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I have really enjoyed participating in the last 10 week's of the evoke game. I do think however, that there are a number of alterations that could be made. I don't like how wach week, the week's challenge is divided into a learn, act and imagine mission, I think that each week there should just any three tasks, as it becomes slightly repetitive at times, especially with regard to the imagine task.

I think the next evoke should be played on a global level by all willing participants, but I think the evoke game should also target those people who lack things such as adequate food security, or who live in places that lack women's empowerment, as these are the very people that need to learn the adequate skilss to change their own fortunes. From what I can gather the people who play evoke are privaledged and therefore can only change a limited amount of people's life through volunteer work. I know that this is easier said then done but perhaps their is a way that the evoke game can be played without using the web and could also be done in a number of langauages, thereby targeting people who do not have a good command of the english language.

I think the evoke website could also be improved by focusing on particular challenges for example, there are a subset of games that play in a series, which run for say a month, and all the challenges and missions focus excusively on that challenge. Or perhaps, they could split the learn, act and imagine task into a three week period. So the first week, you spend completely learning about the subject and doing tasks reated to learning about the subject and then the next week it is the act mission on the topic and then finally the imagine task. In this way people will begin to have a more through understanding of an issue, instaed of just an overview of a number of gloabl issues.

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