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Episode 1 Season 2



"Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel" After the game is before the game – German phrase



Last three panels of episode 009 on top.


Closeup of Alchemy's face burried in his hands.




One year later


MODERATOR1: (in spanish) Again the group Evoke saved the day ...

PANEL… Continue

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Evoke Manifesto

The Evoker are a group of people who worked hidden so far. This will change now!

The only task an evoker has is to work together with other Evokers to change the world and save it from catastrophes. For that they work as near to the crisis centers as possible.

For Evokers it is not enough to solve a problem and then just vanish again. They work different. They solve the problems and try to keep it solved for as long as possible.

To reach that goal they work… Continue

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The following text was written by me for a Seminararbeit. It's only aviable in German.

Evoke Seminararbeit

1 Einleitung

1.1 Das Online-Planspiel Evoke

Diese Seminararbeit befasst sich mit dem Online-Planspiel Evoke. In ihm gilt es wöchentlich sowohl Quests, als auch Missionen zu erfüllen.

1.1.1 Das Comic

Einleitend gibt es jede Woche ein Comic, dass die Geschichte von einer kleinen Gruppe von Aktivisten erzählt. Diese heißen Evoker und… Continue

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My call for action

If a pandemic crisis would hit Germany i would try to get alot of engineers, biologists and scientists in general connected to each other. They could then provide ideas regarding filters for water and air or help in keeping a clear environment.

There also have to be some journalists, who provide the feedback to the public. There has to be a way to let people ask and get information by calling. In addition to that the massmedia has to keep trying to spread the true and real knowledge… Continue

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Covering Risk

Let’s take the concept of risk and divide it in half: Let’s consider the technical side of risk—whether it’s likely to kill you, hurt you, or damage the ecosystem. Let’s call that “hazard.”

Let’s take the other half of risk—the culture half of risk rather than the scientific half—that is, whether it’s likely to upset you, anger you, or frighten you. Let’s call that “outrage.”

This makes the formula: risk = hazard + outrage.

When i read… Continue

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Time Capsule

I already made a time capsule when i was a kid. Was pretty funny.

It was when we made a new wall in our home. We used wood as the base to put the stones around later on. On that wood i wrote some lines before we sealed it with stones and put the paper on it.

Sadly i cant take a photo because then i had to tear off the paper from the wall ...

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With 100 years ...

With 100 years i will most likely tell the environment about when the internet was still young or not even there yet.

Most of the people probably wont believe me when i tell them, that there was a time without twitter, blogs and social networks.

In that time the internet and especialy wikipedia grew into the biggest global knowledge database possible. Google helped by scanning every book out there. They use their streetview technic to creat a virtual library. That makes… Continue

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Traditional Knowledge: There are problems in that thinking ...

The problem in the thinking of letting people own the animals is, that those people have to be able to forsee consequences.

A friend of mine has a father who works in Angola. There the poor people got alot of seeds to help them grow groceries and put field into their custody. The goal was to fight the hunger in that region not only for today and tomorrow, but for the next months and years.

Instead of building those fields, putting the seeds in them and let the plants grow… Continue

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GAU in Germany

After the accident in F**ushima (Japan) questions were also what happen, if in Germany we had a nuclear accident.

Shortnews brought an article about that:


In it they state, that Germany has a stock of 5.5 million of Iod-pills. If they are taken the body has too much Iod and… Continue

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Ushahidi - a firsthelper's guide

I think Ushahidi is a great system. As that one video already mentioned it helps to fill the information vacuum that occures especialy the first 24-48 hours after a catastrophy.

The best thing is, that everybody can use it and everybody is able to use it intuitively.

Just sending a SMS, a MMS, a Mail or any other kind of communication to inform, what's happening in somebody's sorrounding.

In Germany it's very unlikely that we have any catastrophes: We neither… Continue

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Women in 2020

There are two options for them:

Either their country allows them to live a free life where they can choose their own way of living or they live in a country which gives them the chance to go to these social campaigns but in the end still aren't accepted by the general society in their country.

Usualy things like that dont change in 8 years ... it need alot more time to make people accept something that changed.

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Why only girls?

There is always the shouting for equal rights, but i think lately it's more that the men are discriminated ...

Women get pretty often special programms or special offers in jobs ... in the end all equality is gone

That shouldn't happen at all, equality means that instead of giving the one or the other a bonus there should simply made no difference between genders at all.

In the introduction of this mission it is said that

If you can raise $30…

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Japan Needs Heroes

I chose to support this project:


It's a great idea and somehow it kinda fits Evoke pretty well.

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A world that needs no money

I liked the idea of the Star Trek Universe alot: Since they were able to produce any food and had enough of energy there was no need for money anymore.

Maybe in the future we will also be able to archive that. The only thing that will let people move forward is the wish to actually help the human race to reach further goals.

But until then i guess money will never be fully secure. You just have to look at the financial markets and the highly depted governments of alot of… Continue

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Paint in water

In 2020 there will probably be water only provided by big companies. I would try to contact them and get them to put non-toxic paint in their water for two to three days. Like that people will notice for what things they use their water and might think again if they really go on with that. For example they will note that they dont have to watch their clothes every single day. They can gather it and wait until they have a full washing maschine before washing. They will also see that when they… Continue

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How to get your own waterfilter in Germany

As already mentioned in my LEARN4 post, there is a guide at http://www.grandpappy.info/wwater.htm that provides an instruction how to build a cheap water filter. I dont live in the USA and therefore that guide doesn't help me at all.

So i checked where else i might be able to get some waterfilters and i noticed that they are pretty cheap already here (probably because Germany never faced a water shortage).

To get a little… Continue

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How to survive without water

After some research i was able to find this amazing site: http://www.grandpappy.info/wwater.htm

It is a project, that gives simple and good understandable information about how to find and save water in emergencies and how to behave in such a situation.

It even shows an instruction for a very cheap homemade water collector and water filter ... two essential things if you have to survive over a longer period of time… Continue

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Bloomboxes for every household and usage of more LED light

As i already showed in the LEARN3 video there are those things called Bloomboxes. Maybe not exactly those but maybe the next generation already will be used for most of the stationary powers. Every house has it's own Bloombox that produces enough energy for the wh*** household.

When people will celebrate at 2020 with that much efficient power they can use big LED-videoscreens. And since LEDs are pretty low on current-usage and therefore very efficient they can light the wh***… Continue

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Movement = Kinetic Energy

Maybe it's possible to use the "movement" with which i let my wireless mouse move over my table. For that there just has to be a little ball inside that is connected to a little dynamo causing it to spin whenever the mouse is moved. Or i could use the heat that is building up by sliding over the table/mousepad. But for that i doubt that the produced heat is high enough.

There are also already microcurrent generators in development that are able to produce current even by very little… Continue

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Humanitary School Project (Support Die Tafel)

I took place in a project called Humanitary School. It was set up by the Red Cross to help one week a local humanitary product, produce a presentation about it and show it on a meeting where many schools from all over Germany gathered. We helped a company called Die Tafel. Many people work there for free, drive to many supermarkets and ask if they can get the food that wasn't sold and would be thrown away anyway.

By doing that they gathered alot of food that they distributed to the… Continue

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public servants

The exchange works directly for state and public workers and servants. It gives them credit in exchange for the amount of public work they contribute to the community. The more constructive they are based off a base rate the more credit they recieve.
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