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Learn 6 Empowering women- Sexual Violence

I have come to this day for a purpose. I am not here to elevate fear. I am hear to help women fear less. The thing that most people need to know is that rape and other physical abuses are the most common problem for women and young children. As I have said before just about all the women I know have had someone molest them at one time are the other. I want women and children to know that they can arm themselves with knowledge and learn to keep an eye out for those who would hurt them.Because I can not give them all a weapon (and oh how i wish that I could) I will arm them with the only thing I can give and that is knowledge.. I have noticed that there are some similarities to the rape crisis in the Congo and other areas of Africa to the one in America . In Africa the rate is like one out of three women is raped. Some boys
interviewed said that 'jackrolling' - a South African term for
recreational gang rape - was fun. The girls, of course said that their situation was intolerable
and I have found that rape is the fastest growing crime in the world today with the US as the country with the one of the highest number of reported incidents. One of every four women that attend college has been either raped or suffered from an attempted rape. We have a problem with date rape in the US and spousal abuse as well. A woman is raped, at a minimum every minute. On average, 1,871 rapes occur every day, however, 85% of all rapes are never reported. It is believed that the number of rapes in the US may be as high as 500,000 per year. These acts of violence are perpetrated against women of all ages (no woman is too young or too old for a rapist). In fact three out of five rapes that occur are against women under the age of 18, while three out of every ten victims are under the age of 11. The most scary part is that of all the rape incidents only 22% are actually done by strangers, while friends, acquaintances and or members of the victim’s family perpetrate the other 78% (usually at someone’s home vs. a dark alley).

1.Be alert! Keep looking around and be sure to be aware of your surroundings and who is in them. Watch out for people who are invading your space do not be afraid to say no! They do not care what you feel so do not be afraid to say no when you mean no and yes when you mean yes.
2.Any man is a potential rapist.
3.Family, friends and acquaintances are most likely to rape.
4.Be very confident of yourself and evoke a strong confidence. The ones that rape want an easy mark.
5.Be careful who you drink with because there is a link between alcohol and rape
6.You do have the choice to dress as provocative as you like and drink all you want but just know that this puts you at higher risk for getting raped.
7.Always travel in pairs. do not go out alone. In some areas always go with a friend day or night.
8.If you feel like something is wrong, TRUST THAT FEELING!. Find the police, an authority figure, Get away.
9.Make sure you stay where it is lit well. Rapists do not want to be seen! If it is dark and you are alone and unarmed be careful.
10. Make sure you stay around a crowd you are less likely to get raped if lots of people are around
11.If some one attacks you make as much noise as possible and run away as fast as you can. Here in the US more people will hear you if you cry out FIRE instead of rape. They respond quickly to fire. (I do not know if this is true in other countries but i wouldn't doubt it).
12.Whether you decide to resist a rapist is an intensely personal decision that no one can second-guess. There could be situations where you might decide not to resist and allow someone to rape you. It’s your call, and there should be no guilt associated with that decision “You can survive a rape.” Survival is the primary consideration. However, YOU MUST REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY !!

Parents. Always know who the people are that are taking care of your children. In countries where names are put on clothing this is a big mistake for children. Anyone can call them by their name seen on their shirt, shoes or book-bag. Always trust you intuition, if you think a person is bad they probably are.
I know that there are other considerations to think of in other countries but I can only report what I am familiar with.
I would reccommend reading The Gift of Fear by Gavin Debecker. He knows how the abusers and stalkers think. I give this to all of my friends.


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Comment by Michele Baron on April 28, 2010 at 3:30am
needed info, good post, good link to Gavin Becker's book. Thank you for the post
Comment by Lauren Chiodo-Benmuvhar on April 28, 2010 at 3:50am
This is good advice for all women! Everyone really, but especially women, as they are more often the victims of rape. When taking my last self-defense class, I learned that at easy way to incapacitate your attacker is to use your thumb to hook an eyeball out. Sounds gross, but I can tell you from experience that it works. Something about one of someone's eyeballs hanging out of their head makes it hard for them to continue attacking. Maybe because they are seeing two things at once? LOL!
Comment by Iron Helix on April 28, 2010 at 4:15am
Quote: 2.Any man is a potential rapist.

This saddens me. Do you really believe that?
Comment by Gabriel Martin on April 28, 2010 at 5:26am
@Helix, Being male, we cant really relate. I think this is a perspective that deserves sensitivity both here and with friends, now that I see things from a new perspective, a female one. Essentially our sex is the root of our inability to relate and the reason that said belief has never crossed either of our minds, but in another person's skin, the threat of a rapist is very real. For me at least, I know that I cannot relate, but rather than disagree outright, I appreciate the shared perspective, and accept that this is something consider for 1 in 4 women.
Comment by Iron Helix on April 28, 2010 at 5:36am
Bollocks. Men get raped too. I don't go around thinking all men are out to rape me.
Comment by Iron Helix on April 28, 2010 at 5:37am
Eh, I phrased that badly. But you get my point.
Comment by Gabriel Martin on April 28, 2010 at 5:50am
Iron could you please just have an opinion and stick with it? *I mean, whenever someone challenges your opinion you turn into a side flipper. I was expecting as much. grin)
Comment by Iron Helix on April 28, 2010 at 5:55am
I almost didn't realize you were being sarcastic.
Comment by Iron Helix on April 28, 2010 at 6:08am
Quote: Rape crisis centres have used the phrase "all men are potential rapists" to remind women to be careful around aquaintances as well as strangers. It's an unfortunate construction, as it can be taken to imply that each _individual_ man has the capacity for rape. In fact it's meant to be taken as "you could potentially be raped by someone you know".

I'm going to assume that was what was meant and drop the subject.
Comment by Edwige Lelievre on April 28, 2010 at 8:17am
My personal advice about selft defense : target the nose :p Everyone can do that, and it stuns really fast, so it is a good thing before running (if you don't want to hurt, do it with your hand open, if you don't mind, use closed fist)

I don't consider all male as potential rapist honestly. But I am still very careful : friend or unknown person, I don't allow anybody to touch me (except my boyfriend and doctors :p) or I use the technique mentioned above. So sometimes friends suffered this, but it is also a better thing for male/female friendship I think, not to came too close physically.

Anyway, the largest part of men won't never do or think of it, so it is quite unfair to think that. I think education has something to do with that : if a man finds himself superior to a woman, and think that he has the right to use the woman's body, because she belongs to him (like a pet really), then he is a potential rapist. I don't believe that men considering women as equal and free persons would ever rape someone, even if they feel a deep desire. It is also about respecting the others in general.


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