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Empowering Women

On the webpage "Globalgiving" I was looking for some donations and I particularly noticed the following:

"Provide 384 Women And Girls Education In Cambodia"!

The following video is well done and leads to thinking and inspires to help.


This project will provide 384 women and girls a variety of…


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Food security

My objective was to increase someone's food security near me.

So the question is how to help respectively whom should I support?

Generally in Germany, the country I live, and like in other industrialized countries we have no problem with food security. On the contrary we have a problem with high abundance of the food. Meanwhile, the food is usually thrown away when it doesn't look enjoyable anymore although you can still eat it. And it is so unjust because on the world there…


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  • YOU are the part of this world.
  • YOU live in this world and your children will live here too.
  • YOU are unique and our world is full with unique individuals and organizations.
  • Do YOU want to have a nice future?
  • The responsibility isYOURs.
  • Everybody can help, YOU can help!

How you can help???

  • E:…

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heroic effort during a pandemic

It's the year 2013, and the next pandemic flu has just reached my part of the world.

So what to do?!Panic?! No problem - we are prepared!

I have organized a specific team to support people in an emergency. In such situation many people need a psychological support. They have to be calm down and they need instructions to avoid their panic. We have organized a forum, where the people can put their questions about the pandemic or what to do in a difficult situation. The team consists…


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Evoke 2.0

  • WHICH great challenges and social problems should the EVOKE Network tackle next?:

    - protection of animals and their environment

    - ensure education for everyone

  • WHERE in the world should the network try to build up new EVOKE communities?:

    -in South Amerika and Japan

  • WHO would you encourage to play Season…

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My wisdom for future generations

It is the year 2088. I am 100 years old and I decide to pass on my elder's wisdom.

"Much has changed in life. Because of the clime change it is now possible to practice agriculture in the areas like in the north of the Scandinavia, Russia and Siberia. In the countries like central Africa it is impossible to live because of the heat and water deficiency. There was a great mass migration in the year 2050.

Novel Communication technologies have made possible that everyone in the…


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Managing Panic in a Pandemic

Managing Panic in a Pandemic

I have chosen "Managing Panic in a Pandemic", because in my opinion this is the most important part of Crisis Communication.

In general it makes no sense spreading panic, because "panic" evokes a feeling of being out of control and this is not very helpful in a crisis situation. So trust in authorities will prevent people from panicking.

The idea behind the public trust is this: If people are concerned about something and you…


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I have choosed this lesson as the most important lesson from the case study.

To conserve the brazilian rainforest "The Pilot Program (PPG7)" was started. The Pilot Program, in its current form, is the result of an agreement between Brazil and the member countries of the Group of Seven (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan,…


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a szenario.

A horror scenario:

We write the year 2050. Overcrowding has negative effects on both the environment and social conditions. There is an uneven population distribution, on the earth live many older people and less young people.

The older people have problems to follow the fast technological development --> these older people are replaced in job by younger people.

Besides many jobs like a teacher are disappear in their…


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Understand the origin of the problem

I have read many articles of the UN gender equality newsfeed page. There are so many problems of different types about the women's rights and other problems around the world.

It is conspicuous, that in the industrialized countries women have successfully fought for equal rights and professional opportunities that were once reserved for men. Education and knowledge play a major role. In contrast in developing countries the status of women is still low and they have no say in family…


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"Complimentary Currencies"

My favorite solution is from the Futurist Douglas Rushkoff. He speaks about the alternative currency systems like "complimentary currencies".

In his article "Life Dollars: Finding Currency in Community" he speaks about "Life Dollars",an electronic currency used in the Pacific Northwest. Life Dollars are not exchanged for traditional currency. Instead, members of the Exchange earn credits by performing services or providing goods to one another.

Here is an example for such…


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Water for People

For us who live in industrialized countries, is access to clean water naturally. But there are still people in the world for whom access to clean water is a precious resource. In many places in Africa and in other poor countries, many girls and women have to travel several hours to reach a lake or sea to fetch water. Such water sources are often contaminated and many people can become ill and even die.

The situation was so alarming, that something had to be done about it. Today there… Continue

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A special day in the year 2020

After a long time I returned from Argentina. Because of my job I spend a lot of time abroad and so I rarely see my parents, my sister and my friends. Today is a special day for me, because I celebrate a reunion with friends and my family. For this event I have all invited to my house by the sea. We make a great garden party. Nowadays most houses are built environmentally friendly. The sun provides our house with the necessary energy. The light energy is converted with the help of solar cells…


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Thermal Energy

In the present time everybody has a laptop, ipad or a smartphone, that is used everyday over several hours. After some time we need to connect our laptop, ipad or smartphone to the outlet.The battery goes fast all. That's pretty annoying, because you're tied to a specific space. And especially during the summer you will likely enjoy the sun.

We can combine this. We can use the thermal energy to recharge our battery of the laptop.

Like a house, we equip the front side of our laptop…


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A Hero

For me,it is difficult to choose a certain person as a hero.

I have read some articles about many people who are committed to improve the world and to tackle the world's biggest problems with creative solutions and entrepreneurial ventures. I'm amazed how many there are.

I can well imagine that it is very difficult to follow his goal respectively his wishes, because there are many problems which can arise.

So for me is a hero a human, who doesn't readily let things get him…


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In Ten Years

In 2020, I am 32 years old. I have many dreams.

But my biggest dream is to have a family and a house by the sea. I change the world by working in a renewable energy company. I am involved in many projects where I'm trying with my team to find innovative solutions to exploit the natural resources effectively and to better integrate into the international energy supply. It's important for me to work on location. I can well imagine that I travel a lot and spend some time at various places…


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LEARN3: Sustainable energy project

Tornado Power Plant!

On the website http://vortexengine.cavortexengine i found an interesting idea about to use the energy of tornado as an effective renewable source of energy.

Tornadoes are among natures most powerful and destructive forces. In fact, tornadoes have the highest energy density of any storm in nature.

Canadian engineer Louis Michaud believes he has figured a…


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mission2: food security

I live in Germany, an industrialized country. As in most industrialized countries, the people have forgotten what it is to suffer hunger. In most industrialized countries, the food is often thrown away because it no longer looks good. While many people struggle in developing countries every day to avoid dying of hunger. They are two different worlds. That’s pretty unfair!

It is our duty to ensure that no person should ever suffer in this world of hunger.

I searched the Internet,…


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LEARN1 Understanding!

All secrets could change the world, each secret do it on his own way. Anyhow the secrets are closely interrelated with each other. As a social innovator, i think foremost we have to understand external circ**stances, in which people find themselves. Therefore it is important for the understanding process to observe the environment, infrastructure, culture and lives of people by being there.

The best solutions are of no use if they are not accepted by the people, living in such…


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Fourth of July on the Lake

This past weekend was the annual celebration at the lake house in Connecticut. It is amazing that the lake is still so clear and beautiful after all these years. The watershed association has done a wonderful job protecting these waters from the damaging effects of development.The wood grill was finally ready to cook on, so we didn't miss the propane tank fueled grill anymore. The food actually tasted fresher than in the past and was easy to keep fueled.Dad was very proud of the solar hybrid…See More
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Stinging Nettle

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The meal

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FutureToday is 2020/1/1. It is just like yesterday. The war is still continuing. It has started since 2010. In 2010, that year was a horrible year. Almost every energy ran out. Every country’s governments were crushed down at the same time. There were riots everywhere. All of the big company’s bosses were killed xdeadx in the riots. Troops fought each other everywhere. Food was bought up xawayx at once. There were no more food supplies in any shops. The economy was all crushed down. All the…See More
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public servants

The exchange works directly for state and public workers and servants. It gives them credit in exchange for the amount of public work they contribute to the community. The more constructive they are based off a base rate the more credit they recieve.
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