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A New Book Published by a 2010 Urgent Evoke Hero-- Indigenous Knowledge from philosophy to design

2011 Urgent Evoke Social Innovator, Legendary Agent/Mega Hero Dr. Ampat Koshy has written a book in which he codifies indigenous knowledge of many cultures, from Plato and the ancients to current philosophers and philotechs and more!!! I am posting my review here-- it is a great book, and I hope you all try to read it. :)

(short version:)

"Wrighteings" is a challenge, but also a really fun book to read, if you can take time to attune to the cadence of the words. Koshy writes… Continue

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Urgent Evoke for assistance

[Diplomatic Correspondents from all over the world, based in Washington play an important in helping a wider audience better understand many key foreign policy issues important to all our inter-related nations.]

A special and touching appeal has come ... from a diplomatic correspondent which relates to her beautiful four-year old son, Devan. [I hope it is appropriate to use…


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So many Heroes, so little time

I have so many heroes, real and avatar, who have had so profound an effect on Evoke Season 1; and so little time remains for acknowledging them all.

and Please also see a.v.koshy's efforts at listing heroes as well, at http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/my-top-evokers-not-in-any?xg_source=activity…


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Evoke Hero A.V.Koshy

A.V.Koshy, extraordinary contributor, commentor, and rebel on Evoke Season 1 is a tireless and insightful hero. Choosing from among his 161 blog posts, 20 discussions, 21 photos, and 5 videos (among these ony 82 remain; there were so many more) is an almost impossible task. A loyal friend and supporter of many on and off evoke, koshy is a master network builder, colleague, and independent…


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Evoke Heroes MAK, sunnydupree and Reem Bsaiso

Agents Michelle Angela Kim -- MAK , sunnydupree , and

Reem Bsaiso

are Evoke Heroes. MAK's "No Hate Know Love" philosophy, engaging comments, and meaningful posts have added much to the community. Collaborating with…


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Evoke Hero Patricio Buenrostro-Gilhuys

Amazing collaborative Evoke agents Patricio Buenrostro-Gilhuys and Nick Heyming are doing so much to restore bio-diversity, sustainable gardening and resilient, collaborative communities through their work on and outside Evoke that they are epic heroes to me. Despite Patricio's work and broken arm, and Nick's…


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Evoke Heros Wintermute and Gabriel Martin

Evoke heroes Wintermute and Gabriel Martin have added a large and interesting compendium of information and work to the Evoke community. Gabriel's New Agent Rest Stop and…


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UEvoke Hero Ternura Rojas

My fellow agent Ternura Rojas has added her light and intelligent voice, in English and in Spanish, to many of the posts, discussions, and message boxes in Evoke. Finishing all her rune assignments, sharing many discussions, photos and videos, working, and research, Ternura also found time to keep agents informed of developments on Evoke in her runner line, and…


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hajj for humanity extra information

Here are some of the additional issues I am considering pertinent to the establishment of Hajj for Humanity as a 501C3- and shari’a law approved humanitarian foundation, for which more expert analysis and advice is needed:

(1) The premise of "Hajj for Humanity" is based upon the apparent spirit of cooperation and mutual toleration among and between peoples of various religious sects, nationalities, races during the Hajj. I am hoping that "Hajj for Humanity" project leadership,…


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michele edits for PATRICIO'S excellent OUR Farms Evokation

(everybody, this is PATRICIO's OUR Farms post. I just did content and grammar editing for him. This Evokation isn't mine. I don't have patricio's email, and it is too big for Evoke message (by like 40,000 characters), so sent it back this way. his EVOKATION address link is:…


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Act 10, The Shadow of the Black Swan... What happens next? Urgent Evoke Episode 1, Season 2

Act10 What Happens Next – Episode 1 Season 2

Collaboration between Agents Michele Baron…


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Evokation Hajj for Humanity

Hajj For Humanity Evokation

Agent Michele Baron

Click to view fullsize…


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Learn10 What urgent challenge should EVOKE tackle next?

There are seven continents, hundreds of nations, thousands of cultures of humanity living on our interdependent Earth. One central concept, upheld by the U.N. and other governing bodies, by nations and individuals, is that there are “universal” human rights.…


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Imagine10 Evoke Manifesto

The world continues to face urgent and ongoing problems, ranging from black swan events to miasmic trends. Finance, food security, energy, environment, water issues, gender issues, human and earthling-species "global rights," the drive to not only survive but thrive -- Evoke agents listen, learn, look, leap -- whenever and wherever they are needed. Their code? Honor, team, support, sustainability. Their manifesto? Below:…


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Act9 Darksite KREUAP Killer Robot Uprising Emergency Action Plan

Robots have not yet ascended to a level of development wherein they are capable of a hostile uprising. But the possibility exists.

This crisis can occur any where in the world, at almost any time suitable technological levels have been obtained. The crisis could be holistic, causing collapse of all support systems and integrated interfaces as we have come to use them.

It is best to be prepared.

Given the networking capabilities and AI capacities of the anticipated Robot…


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Imagine9, Pandemic near DC

When the pandemic flu hit the areas near-adjacent to DC in March 2011, many schools, religious and service organizations in the DC metro area were already prepared to mobilize and offer real-time support to ongoing medical, logistical and other official efforts.

The PTA and school…


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Secrets of crisis communication Learn9

"Good things happen if you do them." Crucial to communicating in a crisis, and preparing for a crisis, I think, are the concepts listed under psychological first aid: safety, calming, connection, efficacy, and hope.

Regardless of climate, custom, creed, or community, survivors of any crisis need to feel safe: removed from the threat.

People need to feel secure, and calm: able to undertake specific actions and attainable goals to protect…


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A house cannot be repaired when the owner is destroying it. Learn 8

Kenyan Proverb: A house cannot be repaired when the owner is destroying it.

In Mission 8, this week, we are told that “local communities know better than…


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We are Indigenous because we are conscious of Responsibility, Imagine8

When I am 100, or, if our peoples and communities have become resilient and health issues no longer as limiting as they are today, when I am 100 years older than now, I would like to imagine that the world has become a cohesive, resilient and interdependent grouping of communities, nations, regions and peoples. I would like to imagine that Mother Earth is the base planet for off-terrestrial expeditions, and that we, as humans, have evolved enough so that possible contact (nods to Carl Sagan…


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Kobi Mother Aluna's Portal Compass Indigenous secret Act8

(this is only a drawing because i don't have the programming skills to construct it yet, and I don't have a camera, so couldn't make a mock-up and photograph it. so drew picture in MS paintbrush.)

From an evolutionary perspective, mankind is still immature; industrialized humankind, balancing tenuously between the ecosystems of the world and non-technological/indigenous cultures, is still more immature. The North American Hopi First Nations tribe, and the South American Kobi First…


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"I love that you've brought this to attention. An extensive database of uncommon but resistant and hardy plants/foods could be developed and organized by climate. Ease of growth and processing should also be taken in to account. I will try to…"
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Fourth of July on the Lake

This past weekend was the annual celebration at the lake house in Connecticut. It is amazing that the lake is still so clear and beautiful after all these years. The watershed association has done a wonderful job protecting these waters from the damaging effects of development.The wood grill was finally ready to cook on, so we didn't miss the propane tank fueled grill anymore. The food actually tasted fresher than in the past and was easy to keep fueled.Dad was very proud of the solar hybrid…See More
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Stinging Nettle

In this blog post I will focus on a plant that is abundant in our nature, and which is immensely nutritious. It's of course the Stinging Nettle. Let's start with the chemical constituents of this plant:37 % Non-Nitrogen-Extracts19 - 29 % Ash9 - 21 % Fiber4 % Fat22 % ProteinOnce the leaves are drid, their protein content can reach an astounding 40 %, which is much higher than beef, which even under the best of circ**stances can never exceed 31 % protein. In addition the Stinging Nettle consists…See More
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The meal

It is 7'oclock, I was late home from work due to an assignment that i wanted to get ahead on. By the time I get home I am feeling extremley tired and I cannot be bothered to make a proper meal. I walk to the fridge and open it to see what there is for me to eat. All of the out of date foodstuffs have been automaticaly thrown away by the fridge, they will be recycled tomorrow as animal feed or something. I see i have organic local eggs and some local cheese. Foods are vacc** sealded for easy…See More
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FutureToday is 2020/1/1. It is just like yesterday. The war is still continuing. It has started since 2010. In 2010, that year was a horrible year. Almost every energy ran out. Every country’s governments were crushed down at the same time. There were riots everywhere. All of the big company’s bosses were killed xdeadx in the riots. Troops fought each other everywhere. Food was bought up xawayx at once. There were no more food supplies in any shops. The economy was all crushed down. All the…See More
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public servants

The exchange works directly for state and public workers and servants. It gives them credit in exchange for the amount of public work they contribute to the community. The more constructive they are based off a base rate the more credit they recieve.
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