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Here is my comment to an article "The Future of Money" written by Agent Daniel Blanchard who has just joined the Evoke network:

I like the way you reason this out. "Money - a Necessary Evil" remains one of the major driving forces of our economies.
Everyday I wake up to see people working so hard - what are they working for?
To earn money, to live a better life.
Money DOESNT not complete life in any way - Even the rich cry but all in all we seek for the money!
The Necessary Evil!

Let me start from the grassroots. In many developing countries like Uganda most of the people are farmers. In many of these communities people live on less than $1 a day. With less than $30 income as revenue generated from the different small ventures the family ventures in.

Now, because these people own [small] plots of land where they can grow crops and sell, each family should be able to generate its own income - this can be done either on a family basis or in a small community based cooperative. The members of this cooperative have either limited liability or equally liable.

Because the farmers are growing food and cash crops they feed their families and when they sale their surplus to the communities and other emerging markets, they generate income.

Now each member of the cooperative has a share on this income - which will be determined by all the members of the cooperatives depending on the members contribution. Equal Efforts Equal Shares.

Now that the farmers (cooperative members) have generated some income. What NEXT? What are we using the income for?

Most of these cooperative members are parents. Meaning that they have children who they need to teach social innovation and how to make money on their own. HERE IS OUR SIMPLE PLAN

The youth from these communities will identify other fertile ventures that need to be invested in. They write proposals to the local cooperatives to fund their projects. The social ventures of the youth will aim at solving other social problems while contributing to development but not be limited in any way; Water and Sanitation, Education, Technology, Entertainment, Agriculture, Art and Craft name it...

Now after the proposal are written, the local cooperative will review them and fund those that they find more appealing depending on the needs of the community.

For each of the proposals, the youth should clearly indicate how they are going to generate money out of the proposed venture and how it is going to lead to positive development in their community.

For example if the social venture is about Promoting Talents for Students in Schools through providing sports equipment, extra, the project leaders ( youth) should indicate the importance of their venture to the school children and how they intend to make money out of it. For example they can set up football competitions for schools and the people who want to watch the matches will pay a small fee for entry as a contribution to the development of the children's skills.

Once we achieve this:




The chain remains quite long because the money also benefits the wider communities directly and indirectly. The major players in this money circle are the Farmers, the Cooperatives and the Youth.

This is all aimed at helping the communities control the cash flow and use the money more wisely to benefit their communities while teaching the young generation how to manage the

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Comment by Shakwei Mbindyo on April 29, 2010 at 3:34pm
+1E. Keeping the wheel moving in a +ive direction - when I look at the quest for money in relation those who live on less than US$2 a day, I think not of what money can do for them but what lack of it means to them - no education, no food, no access to health, disease due to unsanitary conditions & poverty.... We need to break this cycle and your proposal is an excellent one Agent Ssozi
Comment by John D. Boyden on May 1, 2010 at 4:44pm
+1 E it has potential. i worry about exactly who might determine effort in this plan.
Comment by Ssozi Javie on May 1, 2010 at 5:27pm
Agent Shakwei, you are right. The problems in developing countries are a lot more than what foreign aid can solve. The communities need to control the circulation of their own money. Basically they need to invest their money wisely.
This wh*** system is just a little complicated but I believe in it - Just like Agent John says.

Well, thats just what I thought. I could use some ideas on this. :)
Comment by Patricio Buenrostro-Gilhuys on May 1, 2010 at 5:45pm
Very interesting Ssozi!!! I can see this working on real life. I wonder how long will the money take to come back from farmer to through the entire cycle and then back?
Comment by Ssozi Javie on May 1, 2010 at 8:54pm
@Agent Patricio, this will depend on the types of crops the farmers will be growing. Of course some crops grow in a period of just 3 months and are ready to harvest. Once they harvest, the necessary marketing is done and they have the cash. :)
But they can of course grow cash crops as well like coffee which in many cases takes a lot longer to yield initially but the profits are worth the waiting when you harvest.
Basically thats what I am looking at...


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