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Act 8 Save an indigenous knowledge- pictograms My story by sunnydupree

hello My fellow Agents

I made a pictogram based on some examples that I found online. Unfortunately I do not have the link for it and I am hoping to find it so you can see more examples of pictography or pictograms. I have based my work of art on the following poem taken from Hiawatha.
These are the major pictograms that were used
I utilized a rabbit fur because I couldnt afford bison!!! The plains Indians would write stories on wood, trees, rocks and skins. I would like to note that I am a small part cherokee it is in my blood and am proud to have that heritage.

I put my story on the rabbit skin and bound it with a leather strap

For the earth he drew a straight line
For the sky a bow above it
white the space between for daytime
Filled with little stars for nighttime
On the left a point for sunrise
On the right a point for sunset
on the top a point for noontide
And for rain and cloudy weather wavy lines descending from it.

This is the story inside the rabbit fur

there is a purpose for everything in that picture

Ok so the sun is me! I actually lfet out the indication of sign that would connect it to me but i thought people would get it being that I am Sunny.

The oval shape is the Great Spirit Everywhere the one that has the dot in the middle and the four nubs on it

So the moon to the right is the planting moon which means May and the dark circles connected by teh lines mean the 7th so i made this the 7th of may

So the main drawing is from the hiawatha poem that I quoted

You see the arc in the sky is the bow to represent sky

The line to represent earth below

The mark on the left to indicate sunrise

The mark on the right to indicate sunset

The middle mark in the sky to show noontide

The rain with the wavy lines decending from the cloud

On the right the arc dotted and with stars represents night time

The right hand tee pee is the medicine tee pee

The tree that comes to the left of it is symbol for an old tree

The teepee to the left is a symbol of plenty of food

The man the pregnant woman is a pictogram i made myself and she is holding another child

The symbol of the running horses for freedom

And then the corn crop for food

The three "crosses in the sky" are geese

The triangle shapes are mountains so all things good inside the bow and arc of the earth!

I made up the water pictogram myself and there are a few fish in there if you look
i wanted to show what is precious

so here is the message that I learned from doing Urgent evoke
Oh the Cross on the left hand side represents my Christianity!

Ok so you see the big head and it looks like it is throwing up? There on the left
that means intense talking!!!
I talked intensely about Direction which it the first three figures,I was seeking direction and moving!

The next symbol is me as woman opeing her heart so that she could hear

The hearing symbol is the one with the figure with wavy lines coming out either side of its head
ok so the man symbol is next cause I had to listen to man as in human

The next symbol means wise man because I spoke to many wise people

Because of the schism on Evoke people getting mad and getting booted
I drew the next symbol of the Indian and the soldier which represent making peace

So the next symbo
l is the feather which means Power

There was great power in making peace so that led to a treaty (of sorts) so people would move on to do more great thing which the cross pipes and the two figures means

At that time I was thrown into great doubt about what I was doing on Evoke and realized how important it really was to me but I freaked out and almost
The next symbol is two hands are thrown up in supplication for help,,,many agents helped encourage me I moved on and did that post about the bomb shelter~! So I threw up supplication to the Lord and my friends Oh my I needed help!!! I froze~~
The next picto is Discovery!!!!!! cause I just went forward and broke through the wall and made the post of the
bomb shelter and came up with this idea of the pictograms and I even
went out and took pictures and video at an eco village for the course!

i really like this next part
So the three dudes together with the hair sticking up are all of the same tribe just as we are of the same tribe on evoke

The dude sitting down with the pipe represents the sociaizing that we did as a tribe

The symbol next to him is the watercarrier symbol which struck a nerve with people and how horrible it was for women and children to have to work so hard to carry water

The next symbol is inspiration because all of the other things that I had done on evoke inspired me

That included the recycle pictogram

The water pictogram (I came up with that one) cause water is a precious resource

And the pole with the three arms on it represents wind farms

The very last one the hand means I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in regards to the art and finishing the program!!!!!

Thanks to Michele Baron for the lending of her EAR!!!!! my fellow tribeswoman!!!

Grace and peace Sunnydupree


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Comment by Michele Baron on May 10, 2010 at 4:59am
great post, very evocative, sunny. I love how you merged ancient and new, heritage, history and hope for future in your pictogram rabbit skin and blog explanation. good evoking!!
Comment by A.V.Koshy on May 10, 2010 at 8:55am
lol oh my it is pretty good
good going sunny
hope your post gets as much attnetion as it deserves
Comment by sunnydupree on May 10, 2010 at 6:30pm
I hope so too! I really enjoyed making it!
Comment by sunnydupree on May 10, 2010 at 6:31pm
spread the word!!!!
Comment by Julio Cesar Corona Ortega on May 11, 2010 at 3:49am
Great post, Sunny. I love all the meanings and iconography you put into the cloth. :)
Comment by sunnydupree on May 11, 2010 at 5:25am
Thank you Julio!!


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