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Here are some of the additional issues I am considering pertinent to the establishment of Hajj for Humanity as a 501C3- and shari’a law approved humanitarian foundation, for which more expert analysis and advice is needed:

(1) The premise of "Hajj for Humanity" is based upon the apparent spirit of cooperation and mutual toleration among and between peoples of various religious sects, nationalities, races during the Hajj. I am hoping that "Hajj for Humanity" project leadership, volunteers and participants can learn from/work within this spirit to complete projects together, regardless of race, nationality, religion or politics.

(a) "Hajj for Humanity" would not seek to replace established organizations proprietary to specific nations (e.g., the "American" Peace Corps, the "Egyptian" Red Crescent, the “Saudi” International Islamic Relief Organization, the “Jordanian” Jordan River Foundation, etc.), but to establish an avenue for citizen volunteers and corporate/educational sponsors from many nations to work together, on projects appropriate to their areas of expertise.

(b) Similarly, "Hajj for Humanity" would not seek to replace established host-nation governmental channels of seeking/delivering aid/aid projects, or to avoid appropriate host/participating nation oversight, vetting of funding, transparency of procedures, etc... Rather, "Hajj for Humanity" seeks to provide an additional avenue for communities/citizens to obtain and enhance skills, improve infrastructure, invest in their communities and futures with the approved assistance of interested and qualified donors, sponsors, advisors, trainers and volunteers drawn from the regional/international "Hajj for Humanity" organization.

(c) Presumably, "Hajj for Humanity" would need to establish and maintain a Foundation/organizational structure comprised of board members from participating nations.

(1) The Founding Advisor(s) could issue a "Call for Leadership" or a Call for Board Participants from appropriate advisory-level prospects…

(2) “Hajj for Humanity” must be organized according to national/international guidelines for Humanitarian, Non-Governmental, Non-Profit, Not-for-Profit or other Organization.

(aa) Should “Hajj for Humanity” be founded/operated and report its humanitarian activities under U.S. 501C-3 codes, with branches elsewhere in the global community?

(bb) Should “Hajj for Humanity” be founded/operated and report its humanitarian activities under the auspices and guidelines of another nation, with a branch in the United States?

(cc) Should “Hajj for Humanity” be founded/operated and report its humanitarian activities under U.N. codes and guidelines (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs; UN Economic Development Council; other)?

(3) Seats on the Board could rotate, and members could probably vote for their own hierarchy of leadership and supervisory sub-organizational hierarchies as necessary.

(4) The Board would oversee the application/assignment process for volunteers and requesting communities, and probably appoint appropriate staff to oversee adherence to participating-nation laws and guidelines, and appropriate reporting of funding and activities.

(5) The Board would oversee the collection, management, and disbursement of funds, resources, sponsoring-business assets, et cetera.

(d) A working list of appropriate and available sponsor-providers from local/national/multi-national and global corporations capable of providing resources, training or donor funds/assets pertinent to the specific project needs of "Hajj for Humanity" programs should be developed and maintained.

(2) The Founding Advisor(s) probably should outline the means of disseminating information about the availability of "Hajj for Humanity" programs and assistance projects.

(a) Is it appropriate to request to distribute information about "Hajj for Humanity" at completion-of-Hajj departure/major transit points in Saudi Arabia, and, then, how best to seek permission from Saudi Arabian officials and organize this effort?

(b) If (2a) is not effective, is it possible/efficacious to seek to distribute information about "Hajj for Humanity" at points of entry in home-nations as people return from the Hajj?

(c) If neither 2a nor 2b are desirable, is it best to seek to distribute information about "Hajj for Humanity" through national, regional, local, or community governments/leadership, or through worship leaders where other avenues are not available? {Since not all who might benefit from "Hajj for Humanity" projects necessarily embark upon the Hajj themselves, perhaps 2c is preferable?}

(3) The "Hajj for Humanity" Board should establish fair and transparent means of selection for beneficiary communities, and collaborate/cooperate with leaders in those communities to select/design the most effective projects for completion.

(a) Participating Board members should ensure translation of identical material into appropriate languages/dialects for best communication of "Hajj for Humanities" programs and procedures...

(b) Participating Board members should work with/oversee donor/sponsoring corporations to design appropriate humanitarian project support assets, and to assure fair and transparent utilization of available resources.

(4) The "Hajj for Humanity" Board should establish fair and transparent means of selection for advisors, trainers, volunteers and other participants from their nations of origin.

(a) Qualifications for specific expertise, for volunteer capabilities, etc., should be clearly, if flexibly, defined and the selection process should be standardized for all applicants.

(b) Safety and security guidelines should be outlined, established, and maintained for all applicants and participants.

(1) Participating nation government standards for safety and security should be observed.

(2) Host nation government standards for safety and security should be observed.

(3) Location-specific requirements (medical, physical, etc.) for safety and security should be observed.

(c) Specific requirements for codes of behavior, dress, propriety, and requirements for linguistic ability (or for appropriate training) etc., should be outlined, established and maintained per project, and:

(1) Should meet standard guidelines set by Board;

(2) Should meet standard practices of participating national citizenships;

(3) Should meet standard practices of host nation citizenships/governments;

(4) Should meet standard practices/mores of specific host-community/group.

(5) While, eventually, “Hajj for Humanity” projects could be undertaken in Muslim communities world-wide, and, possibly, might establish models for assisting other dis-advantaged groups (e.g., in remote western provinces of China, in South America, or elsewhere…) perhaps the initial application of "Hajj for Humanity" projects should be limited to a small recipient group, in order to successfully establish and implement fair and effective practices, before attempting a more generalized introduction of potential "Hajj for Humanity" project efforts to a larger region or group of nations?

and for a mentor within EVOKE, I think I might request Erik Hersman, perhaps, but will welcome all assistance available. My list of dream mentors may be seen in Quest 9 on Evoke.
Of course, this is a simplistic, initial listing of issues which must be considered prior to successfully launching the "Hajj for Humanity" foundation or its projects.

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Comment by Paul Holze on May 19, 2010 at 3:21pm
same here
Comment by Michele Baron on May 19, 2010 at 10:26pm
thank you for your reply Paul. There are many considerations to launch NPOs and corporate organizations, which are barely mentioned here.


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