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LEARN10 Why Alchemy, Thank You for Asking

Thanks for asking for feedback Alchemy, I hope we also get to hear the things you learned from your first season too. Did you know Bill Gates was the first to ask customers what suggestions they had for improving service?

Updated: 20100509

Which challenges and social platforms should the EVOKE Network tackle next?
  1. The obvious one that we face today - oil spills or believing that mega companies (oil, mining, poweretc) have an emergency plan that works
  2. Digital Divide
  3. Environmental - extinction rate (ie. frogs, bees), climate change impact
  4. Incurable Diseases
  5. Child Soldiers
  6. Disabled
  7. Homeless
  8. Race for Mars or other planets
  9. War and the money to fund them, rules of engagement ignored
  10. Nuclear Weapons of Mass Distruction
  11. Robots gone bad
  12. Child Abuse
  13. Pornography
  14. Mass murderers
  15. Dictatorship or corrupt government
  16. Immigration and illegal immigrants
  17. Refugee Camps
  18. Mental Health issues, lack of facilities in less-developed countries
  19. 'Sandwich' generation where a mother/father look after parents and children
  20. Land mines left over from wars such as Vietnam
  21. Plastic - The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  22. Biogenetics, the everlasting quest for eternal life, DNA replication gone bad
  23. First contact with Aliens - should we be sending messages to space?
  24. Air quality
  25. Advances in Technology such as augmented reality, babies having microchips installed for tracking etc.
  26. Noise we can't hear - mobile phone/radio frequencies are everywhere
Where in the world should the network try to build up new EVOKE communities.
  1. Refer to the AGENT map, that gives a pretty clear picture. It seems to not be updating these days though so make your own.
  2. Everywhere, countries who are members of the United Nations to start.
Who would you encourage to play Season 2?
  1. Everyone :)
  2. Nonprofit/NGO organizations
  3. Disabled
  4. Reporters, Government Workers, Union Members
  5. Retired people
  6. Professors, Teachers, Students all levels
  7. Volunteers for organizations such as the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, etc.
  8. Entertainers especially those who are active in causes such as Bono
  9. Phailanthropists
  10. Professionals such as scientists, biologists, biochemists etc.
  11. Other gamers
  12. Armed forces
  13. Other social networks
  14. anyone who wants to change the world but doesn't know where to start
How would you change the game for Season 2
  1. Better identification of where to find previous episodes, and the red arrows were a little hard to find at first.
  2. AGENT expectations along with the ethics. A pledge taken by all. i.e. we expect you to do your best, to play fair, to participate etc.
  3. Take away the one-click voting, make it mandatory to make a comment.
  4. I got lost in good ideas, so many branched out quickly would be nice to have a list of the blogs, wiki's that started, even the lists of lists got too much. A criteria of 25 votes to make the list suggested. A permanent link on top of profile to project or help links.
What new tools would you want as an Evoke agent?
  1. Language translator.
  2. Please, a better editing toolset this one drives me nuts can't resize numbering awk!
  3. A list of what tools you'll need and skills with 'Free Helper App' suggestions (i.e. Picassa for photos and Jing for screen captures), not all are tech-savvy (i.e. print screen).
  4. 'How To FAQ' for navigating a profile, a step-by-step quickie video to marking evidence, editing etc. It was confusing for me at first when photos and videos didn't show up right away and I had to go back later to mark them.
  5. 'Best Practices FAQ' (i.e. prefixing your Evidence title with ACT1) to standardize posts (it's a big help when going back to update).
  6. Spellcheck would be nice.
  7. Auto logout after an n hours of inactivity.
  8. On-line status between friends only.
Why would you come back for a second season?
  1. I had no idea I could become so passionate about the things I learned - sparked me! Imagine at my age going on my first protest march I missed the boat there but I'm on it now.
  2. I want to continue be part of this new method of learning through games and social media, knowing how well it worked for me this first season. I'm a believer!
  3. I connected with many like-minded people from all over the world, was able to build somewhat of a trusting relationship with them despite never having met because it was obvious we thought alike and have the same passion for change in the world.
  4. I learned many things, not just from the game but from the shared learning experience. What a good idea to vote on other Evidence.
  5. I love that you promoted mentorship!
  6. I enjoyed the challenges and the structure for learning with the Learn Act Vision breakdown.
  7. I liked that I had a choice of blog, photo or video for Evidence.
  8. I felt good when I completed a mission; it made me happy to see those little runes glow bright. I didn't know I would care about the runes when I started or that they would be a motivator for me to get going on my homework. Gave a clear visual status.
  9. I liked the Leader board and that you included new and emerging AGENTS.
  10. Inspired me to dream ponder and create.
What more would you want from the experience?
  1. New Evidence posts according to time zones. I'm sure I missed many because they weren't in the Evidence listing when the sun was down where I live.
  2. Promote collaboration with Team exercises with people I haven't met i.e. auto-select 5 people with an easy mission to start, pick from the different lists (new, beginners, finished). Team members would at least have the first three mission runes to earn a leader spot. Then in a few weeks teams combine, so 10 people, until by the end there are 30 people in a team. Would be an interesting study. I wonder if that would discourage people from making new friends? Maybe this could be an activity for the game veterans until the new users get what we're doing here?
What would make this great adventure even better for Season 2?
  1. Alchemy and his team return.
  2. Have a monthly on-line conference chat.
  3. Have a virtual on-line conference where we get to meet as avatars :)
See you next season! BuffyB

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The exchange works directly for state and public workers and servants. It gives them credit in exchange for the amount of public work they contribute to the community. The more constructive they are based off a base rate the more credit they recieve.
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