of an emergency.See More
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India Water home

The secret was living on the water via boats common in many developing countries like Myanmar. This is a real Indian boat home made of wood and this provides a shelter for many peoples around the world.
Apr 28, 2015

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