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I have LOVED playing EVOKE -- and I'm not done yet -- but you asked me to make a wish list for the next round, so here it is!

Which challenges and problems are next?
* Climate change, environmental issues;
* Education -- changing the form of schooling to match today's learners and tomorrow's societal needs;
* War and conflict

Where in the world should EVOKE build new communities?
Central America and the Middle East

Who should play season 2?
Students, students, students! It would be great if the game supported classroom teachers better. This means allowing people to set up groups of contacts (not just one group); it may mean different levels of content or tasks; and a weekly teachers' meeting in Skype or chat would be a great addition as well. Oh, and hey, if you want a curriculum guide, I know where you can get one -- or at least part of one! ;-)

How would I change the game?
I really love the one issue/one week format, and the Quest/Learn/Act/Imagine breakdown for each week, but sometimes I wish we could have delved more deeply into one or another of the topics. I don't know how to suggest adding this, and I know that any of us could have continued to work on any topic we wanted (and many did) -- but there was no real support for this in the mechanics of the game.

A second suggestion would be to allow for personal missions, like my mission to develop an EVOKE curriculum. It would be nice to be able to name and track one custom mission, and maybe to allow others to opt-in if they wanted (so that the extra mission and runes would appear for them too). Maybe even allowing this to replace one of the "official" weekly missions so that it could still count toward completion...

I think the mid-stream change that the developers made to the leader cloud was an excellent solution to an emerging problem, and I hope that spirit and responsiveness will continue in season 2.

What new tools would I want as an agent?
* The ability to create groups of my contacts (more than one group);
* Finer control over what email I get -- I want to allow email from some friends (or groups) but not from others;
* Easier ways to search/find content on EVOKE (some semantic tools? a feature that lists other agents' related posts in the sidebar next to my post? definitely things appearing in the search sooner than 36 hours!)

Why would I come back, what more would I want?
I would like to try mentoring, and I might very well play again. I learned a great deal from EVOKE, both from the content and from the way the game was built and run, and I definitely want to see season 2!

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Comment by Mita Williams on May 7, 2010 at 12:01am
Thanks so much for sharing some great ideas on how Evoke can better support students and teachers. Its definitely been a learning experience for me!
Comment by ninmah on May 7, 2010 at 12:30am
Thanks, Mita -- it has been for me, too. I especially liked the way Ken Eklund put it in his post Forge Your EVOKE Legacy: "The [EVOKE characters] have created a new type of classroom, one without walls. At their behest, people from all over the world have joined together in this classroom, one in which each person is by turns both student and teacher. This classroom has thousands of people in it, and together they have focused on the most intractable problems facing the world today." It has been very inspiring to me to see so many people willingly take on the learning, acting, and imagining that EVOKE has asked of them -- and to watch what has unfolded. I know I've only seen the tiniest part of it, and still it astonishes me.
Comment by ob1 on May 17, 2010 at 10:53am
Congratulations for being among the Heroes of the Week! ^___^

p.s.: since I still didn't understand what will exactly happen after the 19th on this website, and since I understood that Season 2 will be in February 2011... I'm sending you my email address for next sharings about "UE in the Classroom". =)

Thanks for being inspiring and sparking me, Ninmah! =)
Comment by ninmah on May 17, 2010 at 8:19pm
Thanks, ob1!


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