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Mind over Matter?

“Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.” - Sun Tzu


Although I am not a good comic artist, nor a good user of a storyboear, I have some ideas how EVOKE could proceed.


The setting of the first story should be Embers home. Ghana is under martial law. Over 50% of Ghanas population are infected with a pestilence-like desease. One of its victims is a person dear to Ember - a child, her…


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Next Chapter

WHICH great challenges and social problems should the Evoke Network tackle next?


Although they are very hard to grasp:  Ethical probems should also be tackled. I think a decline of ethics is a dominating factor for our world being they way it is.


WHERE in the world should the network try to build up new EVOKE communities?


Almost everywhere (except polar regions, and deserts) because you can improve something everywhere.




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Evokes Manifesto


To improve mankind.




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All You Need Is Trust

It is not a surprise but nonetheless really important, I mean the information given in the interwiews of “Outbreak Communication: How the Sources See the Story”. Of course are all 5 strategies important but good crisis communication has manifold effects.


First, a following, second catastrophe can be averted. As told in the end of the interviews people rioted in 1918 because they were lied to. Normally a country has to manage ONE crisis and recover from it. A second crisis…


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News from the Bedlam

Maybe some of you readers are familiar with the game Civilization by Sid Meier. In early versions you needed entertainers to keep your population in check. That is my basic idea of establishing a crisis network which can also provide support in time of need.

First, you will have a hard time identifying those who can help. But normally you can also use a mechanic – before any crisis occurs – to categorize different tastes and also different artists. We also need the information who…


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A Flow of Thoughts

If you've been to India, you can see that any conservation of traditional knowledge, any knowledge at all is very important there. There are dozens of social obstacles which normally hinder a natural flow of knowledge and thoughts.

A lot of these reports come from Gujarat, and from the agricultural sector there. On the one hand… Continue

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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

02/14/2081 - At a nursing home in a southgerman mountainrange. There are only old people to see. Robots and other machines take care of their physical needs. You can hear machines humming or smooth voices telling the elders what to do.

After a birthday party of a different kind, only people of an age of 100+ were invited, four elderly men are sitting around a table playing an antique card game. They are chatting about the game but also about the events of the day… Continue

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No News are Good News

I had a chat with my neighbors about the topic: What do you think what happens if a catastrophe occurs? What mechanism or institutions do you think exist to help us, for example in case of a flood?

In general they think that the THW, the local fire brigade and the ambulance, combined with police forces and military backup, will provide enough support in case of emergency.


They were fairly well informed - one of their sons was a volunteer at the THW. I had quite a hard…


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A New Plex

This is how my place might look like in the future.

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If my home is flooded...

...I hope I am not at home.


Right know I am living in a small town close to Nuremberg. There is a channel and a couple of smaller rivers in proximity to my place. If it rains heavily these rivers flood our meadows.

So far, we had enough space for the water not to reach the streets and houses but in the future I can imagine that we might face a flood.

In such a case critical information could be: Which streets can be used safely? Where can people find…


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A 100 Euros to change a life...

Islamabad, Greater India, 05/10/2021

6 a.m.

In the poorer quarters of Islamabad rises the sun. A dizzy day is about to come. A lot of cycles and people are on the streets. They make noise, The noise of a living city.

Laxmi just woke up. She is going through her morning routine. But today is a special day. It is a kind anniversary. It is been 10 years since …


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A Different Kind of Empowerment

I donated some money to an organization called Saheli. I worked there for a few weeks last year, definetly an interesting experience. It is located in Poona, India. The women at this organization work for the empowerment of local sexworkers, almost only women. Who they are and what they are doing:


"Saheli HIV/AIDS Karyakarta Sangh is the only sex workers collective in Pune. The collective was established in 1998, with…


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A Marathon to Freedom

The spirit of sports and the spirit of women empowerment come together.


When I found this article at the UN gender equality news feed, I just wondered why this is an information concerning gender issues.


Then I realized that in Germany, I think in the entire western hemisphere, it is quite common for women to take part in sports events, and to be depicted in a sports dress. An overwhelming…


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The EuroDollar

I know something like that exists - but it is not a 'real' currency, yet.


It is called a Eurodollar and it solves the problem of purchasing-power parity. One currency for one world. No advantages/disadvantages because the money in your home-country is worth more (or less). Furthermore is has a 'real' value, not a virtual. It equals the reserves of…


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A Blast From the Past

I learned at school that during times of inflation, in the 1930s, trade with goods was more popular, and that cigarettes as a currency were accepted. Some things change.


Others not.


Here we go. Yesterday a freind of mine celebrated birthday and we went to a club after dinner. It was usually crowded, a lot of people around and after a while guy came to me asking if I can help him.

We had a chat. He was an american and he did not have enough Euros…


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Hillmar Kopper a, in my opinion, infamous manager, formerly chief executive of the Deutsche Bank AG, called liablitites of 50 million D-Mark, peanuts.




Meaning that this is not a noteworthy amount of money. This incident occured in 1994. As I heard of that I just had two questions in mind: What is the value of money? If 50.000.000 D-Mark are peanuts, do we need money at all?


Today I know:


We need…


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Money, Money, Money

Donation is convenient way to support the goals of organizations. Sadly we do not know, if our money is spent "in the right way". On the other hand we have no other chance. We have to trust these organizations.


So, which one do I support?


I came across Ashoka, when I did my researches alternate energy sources. I really liked their concept of supporting social innovators, so I donate some money, for the greater good.


Go on.

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Happy Water Day Flashmob

Although it might be not that surprising, due to organisational obstacles, my proposal for celebrating Happy Water Day would be: Organize flashmobs all over the world.


These flashmobs just have one task, drink one glass of water with the person standing next to you. Without much words, maybe a slogan like 'Need some water? You're not the only one"' printed on cups or shirts is sufficient.


It sounds simple but I think if a lot of people around are invited for a…


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"When water comes...everything changes."

A simple line. But true.


I give my vote to The Water Project. The projects focus lies on Africa, especially Kenya, Rwanda, Suda, Uganda, Sierra Leone. A seperate task is providing wells at schools.


The problems of no access to clear water are presented in pictural way. The access to clear water improves problems related to health, poverty, hunger and education in a significant way.




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Birthday Comes But Once A Year

Sunday, February 14, 2021, Meadowlands Stadium, New York/New Jersey


A national anthem being performed, not sung, by a popstar. National pride. A people which celebrates itself. And 22 modern gladiators, geared in an carbon armor, fighting for an eggshaped ball.


Welcome to the 55th Super Bowl in American football history.


And my 40th birthday. I practice the custom to celebrate round birthdays at a special place: like the VIP-box of the…


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Fourth of July on the Lake

This past weekend was the annual celebration at the lake house in Connecticut. It is amazing that the lake is still so clear and beautiful after all these years. The watershed association has done a wonderful job protecting these waters from the damaging effects of development.The wood grill was finally ready to cook on, so we didn't miss the propane tank fueled grill anymore. The food actually tasted fresher than in the past and was easy to keep fueled.Dad was very proud of the solar hybrid…See More
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public servants

The exchange works directly for state and public workers and servants. It gives them credit in exchange for the amount of public work they contribute to the community. The more constructive they are based off a base rate the more credit they recieve.
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