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In season two I hope that more on climate change and pollution is included. I think that this season had a good handle on people related crises, but less on environmental subjects - or rather subjects were approached with the view of bettering human's lives, which can feel limited since we share the planet. It would be nice to see a continuation on all of the issues discussed here.

I think a specific place to build a community would be neat. Africa was a broad region to encompass in one season. There are certainly EVOKE hotspots, and actual face-to-face interaction with other agents would be neat. Maybe a connection mission? Meet one other agent? Or skype with them?

I will encourage a lot of students (mostly high school and college) to play this game. They are the group that has time, and are learning to arrange their own lives. A heightened awareness of the issues put forward by EVOKE will change they way they live their lives and how they teach their children to live.

Changes for EVOKE are harder. In the beginning of EVOKE the atmosphere here was very supportive and kind. As it went on an edge came in. There were cliques and accusations and many discussions descended into arguments that lost the point they began with. That's why I shied away from the network and may not finish all my missions. Please believe that I am all for discussion, for disagreement, for complaint even, but some of the things said here were just mean and meant to make people upset. It's hard to get emotions across with just text, which is why we have to be extra careful - to see if our words could be read as harsh. I don't know how to fix that. With a network this big, with so much to do and so many people eager to be involved it may be impossible to do anything about it.

But it made me sad. It broke my playsphere. It is not how heroes speak, and by making us into squabbling ordinary people instead of EVOKE agents it lessened the power of the game.

Never the less, I would be happy to check in next season, and time permitting participate.

Thank you.

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