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LEARN7 Small Island ~ Big Emergency

This small island where I live is vulnerable to disaster, not only do we get some nasty winter storms knocking out power for days, with all the trees and forested areas here a forest fire in the dry season could quickly get out of hand.

We have an emergency response team with RCMP and volunteer firefighters, and have formed a Disaster Relief team who have organized emergency shelter plans at places with generators (resorts and Community Centre). We have a 'buddy' system where neighbourhoods are divided into groups with a captain for walk-about checks. These are the people who would need Ushahidi connections so they can report in, as well as an alternate way (phone, in person, messengers) as a problem here is that not all of the island has cel phone coverage.

The data captains need: residents information - name, address, phone; the escape route; designated emergency shelter location; tide chart and current emergency condition.

The data captains would provide: confirmation the resident has been evacuated; route; emergency shelter location; pets (to account for pet food supplies); farm animal status (resident would need extra help to assist with relocation).

The data needed to be tracked: captain contact information; current emergency condition; projected emergency condition; number of people on the island (ferry counts); number of residents per shelter; information of additional assistance required to evacuate farm animals; weather conditions; tide chart; location of other island ferries and time to reach our island and boat owners/passenger capacity/dock location in case of island-wide evacuation.

When I moved here, I was given a welcome package with good information about the island, but it was only later I learned where my designated shelter is so a follow-up for me is to find out how current their information is, and if Ushahidi is something they need to know about.

I've definitely learned something from this Mission!

UPDATE: 20100503 I continue to think about this and it sparked the idea that to my knowledge there isn't a way to notify everyone quickly in the event of an emergency. I am going to try and change that because I have been given a gift of knowledge by playing this Urgent Evoke game and it's my responsibility to do something with it now. I love when that happens.

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Comment by Mita Williams on April 16, 2010 at 3:19pm
I like the idea of a neighbourhood welcoming someone new to the area with the insider knowledge on how to keep safe in case of trouble. It might be grim but it does show a true form of caring.

It reminds me of the all the hoopla over Y2K. Among all the media stories about hording food and protecting yourself from others, the one that still sits with me is one from the UTNE Reader which advices folks to get to know the folks in the neighbourhood.. find out who are the nurses and doctors that might live nearby .. find out who are the elderly and might need your help if an evacuation had to happen.

I still need to do this. Thanks for this Spark!
Comment by Buffy B on May 4, 2010 at 2:05am
Hi Mita and Turil, thanks for the votes :)
Comment by Buffy B on May 5, 2010 at 2:03pm
Hi Jean, thanks for dropping by and giving a vote :)


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