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There is a major issue which has not been addressed on the game at all, but literally effects every life on the planet: the toxic stew which is majorly exacerbated by the 100,000 +/- man-made chemicals on our planet. This includes toxins which heretofore have been viewed as inert, like plastics which are ever present in modern life. The problem is very insidious and almost hidden as it does not necessarily show up as cancers or diseases but affects our endocrine systems and ultimately our fertility, with the most notably deleterious effects showing up in our children or lack thereof. This issue has been studied for over 50 years and was mentioned in Rachel Carlson's Silent Spring--which set off the environmental movement--although we seemingly got caught up in the cancer paradigm and have ignored the larger much more societally and planetary relevant issue of toxins that mimic estrogen or that block the chemical messages in our DNA. Panamericana had put me onto this issue is the doc**entary: The Disappearing Male, and I have since investigated the information as reported in 1996 in the book Our Stolen Future by Colborn, Dumanoski and Myers.

Please understand that this topic may literally be the most important issue we must become aware of and internalize. We must cease our denial and look with unwavering eyes at our collective reality. Such a realistic a****sment can then assist us in seeing just how extremely out-of-balance our world is and then may help us to work toward true holistic means to rebalance first ourselves and our world.

After having studied various ancient traditions such as Taoism as is expressed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I realized that our world through history has been build from an extreme yang perspective. Chemicals (and drugs and alcohol) represent an extreme yin condition. The yin/yang symbol represents how energy is always in balance, so we can see the dangers in living in the extremes as we all have been doing under the androcentric model; resulting in us literally poisoning ourselves to death. It's time to reestablish a balance.

Take time to investigate the ancient traditions which understood life in an electromagnetic universe and how to establish and maintain equilibiurm. I found the information as presented from the Taoist understanding of energy as is represented by the yin/yang symbol quite easy to grasp with minimal effort. This understanding is the basis for Tradtional Chinese Medicine and other ancient systems of health which all sought the same goals of living in harmony with the natural world. We have long since forgotten the importance of such, and our world reflects it.

I have a blog (Izzy's Serious Humor) where you might find some resources which may greatly assist you in learning about how to reestablish balance. See my "Notes to Health and Nutrition Section" which is followed by some resources to get you started learning to reestablish your individual equilibrium and health. I have also written a few cursory articles; see blog "Labels," such as Health, Herbs, Energy, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and Yin/Yang.

For a brief introduction see my Evoke blog post: "Traditional Medicines: Our Collective pasts/our collective future"

Together we can reestablish balance on our earth, and all feel fine.

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Comment by Jeremy Laird Hogg on May 6, 2010 at 7:59pm
I think the notion of balance has gone out of vogue somewhat; and I also think that there is a
large population that tends to dismiss or get hard of hearing when an idea can be traced back a long time, eg thousands of years.

I see this as a problem, and attribute it to and vice of cynicism. I believe the vice of cynicism festers out of a desire to be seen as intelligent, and out of defense mechanisms protecting ones image of intelligence. Cynicism is the unsustainable brand of skepticism; healthy skepticism is part of a reasoned world view (the habit of investigating support), and people know that. And so there is the temptation to adopt a skeptical *conclusion* where-ever possible. This is not intelligent, because it skips the reasoning out part. I believe that between cynics, they tend to agree with all the conclusions of the most skeptical experts. Ironically, this fails to employ skepticism. Cynics throw in with skeptical *conclusions* because it makes them look like they're smart. But intelligent skepticism is only manifest in the *process*, and allows for arriving at any conclusion no matter how it sounds - like something someone said in something BC or that it will make them sound naive (to cynical ears, anyhow).

Also: thanks for the K.Share passed on from Panamericana. I've heard about that and should take a look.
Comment by Catherine Gentry on May 6, 2010 at 8:21pm
I understand the skepticism. I personally had over developed my intellectual brain without a good understanding the the intelligence of the right brain. This intelligence has been most dismissed throughout history as is noted here by Noble Price Winner Roger Sperry, “The main theme to emerge... is that there appear to be two modes of thinking, verbal and nonverbal, represented rather separately in left and right hemispheres respectively and that our education system, as well as science in general, tends to neglect the nonverbal form of intellect. What it comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere.”

As I began to connect with the type of intelligence as is represented by the right brain years ago, I read a lot of stuff that seemed crazy. The more I delved into the information and in fact began studying the ancient traditions, and heed the intelligence of my emotions (instincts and intuition) the more I found that the ancient wisdoms derived from a fundamental understanding of physics which we quite literally have only began (over my life time) to incorporate into our sciences--medicine, etc.

This video by Brain scientist Jill Bolte is quite interesting in understanding the differences between the two hemispheres. http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/jill_bolte_taylor_s_powerful_stro...

Bolte has also written a book about her experiences: My Stroke of Insight. Both the video and the book are excellent resources.

I believe that we can pull people along; perhaps kicking and screaming by somewhat repeating the information from differing dimensions. I am reminded that it takes up to 20 times, of being CONSCIOUS of something to change a habit. We've each (or perhaps most of us coming from the Western traditions more so than Eastern) habituated our left brain bias, and it will take at least that much exposure to change this habit.
Comment by Jeremy Laird Hogg on May 6, 2010 at 8:34pm
I have actually seen the stroke of insight video at least twice now... it's so powerful and different it makes me physically uncomfortable. It is definitely #1 most jaw-dropping on ted, hehe.

I love this quote:
"What it comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere"

When the right-brain is praised, it is often condescendingly praised, as if it's main function were to make horse-art for the fridge. I imagine that right-hemispheric thinking is passive-aggressively put down by praise much the same way that femininity was in the north american 50s: eg- women are important too! for cooking, ironing, etc... 'praise' that was giving disempowering lip service to the value of women. So too do I often find praise for creativity - giving it measly credit and at the end of the day revealing the opinion that it is the left brain that really knows what is right and good.
Comment by Catherine Gentry on May 6, 2010 at 8:47pm
@Jeremy. Absolutely, historically women have pretty much been relegated to their right brains with men living mainly in their left.(Of course, denying education to women, which was done quite effectively through the wh*** of history, perpetuated this imbalance as well. I am quite aware of the advances of women scholarship opening up an 180 degree dimension of knowledge; especially since the 1960's, when women in large numbers begin to access the institutions of higher learning as a result of the women's movement.) The resulting historical imbalances are demonstrative of each of our own individual imbalances--after all we each have two hemispheres.

Keep grappling with your discomfort; I've found it is through such that we might reach the most profound conclusions...on our way back to wisdom. I'm sure I've mentioned that the ancients recognized that wisdom was accessed not through the intellect, as we moderns assume, but through the emotions which are so closely associated with our physical being.
Comment by Ternura Rojas on May 6, 2010 at 8:50pm
Hello, I am have a PhD in natural sciences, specifically in Fodd Science and Technology. I just have to say that you would get sick if I start listing the pollutants that are poisoning us since the mining industry started in US for example well before 1776 :-)
Since 1930 every one of us on the surface of the earth are swallowing trace amounts of PCBs used as lubricants for power towers, it was used only in the US but the wh*** world got contaminated, it normally can be found in the sea and we eat the fish meat that ac**ulates such compound.
Another point: it is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of all the pollutants that have been released to the environment since the past few centuries.
So, Catherine THANK YOU, you are giving us hope with your advice, because we REALLY could make use of this knowledge.
Comment by Catherine Gentry on May 6, 2010 at 9:09pm
@Ternura. I'm glad you joined in the conversation. It certainly has been a long time in "evolving" to this point--and as you rightly point out the U.S. has a lot to answer for. I am reminded of the Pottenger Cat Studies I became aware of while researching various health issues over the years. Basically he found that by changing diet from debilitating, energyless foods back to natural diets, that within three generations, cats who had degenerated due to the deficient energies of their foods were fully recovered comparable to cats (which in his study) had never been subject to the deficiencies. From an energy perspective, I feel certain (especially once we begin to STOP the pollutants from being dispursed, that we can reblance as well. I've read of a Japanese doctor, practicing traditional medicines, who understanding energies had effectively treated his patients who had survived the atomic bombs in either Hiroshima or Nagasaki, in reestablishing a physical balance with diet and other. Chemicals are extreme yang, so he instructed them in acquiring an the extreme yang in order to balance. It'd be interesting to know of the physical follow up of these people, but frankly I wouldn't know where to look having read of this years ago.
Comment by Ternura Rojas on May 7, 2010 at 6:00am
Good morning Caternine, I also think it would be interesting to hear about people whose life is healthy and balanced thanks to the goodness of oriental medicine. As we learned back in mission 9 ;-) a great deal about the stories that we hear (or not hear) depends on the amount of information produced and also on the fact that journalists prefer bad news because they actually sell better.
I just have to say that since I became vegetarian my body works better and that I know a lot of customers of the Pharmacy that I work at who have tried alternative or oriental therapies and they feel better.
Thanks for sharing all these references, I also want to make my suggestions:
There are books from a French psychiatrist who did the phD in US and he offers a satisfactory scientific explanation (westernly directed for better assimilation, satisfactory for me as a scientist) of the oreintal methods which sucessfully treat those aches, pains, anxiety and even the grief that the western medicine is not able to address.
I am glad I am also able to say: "It's the end of the world (as we know it)...and I feel fine"
Comment by Catherine Gentry on May 7, 2010 at 3:29pm
Thanks Ternura, I watched the video about the book you referred me to...It seems excellent and is quite related to ancient wisdom as is expressed in Hippocrates "Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food." This was the basis of both Eastern and Western knowledge at one time.(I checked my local library and they do not carry that book, but I'll add the book to my list for further investigation.)

I've included a link to an article which I entitled the above quote by Hippocrates. It might serve as a primer for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and how energy works in regards to seasons, foods, flavors, etc.


Also I've included a link that references all my TCM articles under that Label from my blog. I would direct you to the 3 tables: "Foods Categorized by Yin and Yang," "5 Element Correspondences," and "Therapeutic Use of 5 Flavors." Without reading a lot on the topic the article and tables may begin to give you a working basis for understanding. Let me know how effective they are, because I can surely re-edit and/or write more.


I'd imagine such an understanding from an energy perspective could be very interesting in regards to your work. I have read of Chinese remedies (or prescriptions) which are hundreds of years old and still in use. I've not used Chinese herbs as the are largely unavailable where I life, but have for years become so attune to my body, that when experiencing a malady, will concoct my own herbal teas (from bulk herbs obtained from a local organic food store) and thus over time heal the symptoms and underlying causes of the dis-ease before they develop into health crises. It's fun and quite empowering. (Also herbs are inexpensive.)

I'm glad you're feeling fine too.
Comment by Chris Ke Sihai on May 7, 2010 at 3:55pm
You guys may be intereste to read this article, about how Chinese language is processed mostly in the right brain. This is news to most Chinese educators I know, because they 'learn' to teach from books written in the west.
Comment by Catherine Gentry on May 7, 2010 at 4:01pm
Wonderful, Chris. This is a really cool article, I'm so happy you shared it. I'm adding the link to my Facebook and blog for further reference.


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