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Family Dark Site ACT # 9 Jacquie Godsill

Sent an e-mail to family explaining our emergency family plan. Used Google doc to create one more vehicle to reach each other in case of an emergency.

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Pandemic Crisis Mgmt - Jacquie Godsill

It's official, the pandemic has reached north America. Elderly people and young children are to stay home until further notice. Thank goodness DART, Domestic Action Reliable Today, is mobilized and ready to go. In anticipation of this next pandemic, volunteers have their lists of the community's most fragile population. Meals are being prepared and delivered by this heroic group of people. If not for their efforts, elderly and mothers with infants would have to expose those fragile immune… Continue

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Future of Money - Imagine

It's April 1, 2020, and the socioeconomic gap has widened. The people on the government roles for assistance have outpaced the government's ability to provide money or services for all of them. On this day, a new business model has opened its doors. "Barterers R Us" is open for business to provide an exchange of goods and services for those who have time and talent, but are without the economic means to supply their own families with basic needs. Perhaps a family has grown more vegetables than… Continue

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The future of money-Jacquie Godsill

Is bartering obsolete? At any given time, somewhere in the world barter is very much being practiced. In Germany after both world wars, bartering rose again as a system to replace the collapsed monetary system. In third-world countries, there are several which don't have a system beyond barter to depend on. In many cases of bartering. People will accept things of intrinsic value for their own products or services with the intention of retrading them in the future, and not for their own use. The… Continue

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Future of Money - Team 21 - Jacquie Godsill

In a world of individuality, where we think of ourselves first, there should be an incentive to partiicipate in collectivism. There should be an alternative form of currency to achieve this. The concept would be to give people remuneration for good deeds to their fellow men, women or children. The currency would be an ellaborate plastic bead with an imprinted hollogram so it would be difficult to make counterfeits. These beads could be worn as adornment in any fashion one chooses. They could be… Continue

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Mission #8 - Learn - Crisis Mgmt Jacquie Godsill

The most devastating disaster would likely be a large magnitude earthquake. The initial use of Ushahidi would be to respond to emergency situations. People would post blogs to facebook, twitter, either by SMS text messaging, or MMS video posting or traditional on-line information sharing. As in Haiti, the government and other rescue operators such as the red cross would access Ushahidi and use it as a source to get first responders in to lifesaving operations.

Another use of Ushahidi… Continue

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Mission #3 - Power Shift - Act - Jacquie Godsill

Second posting to power shift ACT

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Mission #3 - Power - Learn - Jacquie Godsill

Second posting to Mission #3 Power Learn

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Mission #6 - Imagine- Jacquie Godsill

Emelita, a graduate of Next Step Learning Center went on to obtain a college degree in social services. Her specialty is helping teenage mothers, because she herself was once an unwed, teenage mother. She married a police officer who is the public liaison officer for the city of Oakland. His responsibility is to develop and maintain relationships with all of the high schools within the city. Emelita had dropped out of high school after becoming pregnant when she was 16 and a soph***re. She was… Continue

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Mission #6 - Learn- Jacquie Godsill

192 UN member countries (4th UN Conf.)

Turkish President, Abdullah Gul, Chairman


48 least developed countries identified

900 million people within those countries

Poorest and weakest segment of the intn'l community

* Human and social development, gender equality and empowerment of women

* Promoting women's eonomic empowerment through financial inclusion and agricultural development

Investment Opportunity versus charity

The head… Continue

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Mission #6 - Act - Jacquie Godsill

Young women in the Bay Area dropping out of high school, often due to teenage pregnancy, is a self-perpetuating problem. Many young mothers are unable to give their children a stable home environment and the benefit of a positive role model of an educated parent. Too many of these young women end up working minimum wage jobs, or dependent on the social services, which are stressed and limited due to budget constraints.

Next Step Learning Center in Oakland, California is a program to… Continue

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IMAGINE: The year is 2020 and I’ve just plugged my car in for the evening. Total Solar, the leading edge solar power for residential users, is competing toe-to-toe with the big electrical utilities. Everyone is going solar. I’m running my household 100% solar now. I have a backup generator if I need it, but I never turn it on. Today is a very special day. It’s national Celebrate Solar Day. My hot water, my stove, and my heater are all powered by the power generated by my Total Solar system. My… Continue

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Mission #3 - ACT

ACT: We all know that little things make a difference. Two things I intend to change to save energy are first, to switch to a non-battery operated toothbrush. The second thing is to minimize what laundry I put into the dryer and use a clothesline instead.

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Mission #3 - LEARN

LEARN: Growth in the Solar Power energy sector in the United States grew by 17% in 2007, and is projected to compose 10% of our country’s energy needs in 2025. The keys to future success of the industry are they need to make components easy to plug together and use. The electric utilities need to make a commitment to bring solar energy into the array of sources currently feeding the power grids. Tax incentives should be extended for further research and development

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Mission 1 - Imagine

When you feed a man a fish he eats for a day. When you teach a man to fish…he doesn’t go hungry again. Tomorrow and the day after that, people need a minimum of a high school education in general, to financially succeed in our country. Next Step Learning Center in Oakland is one organization that exists to help adults who wish to get their GED’s. It is made up of volunteer tutors. I tutor each week in order to make a better tomorrow for these individuals, and participate in a world where we all… Continue

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Mission 1 - Act

There is a woman in my town who works for the church. She is 70 years old and spends thirty hours per week giving of her gifts to the church. She has supported others in need financially and through time and talent. She has just entered bankruptcy. She didn’t write off any debts. She just negotiated payments based on her bankruptcy with her creditors due to her integrity. She lives on limited social security and regularly depends on the charity of others for regular meals, for which she is… Continue

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Mission 1 - Learn

Food insecurity in the US is on the rise according to the US Census Bureau. Food insecurity is measured as diminished food consumption, or a change in eating patterns due to a shortage of funds. This could include increases in food stamps, or reliance on food pantries. Households which experienced higher food insecurity reported impacts on food security occurring more than six months of the year.

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