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EVOKE Season 2, Episode 1 motion comic script

One of the things I believe need to also evolve for Season 2 is presentation, and I think the comic book format needs to be improved upon. Perhaps not a fully fledged animation or live action productions, but maybe a "motion comic", akin to the work done by Budget Monk Productions with their masterpiece Broken Saints.

It is but a small improvement over the current format, but it provides for a more engaging experience. These motion comic webisodes should have a length of 5 to 10 minutes, and as a result of the media shift I am proposing, my script is a mixture between a TV and a Comic Book and a flash animation script.

So, without further ado, I present my first draft for your consideration:


Green grid lines over a black background. Font reads "Accessing Network: Decrypting Agent Feed." with the load progress shown as a percentage. For viewers in fast connections, an animation still shows to display percentile progress. Upon load completion, the grid lines change to form Alchemy's "wireframe persona", eyes closed and a slight glow indicating he is click-able. Upon clicking on Alchemy, the motion comic begins.

Alchemy's "green wireframe persona" over a dark background with a slight green tint. Alchemy opens his eyes and looks into the camera.

ALCHEMY (wireframe)
This is an Urgent EVOKE


White letters fade into view over the black background and then fade out as the next font message appears on the screen.

Nature says only a few words.

High wind does not last long, nor does heavy rain.

If nature's words do not last...

Why should those of man?

Lao Tze


The room is dark, with several computer and video screens monitoring world events as the main light source. Alchemy is sitting on his chair, bent over his console, body language revealing anguish.

CYPHER (o.s.)
Are you still thinking about that mystery man?

I cannot get his voice out of my head, Cypher.

Close up of alchemy's face, mostly showing his sun gla**** with Cypher in the background.

Friend of yours?

I do not know yet. But he can wait. We have work to do.


A convention center packed to capacity. All attendants appear to be business types and there is a speaker at the podium standing in front of a large TED sign. The camera pans rightwards to reveal a woman in gla****, wearing a power suit. A caption reads "California, US", and as the camera finishes it's pan, the symbol EVO rushes into the screen with a motion blur effect.

TEXT BOX (Alchemy)
This is an Urgent Evoke


A large field, mostly empty. It is fitted as a riding track and a horse's legs can be seen, with a man's legs standing behind it. The camera pans upwards to reveal a man helping a child with Down's to mount a pony. A caption reads "Somewhere in Lybia", and as the camera finishes it's pan, the symbol KOSHY rushes into the screen with a motion blur effect.

TEXT BOX (Alchemy)
To all our agents wherever they may be


Plants dot the place, with tomatoes hanging from their branches. The walls are the wireframe structures someone would immediately recognize as belonging to a green house. The camera pans leftwards to reveal a man standing behind a row of crops. A caption reads "Guadalajara, Mexico", and as the camera finishes it's pan, the symbol PATRICIO rushes into the screen with a motion blur effect.

TEXT BOX (Alchemy)
We have been drawn from the shadows and into the spotlight of history


A medical office filled with papers and reports. There is a picture of a woman and a group of children who were patients on it. The camera zooms out from the picture to reveal a woman sitting at a desk with a large stack of papers next to it. A caption reads "Nairobi, Kenya", and as the camera finishes it's zoom, the symbol SHAKWEI rushes into the screen with a motion blur effect.

TEXT BOX (Alchemy)
We all both feared and prepared for this moment


The main court of a school building, with a little over 200 students standing in near formation in front of it. They are all holding solar panels in their hands. The camera pans leftwards over all of them to reveal a teacher that appears to be giving them instructions. A caption reads "Taipei, Taiwan", and as the camera finishes it's pan, the symbols 201 HEROES and SIHAI rush into the screen with motion blur effects, overlapping each other.

TEXT BOX (Alchemy)
But remember that we are all one in our purpose


A small room littered with diagrams, conceptual drawings and posters. The camera pans downwards showing the orderly chaos of the room to reveal a man with spiky hair standing in front of a small chalkboard with an organizational diagram on it. A caption reads "New Delhi, India", and as the camera finishes it's pan, the symbol SAMIRAN rushes into the screen with a motion blur effect.

TEXT BOX (Alchemy)
And whatever comes our way, our network will endure


Market stands with trinkets, religious figurines and clothing take over the landscape. The camera starts to zoom in to a a specific stand, where two people are talking. As the image zooms, it reveals a woman talking to a man, the owner of the stand. The woman is showing the man books and charts. A caption reads "Prague, Czech Republic", and as the camera finishes it's pan, the symbol SARAH SHAWN rushes into the screen with a motion blur effect.

TEXT BOX (Alchemy)
We will change the world and leave it better than how we found it.


Only a hand is seen holding a smart phone. Alchemy's face can be seen in the glow of the small screen.

And while doing so, let us make a huge spectacle of ourselves.

The camera focuses on the face of a young man in gla****, smiling contentedly to himself. A caption reads "Texas, United States", and the symbol NATHANIEL rushes into the screen with a motion blur effect.

It's about time.


Alchemy sits at his chair as images of agents flash on the screen. Ember, Quinn, Eureka and Cypher stand behind him looking at the same screens, the glow reflecting off the front on their clothes.

Are you sure about this?

We have tried so hard to keep ourselves secret. It kind of feels as if all that work was for nothing.

It was a necessary risk. And dare I say, an eventual inevitability. We could not have stayed hidden forever, so now our focus should be damage control, and more importantly, how do we turn this in our favor.

Well, at least it should be easier to gather funding from curious investors and market speculators.

Citizen X will try to run as many stories as possible linking EVOKE to conspiracy theories about a New World Order. We will need a PR campaign.

That has already been taken care of.

Close up of Alchemy's hand pressing a button on his console.

Shot of the door to ALCHEMY'S CONTROL ROOM opening. Four figures fade in in front of the door. The symbols Hiryu, NomadHar, Iron Helix and Crispy rush into the screen with a motion blur effect.

ALCHEMY (o.s.)
Allow me to introduce the team that handled our initial PR response: Crispy, Iron Helix, NomadHar and Hiryu.

And we are happy to report it's all going great.

3/4 shot of ALCHEMY'S CONTROL ROOM, showing all the characters in it. Hiryu walks to Alchemy's console.

How did you get something done and organized so quickly!?

Actually, Alchemy contacted us while you guys were in China. Take a lookie.

Hiryu bends over the console as if to press something. One of the screens flicker. A close up of the screen reveals a large glass building surrounded by gardens and flags.

Is that the U.N. Headquarters?

Yes, and we made sure they got a message from us.


Bird's eye view of a very large gathering of people around one of the front yards of the building. In front of the array of flags corresponding to each country, there is an equally large array of solar power panels forming the words: "YOU HAVE BEEN EVOKED".

TEXT BOX (Iron Helix)
Beautiful as it is subversive, isn't it?

TEXT BOX (NomadHar)
I already contacted several charities and organizations so they know is it a present and a call to action, rather than vandalism.

TEXT BOX (Crispy)
We also sent a press statement about it to most mayor media outlets.

TEXT BOX (Hiryu)
And I sat back on a lounge chair telling them to work faster. You're welcome.

The view changes to focus on a security camera, slowly zooming out to a street view as the dialog continues.

TEXT BOX (Cypher)
Wow. That is sure to get some media attention.

TEXT BOX (Hiryu)
Well, now that the cat's out of the bag, may as well EVOKE the wh*** world, don't you think?

TEXT BOX (Iron Helix)
And it also serves as a call to our fellow agents to band together and organize.

TEXT BOX (Ember)
Are we sure we want to draw this much attention to ourselves?

TEXT BOX (Hiryu)
Well, given the current situation, it's either that or running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

The camera finishes it's zoom, revealing a dark figure in a trench coat waving at the security camera.


View of Alchemy staring at the screen, zoomed into the shadow waving at him.

HIRYU (o.s.)
Friend of yours?

Something tells me things are about to get very interesting for us.


LEARN 1: Look into the archives of our first season and look through all the great EVOKATIONS that came from it. Share your favorite with us and tell us why it caught your eye.

ACT1: Look for our last season heroes and long-time active agents and choose one to shadow. If you are feeling extra brave, offer your talents to help in their projects.

IMAGINE1: How will YOU change change the EVOKE network by the end of these 10 weeks? What do you think your greatest contributions will be? How do you see yourself changing the world with your fellow Agents?

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Comment by Kevin Carruthers on May 6, 2010 at 10:15pm
Very cool, Julio. Some interesting ideas in there. Well done!
Comment by Julio Cesar Corona Ortega on May 6, 2010 at 10:18pm
Thank you, Kevin. I am just sad I could not fit Sarah running in slow mo wearing a bikini somewhere, there.
Comment by Kevin Carruthers on May 6, 2010 at 10:23pm
Hahaha. I'm sure it can be reworked!
Comment by Chris Ke Sihai on May 7, 2010 at 1:18pm
Perhaps Sara could be on the banner at the top? Or in the animated thing promoting the Evokation opportunity: Submit your dream proposal.....

Nice post, btw.
Comment by Julio Cesar Corona Ortega on May 8, 2010 at 1:05am
ROFL, Thank you, sir.
Comment by Julio Cesar Corona Ortega on May 8, 2010 at 1:37am
By all means, sir. By all means.
Comment by A.V.Koshy on May 8, 2010 at 1:45am

Comment by A.V.Koshy on May 8, 2010 at 2:11am
love the ending , great work....
Comment by Julio Cesar Corona Ortega on May 8, 2010 at 2:10pm
Thank you for the comment and the picture, sir.


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