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Development of small orchard model for livelihood security

[Given below is only brief EVOKATION (I could not post the full version because of character limit perhaps). Detailed EVOKATION may be seen at: EVOKATIONonLivelihoodSecurity.pdf]

Place of work

Rajaulatu village, Ranchi, Jharkhand state, India.

Background of EVOKATION area

Rajaulatu village is primarily inhabited by tribal (indigenous people) in Ranchi district of Jharkhand State. The area is endowed with a climatic condition that is conducive for successful cultivation of a diversity of horticultural crops. The wide product base, high volume of round the year production, strategic geographical location, high domestic demand, abundant sunlight and easy availability of labor at comparatively low cost make it an attractive place for investments in horticulture. The horticultural produce from the state especially fruits and vegetable have clinched a niche in the neighboring states for their quality and time of availability. The state produces about 3.39 million metric tonnes of different vegetables per annum with a surplus of more than 1 million metric tonnes. However, the present area under horticultural crops is little over 0.1 million hectare which constitute only 4.5% of total up land and medium land. The area under floriculture is meager. There lies immense scope for increase in production of different horticultural crops through area expansion and improving productivity.

Problem identification

From my own experience during my over eight years of stay in Jharkhand, I have seen the following vicious cycle which is the root of problem identification and my resolve to do something with this problem in the first opportunity:

Most of the fields are monocropped usually with upland rice with very poor productivity (less than one ton) and we call it 1t agriculture (one tone agriculture). This has created vicious cycle of selling a portion of rice and keeping another portion for household consumption. The money earned from the sale of portion is used for purchase of goat, chicken etc. After few months when the saved household portion of rice gets exhausted, the goat and hen/cocks are sold to meet household consumption. When those also get exhausted then they migrated to nearby town for working as labourer.


EVOKATION will be done in a pilot scale in Rajaulatu village in one acre with following objectives:

Short term objective:

To improve livelihood security and check migration from village through round the year income generation from small orchard model.

Long term objective:

To provide a development model for Eastern Indian Plateau with the scope for up-scaling throughout the developing world.

What is small orchard?

We envisage small orchard with 1acre area which will help in generating round the year engagement for farmers, thereby checks migration besides generating income round the year. The outer boundary of the orchard will be live fenced by Jatropha followed by inner row with Sarifa+Agave. After live fence, one row of Moringa (Sahajan) at 2.5 x 2.5 m spacing will be planted. This will be followed by mixed plantation of Papaya at 2.5 x 2.5m and lemon at 5 x 5 m. Interspaces to be used by arhar (Pigeon pea)/kulthi (Horse gram)/Vegetables (Cowpea/French bean/dhania Tomato/Chili)

Social impact of EVOKATION

Successful implementation of the EVOKATION will generate livelihood in the village itself round the year and hence migration will be stopped.

Steps to make the EVOKATION a success

The EVOKATION will be run in a participatory mode with maintenance and supervision by local farmers entirely, with support from Divyan Krishi Vigyan Kendra. I along with my team will focus on coordination and capacity-building.

Factors that may prevent the success of EVOKATION and ways to counter the same

Cattle grazing just after rice is harvested (villagers leave their cattle for open grazing) is a menace to have year round cultivation. Social fencing is the best fencing and we will enter in public commitment for this. Natural disaster, political instability or inter-village rivalry could prevent the successful expansion of this EVOKATION. We will go for crop insurance to counter these.

Impact and expected results of these actions over the next three years

Impact (short term)

· Food security achieved.

· Income generation improved.

· Poverty alleviation achieved.

· Sustainable development achieved.

· Gender issues addressed and women involved in economic activityand decision making.

Impact (Long term)

The long-term goal of the EVOKATION is to provide a development model for Eastern Indian Plateau. Additionally, the model can be up-scaled for use throughout the developing world.

Income (for three years only shown)











Average management

Good management

Average management




































Income from Jatropha will come after three years.

*After successful pilot scale EVOKATION, some of the farmers may opt for guava as an alternative to lemon; costing will be same; return will be from 2nd year.


EVOKATION will have non-monetary partnerships with Divyan Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ranchi (NGO) and Birsa Agricultural University. Water crisis in the summer months will be tackled through participatory irrigation management will also be promoted through benefit sharing mode.

Expenditure plan/revenue model

During the pilot phase of EVOKATION, the $1000 that will be received will be used for funding some portion for model development and the other portion, especially labour component will be sourced from NAREGA (Govt. of India scheme for National Rural Employment Guarantee Act). Another portion of EVOKATION fund will be used to purchase a laptop and for travel. The overall financial obligation of this EVOKATION is that the system pays for itself over time and that it will be self-sustaining. We expect that up-scaling will ultimately occur by diffusion of the technology and financing through NAREGA. read more ↓

Involvement of women

The EVOKATION was conceived for engaging women in monetory activity and hence, I believe it will help in women empowerment with time. Many phase of the model will be implemented, operated and maintained by women. Provision will be made for engagement of women in decision making and monitoring and evaluation of EVOKATION.

Detailed EVOKATION may be seen at: EVOKATIONonLivelihoodSecurity.pdf

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Comment by A.V.Koshy on May 10, 2010 at 10:55am
this is good pradip :)
Comment by Pradip Dey on May 11, 2010 at 4:59am
Dear Koshy,
Good day!
Thanks for your nice comments and encouragement with a +1ENTREPRENEURSHIP to my EVOKATION"EVOKATION on Livelihood Security".
Thank you once again.
With regards,
Pradip Dey
Comment by Ternura Rojas on May 13, 2010 at 4:33pm
Hello Pradip, it is me :-)
Ever since you have supporting info about your evokation in this post and in an external one. what I missed was a short pitch summarizing: place-problem-plan-numbers in one pharagraph, Remeber you have less than 20 seconds to catch the attention of the mentor and sell him/her your idea ;-)
Good luck!
Comment by Pradip Dey on May 17, 2010 at 1:00pm
Dear Ternura,
Good day!
Thanks for sharing your reflection on my EVOKATION.
I will certainly add a brief summary at the begining. Waiting for any other comments. Tomorrow I will finalise based on comments received.
May I request you to share about other improvements necessary as well as the quality of my EVOKATION please?
Thank you once again
With warm regards,
Pradip Dey


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