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Multi-functional structures feature underground water source, wastewater treatment within

As a green architecture training expert & fan, I love the fact the range of buildings' features can be so complete, from all energy & water needs met through renewables & surplus energy & water distributed to nearby structures to cover some or all of their needs, to waste water treatment inside building, to grey-water systems & almost anything else you could imagine. This is a wonderful water-purifying skyscraper designed for Jakarta that includes sustainable housing, replacing the slums now on the river. Some of its highlights are pumps that go from & to the currently polluted rivers to collect waste from, filter, & purify water, use it for the building, & also send clean water back to the rivers. It is mainly for Ciluwung


The waste is not wasted; it is for fertilizer to grow things back up on the river banks. Additional waste will be from the housing. This skyscraper is quite an intriguing idea.

This water tower would draw water from an underground aquifer. It is designed by H3AR for constructing in Sudan, resembling a baobab, the upside down tree from Savanah. In 2007, scientists discovered one of the largest underwater lakes in the world in Darfur. It includes a hospital, water storage center, food storage & a school.

The water pumps utilize water to heat & cool the building, as well as store it in large capacities in the core. It would be treated for potable use. The towers would be built using clay bricks, which would be made on site.

So that's two buildings that excite me with the possibilities.

Three of the main culprits in this water crisis are: plastic bottled water, agriculture, & personal waster of fresh water. The first two are debateable, the third is not.

Flushing a toilet is also flushing fresh water. I use grey-water to flush my toilet (grey-water is water from say a kitchen sink that was used to wash dishes; not drinkable). Letting the faucet run unecessarily. Not utilizing rain water. All of these things contribute to this crisis. Water is not even thought of by many people as a resource; it is just there, & plentiful right now, so why worry about it. Ignorance is bliss, eh

I'm not going to get into the plastic bottled water industry because it is tiresome, & I have already read a fair amount about it on here. So let's move on to agriculture.

Agriculture is a huge grey-area. We need water & food, & we need water to grow our food. Agriculture uses to much of the world's fresh water (70%), because of wasteful practices. Growing things naturally, in tune with nature, the way things were intended, uses much less water. We're so close to growing food on a large-scale in the afore shown vertical farming buildings, & with green roofs & walls. There's plenty of space to expand, chemicals & pesticides aren't really needed. Growing naturally everywhere that's currently not would cut down on a lot of water.

It takes 1,000tons of water to produce one ton of grain, while it takes 15,000tons of water to produce one ton of beef. Let's eat less or no meat.

Microbial fuel cells are cutting-edge technology that can convert things like plastic, food scraps & sewage into fresh water & clean energy. It is so cutting-edge its not ready yet. Boo. But it is being worked on, & the estimate on this site shows 20 million gallons of water saved a year watering 3,000cows. That's pretty damn good


I believe with these types of multi-functional, especially water-conservation dedicated buildings above, & new products like the Nomix toilet we


we are on the way to a future of conserving & seeing what a precious necessary resource water is...

I would like everyone to personally vow to do these things in an effort to avert the water crisis

-do not flush toilets with fresh water

-wash dishes by hand

-try to set up a rainwater catchement system if possible

-if you have a lawn, consider converting it to low-maintanence plants (ones that subsist off of mostly rain)

-don't purchase plastic bottled water; it is less healthy for you then even regular tap water, for one thing.

-etc..(any more ideas anyone?

will add a picture of my greywater later when I have time for all who were intereste...thanks

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Comment by Alex Stovell on March 28, 2010 at 9:05pm
The images in this post are amazing - as are the projects they represent! Are these things actually going to be built? It's a great thing if they are - can't wait to see them working for real :) Many thanks for sharing this Zack.
Comment by Jen Shaffer on March 30, 2010 at 3:59am
Those top two images are really cool. They remind me of some drawing I saw of a torus shaped space station many years ago - it was a city in space. You have a lot of good information. You might want to look into Permaculture as a way to integrate grey water into a food supply system that gardens with local varieties to reduce water usage.
Comment by Massive Attack on March 30, 2010 at 12:44pm
Ok, thanks for the tip
Comment by Chris Lancaster on April 6, 2010 at 10:18am
Great post, Mr Attack. You really know your stuff..
Comment by Jean Frankly on April 20, 2010 at 2:38am
The use of grey-water is very interesting. Thanks.

You might be interested in Jose Castro Vila's post on the LifeSaver Bottle that uses a non-chemical nano-filter designed to block viruses from water. Michael Pritchard is the engineer who designed this product that processes 6,000 litres of water per filter.

Comment by Massive Attack on April 20, 2010 at 2:47am
Ok thanks jean, to all my apologies, kitchen sink water is technically backwater, use bathroom sink water for more ideal grey-water usage


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