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What Happens Next?

I liked the idea of Evoke a lot but there are a few changes that I would suggest:

  1. Evoke should be more international: haveing people from all over the world tackeling the worlds problems may result in many different views on a certain problem. People from Africa would probably see an african problem a lot different then people from germany do
  2. Evoke should be more individual: I don't feel like haveing every agent tackeling the same…

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Evoke Manifesto

Evoke brings the power of changing the world to everybody. In Evoke you have to tackle missions about social problems and come up with solutions. Thinking about your own solutions and reading others creates great ideas for global problems.

When you join the Evoke network you become an official Evoke agent. As an Evoke agent you have special powers like knowledge, local insight or vision. As you create more and more solutions for global problems you gain more and more powers and so…


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risk = hazard + outrage

I chose the Covering Risk secret. In this article Peter Sandman writes about risks and how people see them. He splits up risk into hazard and outrage and explains what he means by this. Outrange basicly is the peoples reaction. It describes how upset or affraid they get about a certain risk. Hazard on the other side is the actual scientific risk to kill or hurt people or the environment. I think that it does make total sense to make this distinction. Especially during crisis people tend to…


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It's 2086 and I'm 100 years old now. Since I've probably lived a great part of my live I'll tell my grandchildren and of course everybody else to simply enjoy it. In the end it really doesn't matter if your rich or famous. What does matter is how you've spent the time you had and if you enjoyed it! Helping people that aren't a fortunate as we are in the western civilization brings joy and it helps them to enjoy their lifes. But there are also many things to do around here to help people to…


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Coastal Zone Management at Kung Krabaen Bay, Eastern Thailand

I picked the study about coastal zone management at kung krabaen bay in eastern Thailand. At kung krabean bay there are very rare coastal woodlands, mangrove forests and coastal forests. Since 1981 the Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center tries to find ways to help the people who life there and to save the precious nature at the same time. Mangrove forests are naturaly rare because they only exist in areas that provide the correct conditions. The main thing they did to protect the…


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Ushahidi - urgent information in a

There are several possible crises that could happen in Germany. To get an image of what could happen you can just look back a few years. There was the elbe flood. Something like Ushahidi would have been very usefull at this crises, because people were traped on their roof waiting for help, but the helping forces of course had to find them first. With Ushahidi the people that were looking for help could have easily postet their location online and it would have been a piece of cake to rescue…


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to educate a girl

I chose the post on education for girls:


It's about two filmmakers who traveled to Nepal and Uganda in 2010 to find the answer to one question: What does it take to educate a girl? In 2000, 110 million children in the world were not in school and two thirds of them were girls. I looked up the film…


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Have you ever heard of the new paying system for german railroads? You have to register for it, for example at the following webpage:


After that you can check in useing your cellphone at the railroad station where you want to take off. When u arrived at your final destination you just check out in the same way useing your cellphone. After that you automaticaly pay for your travel. I belive that these types of…


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WaterAid Cracker Challenge

What i've found is not that much of a new technique that helps people to get drinking water, but it's a great way to get some attention to this subject:


Eating 6 salty crackers within one minute drys your mouth so much, that one can easily experience how it is to live without water. The dryness in your mouth is so intense, that you can totally…


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Take me to the farthest shore

Building offshore wind turbines pose several engineering challenges due to the demanding environmental conditions. But offshore turbines produce more electricity because the winds tend to flow at higher speeds than onshore winds. It's a great chalange to build those wind turbines but software such as MD Adams and MD Nastran, developed by MSC Software, helps to simulate the complex physics.…


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Die Tafel Germany

I'm in Germany, where nobody really has to be hungry. But just because from the politically view nobody has to be hungry it would be naive to belive that nobody is hungry. People in very different situations and for many different reasons can definitely have to less money to afford food. Even in a country like germany. Thats why there are organisations like "Die Tafel". They live completely from money and especialy food donations. Restaurants and supermarkets can donate food that is still…


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favourite secret

As many others allready said I also belive that all of the secrets are good and right. But one secret that pops out for me is to provide skills and not just finished technologies. I think this is a great example of how to help third world countries. It simply helps them to become more independent of others instead of just needing help again and again when they are provided with the plain solutions. The skill of how to solve a problem by yourself is a lot more worth than the plain solution.…


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Ben Rattray

The hero i have choosen is Ben Rattray, the founder of www.change.org. I chose Ben because i found his project (change.org) very inspirable. Change.org empowers people to create real change in their communities, cities, or even countries. People from all over the world can start campaigns on Change.org to fight for issues they care about. The Change.org team works to mobilize people to help them win. We all know that many people can easily make a…


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In 2022

In 2022 I'll be helping to change the world providing new technologies that are useful and useable for everybody in the world. I'm thinking of technologies that helps people to interact with others to create a worldwide peaceful community. The internet is a great start towards this, but i feel like theres a lot more potential in it. More communication and education can really make this world a better and more peaceful place. Modern technologies have the abilities to make this happen. Working…


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