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LEARN [3] Power Shift-Monitizing Carbon offsets

I discovered David Palella and is wonderful solar powered cook stoves when I began to look at ways to improve the quality of health in Nigeria. I am particularly interested in nutrition and its impact on health and well being, so his use solar power to cook when that would otherwise not have been possible was a delight to find. Even more so because he developed a method to pay for the cost of the cooking method in a way that would PAY the stove owners. In developing countries where household income is extremely low if not non existant, this opportunity to be PAID to prepare healthy meals was a miracle of hope.

I have taken the liberty with written notice to David, of cutting and pasting from his site, www.carbonmanna.org where you may find all the necessary data to implement his plan/s of Carbon Manna, Solar Manna, Health Manna, and Forest Manna, using cell phone and solar energy to cook etc.

Contact information for this site is:

Partnership/Media Relation
David Palella

Carbon Manna© -- monetizing carbon offsets/reductions from improved cooking methods

v Carbon Manna© is based on the ubiquitous cell phone and its low transaction costs, so Carbon Manna© scalesmuch faster!

v Uses SMS (short message service) or text messages sent to an SMS database to claim, track, monetize and audit produced Carbon Micro Offsets.

v Millions of bundled micro offsets from an entire project are pre-sold in the European carbon markets 1 year in advance to pay all start-up costs.

v Individual property rights should extend to one’s own carbon footprint, and individuals should be free to monetize their carbon offsets for the benefit of themselves and their families = “Micro Property Rights”.

v Carbon Micro Offsets may be easily converted to cash, e-money, cell-phone minutes, or any other non-inflatable store-of-value.

v The “Next Generation” of microfinance

v Micro PROFIT sharing instead of micro debt

v Self-sustainable, markets-based & scales almost infinitely

Solar Manna© -- Monetizing carbon offsets/reductions from use of solar panels instead of burning diesel or kerosene

v A standardized solar-powered village-level, handset and LED-lantern recharging station is needed that will easily and repeatedly qualify for carbon offsets/credits, which could also be pre-sold annually. Offsets could be pre-sold annually for up to 10 - 15 years.

v The standard/specification for this proposed system should be approved by The Gold Standard Foundation in Switzerland, or any equivalent independent body.

v The recharging station should be communally owned by the villagers, who will use their handsets to claim monthly a portion of the produced offsets.

v Communal ownership will reduce/prevent vandalism and neglect, and ensure proper maintenance of the station.

v This recharging station could include other obvious built-in systems such as a desalination/water purification unit, an electric pump for a village well, battery packs to power lights at night, a refrigerator for vaccines, etc.

Health Manna© -- “Voice of Carbon Manna Healthcare©” programs

v Carbon Manna© will greatly expand the installed base of cell-phones in the Developing World.

v Carbon Manna© provides a strong economic incentive for the Poor to look at and care for their mobile phones.

v SMS (short message service) can be used to “push” public healthcare messages (vaccine campaign notices) and patient-specific medical messages (“take your HIV medications”) to millions of the Poor at very low cost.

v Likewise, Carbon Manna-funded handsets may be used for tele-education or micro-education purposes, especially in cases of religious suppression of education (e.g., girls schools in Afghanistan), or where little or no educational infrastructure exists (Sub-Saharan Africa).

v Our large-scale in-country organization of student volunteers and representatives from myriad local charities and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) -- the “Carbon Manna Corps©” -- can perform on-site education and monitoring of individuals and families (whether they own handsets or not) regarding the implementation and practice of “Voice of Carbon Manna Healthcare©” programs.

One Cell Phone per Child: Even small screens on inexpensive handsets open many educational vistas in math and foreign languages for poor children. And many inexpensive handsets sold in Africa today include built-in FM radios too, allowing access to broadcasts from the BBC, Voice of America, or other in-country foreign-language stations transmitting educational content. In sum, one handset per child is indeed an attainable goal, whereas one laptop per child has proven not to be attainable.

Forest Manna © -- Monetizing CO2 sequestration resulting from planting trees

v In Kenya, in parallel with implementation of this standard Carbon Manna efficient-cooking program, one or more trees will be planted in an ecological reserve for each enrolled family.

v The same cell-phone- and SMS-based system may be used by each poor family in the Developing World to regularly claim a portion of the value of the carbon offsets produced by trees planted near their villages.

v This communal ownership of, and monthly cash benefit from, the tree-produced carbon offsets will incentivize every family to protect the trees/seedlings from being cut down, or eaten by local wildlife or errant goats/sheep.

v The carbon offsets produced annually by the tree project could, again, be pre-sold to pay the up-front costs of seedlings, fertilizer, etc.

v Credits could be claimed for up to 15 - 20 years. In later years, most of the value of the offsets should be paid to the families.

v Thus, every family could have 3 separate monthly income streams into their handsets from Carbon Manna©, Solar Manna© and Forest Manna©

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Comment by Laura Dawson on March 23, 2010 at 2:50pm
While many new ideas are wonderful, the monetizing of these ideas is a powerful part of the sustainability of the project. You will see from my LEARN [3] Power Shift-Monitizing Carbon offsets, blog just how to PAY for the idea. Be In Good Health.
Comment by Laura Dawson on March 31, 2010 at 3:14pm
UPDATE!!! LEARN [3] Power Shift - Monitizing Carbon offsets.

We know that moving economic support out to the people we are serving with POWER SHIFT or any other project we suggest is primary. That is what David Palella is so good at creating.

David Palella, one of my contacts for African planning and development ideas and projects, sent me an email following my post of this Carbon Manna in response to the POWER SHIFT project. He has updated that blog post with the following comment to my email. Let me share this with you now.

RE: Carbon Manna -- Two Novel Cell-phone-based Microfinance Mechanisms based
on reduced use of non-renewable biomass fuel

Hello Laura,

Thanks for your note via LinkedIn and continuing interest in, and support of, the Carbon Manna(SM) System. Highly appreciated.

So please note that we don't use solar cookers in our contemplated projects, and we do not recommend that anyone try to, because that means changing culture usually (cooking habits), which means lots of training and monitoring to ensure compliance. Which means you cannot scale a program up to 1,000s or 10s of thousands of families.

Not to mention that no one has every produced standardized carbon markets doc**entation for a solar cooker, which will take 1 - 2 years and US$ 200 - 300 K -- at least.

In sum, solar cookers are a non-starter. So we don't try to change existing cooking habits. We simply help families cook more efficiently with the same biomass fuel they have traditionally used (usually wood or charcoal).

With that preamble, here below is our new standard intro email as an update:

We at Carbon Manna Unlimited in San Diego (a non-profit corporation) have developed two novel, universally-applicable, cell-phone- and NON-debt-based, highly-scalable forms of microfinance that we call the Carbon Manna(sm) System. They are:

(1) the Carbon Micro-PROFIT-Sharing System -- comprising monetization of 1,000s of aggregated carbon-micro-offsets via the European GS-VER market (Gold Standard - Voluntary Emission Reduction market); and

(2) the Reduced-fuel-expense Micro-SAVINGS Program -- an SMS-based behavior-modification program that teaches families to bank their daily cash savings on fuel of 15 - 40 U.S. cents/day.

Both mechanisms are based on reduced combustion of non-renewable biomass fuel and employ a highly efficient, low-cost cook-stove custom designed and produced by our colleagues in Nairobi, Kenya. Our stove reduces fuel use by 40 - 50 % and deforestation by a similar percentage.

The stoves are serialized and matched uniquely with each family's cell phone number.

Broadcast SMS messages (short message service) and customized content regarding public health, women & children's rights, nutrition, personal finance, etc., will be sent to all families.

Monetized carbon offsets and cash fuel savings may be banked and converted back to cash as needed using existing MMT (Mobile Money Transfer) systems such as Safaricom's M-Pesa or Zain's ZAP systems in the case of East Africa.

The two mechanisms can be implemented sequentially -- the Micro-Savings Program immediately, and the Carbon Micro-PROFIT-Sharing System later as paperwork is completed for the carbon-offset market.

Our pilot cook-stove project in Kenya, which includes the ancestral hometown of President Obama, is in late-stage planning. See the news release below and the attached picture of Grandma Sarah Obama receiving the first Carbon Manna(SM) cook stove engraved: "Yes, we can!"

-->> http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Carbon-Manna-Unlimited-1065...

We plan to scale the Kenyan effort up to 100,000 - 250,000 families within 5 years.

Most notably, we believe these two novel microfinance mechanisms have a number of advantages over, and will scale much faster than, micro-debt, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

Finally, in the case of corporate sponsors in the wireless or consumer products industries, Carbon Manna(sm) offers an auditable "ROI on CSR" investments, a rare result in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) field.

In the case of individuals, donations to Carbon Manna Unlimited in San Diego (a California-incorporated public charity) are 100% tax-deductible through our umbrella 501c3 status with The GlobalGiving Foundation in Washington, DC.

We hope you will support our efforts in Kenya and/or some other part of the Developing World of interest to you. Being cell-phone- and markets-based, Carbon Manna(sm) is universally applicable.

More background about Carbon Manna(sm) may be found by visiting the links below and scanning the attached PowerPoint file.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Globally & warmly yours, David Palella

David A. Palella
SAN DIEGO, California
cell: 619-787-5767
email: dpalella@san.rr.com
email (backup): carbonmanna@gmail.com







Carbon Manna Unlimited to Present at Kenyan Business Conference

"One Cell Phone per Child" Grand Challenge Announced by CarbonManna(C) Unlimited

Carbon Manna(C) Unlimited Announces Solar Manna(C) & Forest Manna(C),
and Filing of a U.S. Patent Application for the Cell Phone-Based
Carbon Micro-Profit-Sharing System

World's First Cell-Phone-Based Carbon-Micro-Credits Implementation
Progressing in Kenya


Want an extra $250 a year? Adopt fuel-efficient stoves

Kenyan farmers could reap from carbon trading

Personal carbon trading


I will be/was a speaker or keynote speaker at:

2nd Kenya Diaspora Int'l Conference & Investment Forum

20-22 August 2009, Atlanta, GA



"Microfinance for Institutional Investors"

21-23 Sept. 2009, Washington, DC



"Micro Financial Services World"

[ organized by Hanson Wade ]

10-12 May 2010, Amsterdam City Centre, The Netherlands



Green Business Africa Summit & Expo

02-04 June 2010, Nairobi, Kenya



CC: Humphrey Mulindi
Advisor to:
P.O Box 25759-00100
Nairobi KENYA

cell: +254 733 622 348
Skype: humphrey.mulindi
email: mulindihum@yahoo.com




Ms. Hong Ma (Ph.D., M.D., MBA)
Executive Director & Co-founder
San Diego, Calif.
cell: 858-357-4349
email: hongma2008@gmail.com
Skype: hong.ma805

Comment by Shakwei Mbindyo on March 31, 2010 at 3:56pm
+1KS. Such good info. Had never heard of them - thanks.
Comment by Massive Attack on April 22, 2010 at 5:16pm
Simply amazing, a good example how sustainability is win-win, personally, environmentally & economically


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