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I have been a sick puppy. It's no secret that I am scrambling to catch up with everything in my life - including my EVOKE missions! I pondered how I could create a currency, barter for skills etc. and it made my head spin. And then I thought about the little flat of tomato seedlings I have yet to plant. For my Act5 I am going to give John Shea my tomato plants along with the knowledge of how to plant them in a grow box. Here is a picture of my husband helping me to build my grow boxes. You…


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LEARN5 MONEY - Catherine Austin Fitts and the Popsicle Index

When it comes to the reality of money, there is no one more intriguing than Catherine Austin Fitts, the former Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner. She is an expert and outspoken researcher and former government insider who exposed the finanical aspects of the War on Drugs and how deeply the extremely profitable illegal global drug trade is, and how major and indepensible the illicit profits are to the global financial markets.…


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IMAGINE4 World Water Day - Charity Water

My project for World Water day was to intitiate a Charity Water page for my birthday!


(I became ill and I'm just now catching up on my posts!)

Please feel free to donate a dollar or two to celebrate my 56th birthday by bringing water to someone who…


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ACT4 World Water Day - The Hunger Project and my own efforts

I've been following the growth and impact of The Hunger Project for over 33 years. What started out as one woman's stand to end global hunger through empowerment of local peoples has also made a big impact on the availability of water for consumption and sanitation. As always, the heart of this humanitarian work is to foster possibility and solutions through community agreement and participation.

If I were their Evoke agent, I would simply…


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Young people create new life and lush urban garden in former Kibera waste dump

This is so inspiring - true innovation and it can be applied anywhere - we are all desperate for a shift in permaculture and sustainability!

"It took the Kibera Youth Reform Group ust 105 days from the time they started clearing a site that was waist-deep in garbage to the first harvest of vegetables from a lush green garden that is the first of its kind in Africa’s largest slum. The Kibera Youth Reform Organic Garden, which now feeds 30 families and also…


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LEARN3 Zero waste agriculture

A farmer typically produces multiple crops to sell, and yet only 25-40% of his crop (grain, fruits etc.) are marketed, leaving the rest (agricultural waste) to burn in the fields. Any farm in the world produces agricultural waste even if the main food crop fails. The potential for farmers to benefit by selling crop waste (biomass) for energy is staggering.

Biomass is a viable and sustainable energy source for a number of reasons.…


Added by Linda Holt on April 4, 2010 at 12:23am — 1 Comment

LEARN4 The Hunger Project is EMPOWERING women to bring water to their villages!

"More people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war. These deaths are an affront to our common humanity, and undermine the efforts of many countries to achieve their development potential." -Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General, United Nations

My Hero Is Werner Erhard and I have been following how is work is impacting innovation in sustainable living. One of the organizations that was born out of his work is The Hunger Project. I have written…


Added by Linda Holt on March 29, 2010 at 6:37pm — 1 Comment

African & South American Big Ideas

phenyo makokwe

m planning on creating something simple first of all the garden ida is a very great idea and what i plan doing is to go to all the old people in my community whereas i would go to they houses every 2days and check on the gardens for them which will be a tomato and mielies which could result in a long term project and when they need money for certain things…


Added by Linda Holt on March 28, 2010 at 10:30am — 4 Comments

My Hero - My Nephew Alex

My nephew Alex is one of my heroes - He is being the change we want to see! Alex graduated from the San Francisco Art Intitute and is an incredibly talented artist -

He works tirelessly for Greenpeace - making a difference for the planet & it's inhabitants

He's travelled the world and made friends ~ He really cares about…


Added by Linda Holt on March 24, 2010 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

IMAGINE3 - A Special Day in May. . .

A warm breeze drifts through my little garden retreat, the pergola illuminated by moonlight and solar orbs

and scented with honeysuckle, jasmine and datura. I sit in the place of honor, dressed in cotton and silk, dyed violet with the juice of bluberries. . . I am 66 years old today, and content that the cottage I have loved for over thirty years is a sustainable, living legacy I can leave to my granddaughters.

Who would have thought you could do so much with so little?…


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ACT3 Solar-powered Drip Irrigation System

As my Act 3 innovation, I am going to build and implement a solar powered drip irrigation system using:

PV Solar Panel (12V)

12V Deep cycle solar/marine battery

12V Pump

Tubing to carry the water

I already have a rain barrel to use as the main water tank to store rainwater runoff from my roof and plan to implement a greywater tank as well. The…


Added by Linda Holt on March 24, 2010 at 3:00am — 2 Comments

Vineyard Community Garden - It's On!!!!!!!!!

I had my first meeting regarding the Vineyard Community Garden. I met with the director of the Highpoint Community Center, a community leader who is interested in spearheading the fund drive, and the pastor of the Vineyard Church. It was simply incredible. Armed, with information that I gained during my Evoke learning, and the willingness to allow things to unfold as they would, I walked away with agreement and a go-ahead to put together a development plan - and permission to…


Added by Linda Holt on March 24, 2010 at 1:20am — 4 Comments

LEARN3 Wally Minto & the Minto Wheel

I met Wallace Minto, a visionary innovator in 1978. I was fortunate to actually see the Minto Wheel working prototype and listened to Wally explain the principles behind it. I have never forgotten this brilliant, humble man who wanted to share his inventions with mankind.

The Minto Wheel is not a new idea. This simple yet clever heat engine was first presented to the public by Popular Science, Scientific American, Mother Jones, and other sources back in the 1970's. Simply…


Added by Linda Holt on March 22, 2010 at 3:00am — 1 Comment

Evoking in Real Life

Today I:

Went strawberry picking at a farm in Myaaka City, Florida


And then, I wrote a letter to the Judge who is over Little John's case. He is the young man my husband and I took care of while his father was gravely ill. I wrote about him in this blog:…


Added by Linda Holt on March 21, 2010 at 5:34am — 4 Comments

Arctic-Paleo Diet

Undertaking a bit of research to help Evoke Agent Nate B with his excellent challenge to come up with an innovation that creates nutritious food but does it in a respectful manner that is culturally sensitive and completely inclusive utilizing not only dominant culture but also the people from a remote hypothetical Arctic community in the process.…


Added by Linda Holt on March 19, 2010 at 8:18pm — 2 Comments

IMAGINE2 - 2020 - Dinner at the Vineyard

It is March in 2020 and I am hosting the Vineyard Community Garden's Annual Spring Planting Dinner. There are over 50 people in attendance and all of them have grown with this project, in knowledge and in Spirit! The project started out with three women who had a dream to transform their community through a micro-enterprise centered around a community garden project. When we started, we knew little about sustainable gardening and had no resources to speak of. With every step in the building…


Added by Linda Holt on March 19, 2010 at 7:00am — 3 Comments

Bread For the World - World Hunger Report - Excellent Knowledge Source

Excellent overview and analysis:

There is ample proof that large gains can be made in the fight against hunger, poverty and disease. Contrary to what sometimes seems like a never-ending stream of bad news, the situation appears much more positive once we step back to gain a broader perspective. Since 1980, the percentage of people in the developing world living in extreme poverty has fallen from one in two to one in four. A cursory look…


Added by Linda Holt on March 17, 2010 at 5:12am — 1 Comment

Creating a Viable Farming Model for a Local Food System

This is a great, thorough article on sustainable gardening - one of the best I've come across. I know that there have been many looking for "beginner's insight" and this writing is so succinct and engaging that I am just linking it instead of reiterating it! I've bookmarked it as a sort of Evoke manifesto on sustainable business models - Good stuff!

Biodynamic methods offer great hope for healing the earth and for the future of…


Added by Linda Holt on March 16, 2010 at 2:30am — 6 Comments

Morning Star Fishermen - Attaining sustainability and teaching others to do the same.

Morning Star Fishermen is a brilliant example of the Evoke Power of sustainability from my neck of the woods. I believe that their example provides both local insight and an incredible opportunity to other Agents in the Evoke network!

They are a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1993 by Hans Geissler and his wife, Sigrid. They bring in people from Central America to teach them sustainable methods of raising Tilapia, but more than…


Added by Linda Holt on March 14, 2010 at 2:00am — 6 Comments

For those who are starting a garden. . .

I have come across a site that offers a wealth of information as well as heirloom, open pollinated seed at very reasonable prices. It's one of the best sites I've found so far:


I think I will send them an email and let them know avout Urgent Evoke!

Added by Linda Holt on March 13, 2010 at 10:41pm — 3 Comments

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Fourth of July on the Lake

This past weekend was the annual celebration at the lake house in Connecticut. It is amazing that the lake is still so clear and beautiful after all these years. The watershed association has done a wonderful job protecting these waters from the damaging effects of development.The wood grill was finally ready to cook on, so we didn't miss the propane tank fueled grill anymore. The food actually tasted fresher than in the past and was easy to keep fueled.Dad was very proud of the solar hybrid…See More
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FutureToday is 2020/1/1. It is just like yesterday. The war is still continuing. It has started since 2010. In 2010, that year was a horrible year. Almost every energy ran out. Every country’s governments were crushed down at the same time. There were riots everywhere. All of the big company’s bosses were killed xdeadx in the riots. Troops fought each other everywhere. Food was bought up xawayx at once. There were no more food supplies in any shops. The economy was all crushed down. All the…See More
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The exchange works directly for state and public workers and servants. It gives them credit in exchange for the amount of public work they contribute to the community. The more constructive they are based off a base rate the more credit they recieve.
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