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Learn 10 The future for Evoke Network by Sunny du Pree

  • WHICH great challenges and social problems should the EVOKE Network tackle next?
Challenge Racsim
World leaders
Coproratations that rape the earth and its people
Healing the Ocean and the big sea of plastic in the Sarragosa sea
Oil companies
Military huntas
Global terrorism
Space junk
The Global warming issue.

  • WHERE in the world should the network try to build up new EVOKE communities?\
  • In countries that need it the most, The war torn , poor and drought strike
  • WHO would you encourage to play Season 2? I would encourage everyone that I knew online and out on the street to play. The more that Evoke the better the world gets.
HOW would you change the game for Season 2? I would make sure that newbies coming in would not get lost in the maize of challenges and quests. That people take turns and encouraging others.
  • WHAT new tools would you want as an EVOKE agent? Definitely have a chat room for all of us to go and discuss our lessons and help with teaching others what to do. Encourage agents by more than a rune lighting up. Like getting something in the mail or certification on line. Or for the selected agents to be sure to give kudos and points to people finishing the runes. Have a bell ring or images of fireworks popping when they complete a mission. Hooray!!!
  • WHY would you come back for a second Season? What more would you want from the experience?
  • I would come back for the second season cause I met so many wonderful people and learned so much about the way people think and act. I would come back to share the knowledge that I learned. I would come back cause this is more than a game. I would come back if there were tangible evidence that others are completing their courses
  • I would use videos more cartoons, music, puzzles, and perhaps at certain stages one person will receive a gift made or bought for the occasion. Use of brighter colors....

We need to have more cla**** like this to raise awareness to many important subjects so that it is not just a story but a concrete example of what is going on in the world. Open the eyes of many!

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