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A end to negative sum thinking needs to occur and in the year 2020 perhaps this idea will come to broader understanding. What is negative sum? What is positive sum? Zero sum?

A zero sum situation refers to a situation where nothing is gained or lost from a system. There is perfect balance. A negative sum situation, which is what most agriculture and farming is now, is where something is lost from the system. In this case a plot of forest is lost so that cows may graze for dairy or meat purposes.

Zero sum farming can take place via permaculture. Beyond zero sum, a positive sum can occur when it is done properly.

I want to see a greater number of farms using permaculture so that the positives can start to have a sway on the negative sum farms throughout the world. This has an overall effect upon food supplies, making them more stable.

For further reference on permaculture you should probably check out Wikipedia as it presents a simple explanation with examples.


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