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How To Actually Make This A Game

OK, so I posted some why Evoke is nothing at all like a game here.

But what would an actual game in the same theme of Evoke actually look like?

1. It would obviously be in the same style as an MMORPG. (Massively multiplayer online role playing game)

I'm not fond of MMORPGs myself because they're one long grindfest. Wander around, level up, get more powerful, wander around, find better items, level up, etc.

But MMORPGs are community based games and have a wide target audience.

2. Gameplay would probably be similar to Sim City

Sim City is an old game and even with its dated technology, you had to make moral choices. This industrial grid is generating you money, but it's causing pollution and crime is increasing in areas. So now you have to find a way to counter balance this. Build a police station nearby and have a park.

Today's technology would allow much more customization and feedback.

3. Combine the two and you get.......

Imagine contributing to your own portion of the game community. Maybe you're helping the community's energy needs. But then someone whose role is an environmentalist is being hindered by your goals. They would send you feedback for you to adjust your practices. You can choose to modify your contribution to the gaming world or ignore and build up your stats some more with your choices having consequences.

Now, an interesting question. Why hasn't this happened yet?

The Sims took off as the popular simulation game. You live vicariously through another character in a game. People seemed to like the personal touch of living a life rather than managing a city.

This is understandable. But what can happen nowadays is the vicarious living of a life that is interconnected with others in the gaming community where economics and social standards emerge naturally. This is seen in MMORPGs.

MAG for the Playstation 3 boasts 256 possible players at once. I haven't played it but read reviews. From what I understand good players gain rank and can command other players. This is a military first person shooter, but the novel idea in generating leadership in a gaming community is what is interesting here.

A good Evoke that actually feels like a game is definitely possible with today's technology. This doesn't even need to have console or PC support. This could even be made as a facebook app. It's going to need lots of quality assurance to make sure that the game is both enjoyable and enriching, but it is possible.

As is, this website is no good as a game and in order to actually attract gamers, gamer input is needed. I offer mine as a conosseur of this form of entertainment that I find far more enjoyable than just lounging in front of a TV.

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Comment by Turil Cronburg on May 11, 2010 at 5:23pm
And what if we actually played the game in real life? What if we had different groups volunteer their problems to be solved by the game (with solutions needing to be agreeable and doable by the people who have the problem)? The game play would become naturally challenging and rewarding, and, obviously, you would actually be able to see how your ideas work out.
Comment by darklogos on May 11, 2010 at 5:29pm
You prepose EVOKE LARPing. I summon magic missle!
Comment by Gary on May 12, 2010 at 11:56pm
Ewww.... no LARP.

And as for Turil, games are entertainment. Think of how some book changed you. Or a movie that made you think. It simply raised your consciousness to that issue or idea. It's not like following a game, that person will magically change. I'm not saying you implied this, but Evoke seems to be pushing this notion.

Good gameplay doesn't change you. It's not like I got better at space management cause I played Tetris. Good gameplay just makes the game enjoyable and has high replay value.

But if a game has a certain theme, combined with fun gameplay, then it will be fun enough to hook people to be exposed to that theme. After playing Fallout 3, there were times where I wondered how war changes society. This isn't cause the game force-fed this to me. It's cause I enjoyed playing the game and was inevitably exposed to the theme. Even though the gameplay of Fallout 3 is nearly identical to Elder Scrolls Oblivion (both made by Bethesda), I enjoyed Fallout 3 more cause of the theme and moral choices I was forced to make.

A game with a message should be like a Rorschach. People won't see a Corvette in soemthing that obviously looks like a bat. But many people might see wings and focus on the same general concepts while still allowing various interpretations.
Comment by Turil Cronburg on May 13, 2010 at 12:22am
If you look at the studies in neurology and psychology, you find that game playing is absolutely useful for changing and growing. Physical games are a workout for your muscles and bones, as well as your brain. And intellectual games are a workout for your thinking capacity. Pretty much anyone working in the field of aging will tell you to use it or lose it, when it comes to the body and the mind. And if you look at child development in pretty much any mammal species, including humans, of course, you'll see child's play as a way to gain expertise in the things that the individual will find useful later in life, from social relations, to getting food, to building a home.
Comment by Pepin Lachance on May 13, 2010 at 12:28am
I've thought about the same issue myself with this site. I cant realy see an obvious way to make this both a force in the world and more game like. I think it may indeed be possible perhapse threw the use of a 3-d environment. However then you run the risk of having more users who may not necisarily have acces to the latest systems not being able to interact with the rest of us who do.

I do however feel that one area this site could use some improvement in providing tangable perks for doing missons/quests. How about something where the highest rated members/ evokations get substantional backing from perhapse the world bank or maybe other organizations that want to co-operate with them. I for one dedicate my self and my organiztion Bloop to working with this site on this level.
Comment by Gary on May 13, 2010 at 8:15am
I don't think state of the art HD and 3D graphics are needed for the purpose of Evoke. Just look at that dumb game on Facebook. Farmville or whatever.

Imagine that being set up a manner where your farm has to feed a population and each individual has limited resources. Feeding people earns you Karma points (or whatever you wanna call it) that grants perks. Hoarding the crops to yourself earns you money, which obviously is going to grant perks. Right there you have an Evoke app that helps people be more aware of population growth and starvation.

Of course for Evoke to be mind blowing it'd be nice on the latest consoles and for the PC. But so far it looks like it'll fail miserably cause it's pretty much shoveling problems down your throat. It's not only discovering the solution that's fun, but what exactly is the problem?

One other thing that a good Evoke would need that isn't in my original blog posts would be irreversible moral decisions. Demon's Souls is a game that does this wonderfully. Kill a blacksmith and they can never make weapons for you. You can't revert to an earlier save state. This would allow people to have to "live" with the consequences of their gaming decisions.

But the issue with Demon's Souls is that there's nothing to stop you from killing someone helpful right before you beat the game. So a good Evoke game would have to continue indefinitely and have no real ending. Again this follows a standard MMORPG format.

As is, there are already existing formulas for a good Evoke game. They just haven't been properly combined yet.


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