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OUR Evokation, OUR Gameplay, OUR Expansion

OUR Gameplay: The expanded gameplay system for the OUR Farm Network inspired by EVOKE, and it enables playfarmers to have fun, complete achievements, upload evidence, communicate, "level up", share info, surplus resources, win prizes, compare their results with other farms and obtain seed funding for OUR Community Farms.

Playfarmers will participate in three main ways:

- Mission Completion/Unlocking (reaching all the goals of a certain Mission to unlock the next one)

- Achievement Completion (completing certain goals to obtain achievement badges)

- Leveling Up (getting virtual experience points to increase your farmer level and the level of your farm)

And this will be accomplished in 4 main ways:

- Writing Online Essays/Blogs (using OUR Online Tools as required by missions)

- Increasing Your Farm's Output/Profitability/Success (verified weekly through farm-submitted reports

and real world Game Masters of OUR Farm Network)

- Working With Other Farms (as required by certain Missions and Achievement Badges or for a joint project)

- Creating Real World Innovations (working solo or with other farms to create a new, palpable and verifiable change or improvement to OUR local and/or global Farms)

The idea is to make it all a fun and friendly competitive environment for all involved, offering real rewards and also virtual gratification.

For this purpose, a website that has both a browser and a mobile version will be needed. Playfarmers would sign up to this website in order to receive game updates, check their Mission/Achievement progress, read blogs/essays, check other player's farms, interact with OUR Network, upload pictures and information, look up their local Game Masters, buy/trade/ask for supplies, access resources to help their farm grow (Ursula's EVOKATION), procure free micro-franchise materials, redeem rewards and prizes and more.

This is a brief sketch of what OURGameplay levels in OUR Farm Network will look like.

OUR Missions

Level 01 OUR Module
The objective of the first level is to build a compact affordable, efficient and relatively easy to maintain OUR Farm Module. This is a great example of an OUR Farm Modulehttp://www.urgentevoke.com/video/garden-in-a-sack?xg_source=activity to propose more examples go to OUR Tech

- Research what fruits and plants can be grown in your city and upload evidence.
- Get in touch with local urban farmers and have a conversation with them, upload evidence.
- Buy organic seeds (extra points for trading instead of buying)
- Find the place(s) inside the apartment or house where the OUR Farm Module(s) will be.
- Build an OUR Farm station according to space.

- Extra points for those who find a new compact affordable, efficient and relatively easy to maintain OUR Farm Module previously not posted on OUR Farm Network website/apps.
- Mega bonus points for inventing and sharing a new OUR Farm Module.

- Founder rune for those who complete this level.

Level 02 Time to Grow
The objective of this level is to go trough the agricultural cycle from planting to harvest

Note: Techniques will vary depending on culture, weather, season, soil, altitude, latitude, nutrients and general context but must always be organic.

- Research local and innovative agricultural techniques and upload evidence.
- Soil preparation
- Seeding
- Watering
- Taking care off plants
- Harvesting plants

- Extra points for using composting techniques in this level and a rune.
- Extra points for using lombricompost techniques in this level and a rune.
- Mega bonus points for inventing and sharing a new soil creation technique and a rune.
- Mega bonus points for inventing and sharing a new organic plant growing technique and a rune.

Level 03 OUR Community Farm
The objective of this level is to meet other people in your area and build an OUR Community Farm

The people who have successfully passed Levels 01 and 02 will be able to unlock seed funding to build an OUR Community Farm (micro franchise?) Funding will be obtained with a system similar to www.kiva.org andhttp://www.globalgiving.org Should we work with this existing platforms or should we create our own platform?

- Go to OUR Farm Network website/apps and search for people around your area that have completed missions 1 and 2 and get together. Free tools and methodologies suggested for this meetings are:http://www.openspaceworld.org/ ;and http://www.meetup.com/
- Doc**ent with pics your meeting(s)
- Pick and click in OUR Farm Network website/apps what modules will you build in OUR Community Farm
- Once all steps are completed in Level 03 this will unlock seed funding to build an OUR Community Farm. Funding will be obtained with a system similar to www.kiva.org and http://www.globalgiving.org Should we partner with this existing platforms or should we create our own platform?

Level 04 Inventing the Future Modular Style

- Research what other necessities need to be covered in your location (Honey from bees? Fresh fish?)
- Doc**ent one service needed in your community and who could provide that service
- Doc**ent one product needed in your community and who could provide that product (For example organic honey or fresh fish from an aquaponics tank.
- How could you partner with someone to provide this service inventing an OUR Module? (For example a cooking class)
- How could you partner with someone to provide this product inventing an OUR Module?
- Share your inventions in OUR Farm Network website/apps. Also find inventions around the world that have worked in similar weathers to yours.
- How will you make a profit with your new OUR Module? or how will you trade products and services with your new OUR Module?

Level 05 Sharing and opening

- Is there knowledge, products and services that you want to share for free?
- Is there knowledge, products and services that you want to barter?
- Is there knowledge, products and services that you want to sell or buy?
- Organize and doc**ent an event where you invite people from your community to the official grand opening of your OUR Community Farm. It´s a day to celebrate!!! It can be a dance party, a potluck or any fun activity. The more people you get involved the better. It´s about sharing.

OUR Achievements

Playfarmers will have the chance of acquiring Achievement Badges (both real and virtual), and these can go from the mundane to the world changing, some with minor rewards and others with much bigger ones. Playfarmers will be able to get this Achievements both solo or in a group. In other words, if an OUR Farm or a series of OUR Farms work together for the same objective, all the playfarmers associated with them receive the Achievement Badge. On the other hand, there will also be Achievement Badges for individual activities.

Here's a few examples of what the achievements could be:

Solo Player Achievements

- Reach OUR Farmer Level X
- Complete X Missions
- Join or build an OUR Community Farm
- Plant your first crops
- Help your OUR Farm level up
- Add another Playfarmer to your friends list
- Attend a local/online OUR Farm event
- Refer a playfarmer
- Sign a petition to stop seed copyrighting
- Upload a picture or video of your OUR Farm

Farm (Group) Achievements

- Reach OUR Farm Level X
- Harvest your first crops
- Get your first income from selling produce
- Join or create a local farmer's market
- Farm production increases X percent
- Your OUR Farm reaches X playfarmers
- Join or create a local OUR Farm Network
- Develop a new soil/planting/irrigation/harvesting tool or technique
- Farm profit increases X percent
- Create or help develop a new royalty-free seed

While achievements are tied to experience acquisition, all achievements should also be tied to rewards, from the mundane to huge bonuses and grants, depending on the achievement itself. For instance, some may only yield stickers, t-shirts and mugs, while other can become "credits" to receive free seeds and supplies, and world changing ones (like creating new seeds and techniques) could result in large amounts of funding for the related farms. To increase the appeal, some could also be electronics, event tickets, excursions, green vehicles and trips, depending on the achievement and the funding/subsidies/donations OUR Farm Network can gather.

OUR Levels

At the core of the "gaming mechanic" and playfarmer competition would be the "levels" system, allowing for a quick and easy-to-understand way to determine playfarmer and OUR Farm performance and involvement.

For every OUR Mission and OUR Achievement completed, players would get virtual "Experience Points", and every time a player "levels up", they would receive "credits" that could be redeemed for seeds, funding, soil, compost, tools and many other things.

Some OUR Missions and all solo achievements give experience only to the playfarmer, while some OUR Missions and all farm (group) achievements give experience both to the farm and the playfarmer. Of course, when a farm "levels up", all playfarmers associated with it also receive "credits" that can be redeemed through the main OUR Farm Network site.

Since some Missions and Achievements require real life tasks, local Game Masters should be appointed to verify the validity of the accomplishment and monitor each OUR Farm progress, preferably once a week.

Players should be able to reach up to level 50 OUR Farmer, while OUR Farms would go up to level 20 only, both with an increasing experience requirement for each level up. The specific experience rewards for each mission and achievement will need to be decided later when each and every OUR Mission, OUR Achievement and other details are worked out, but once done, all the experience rewards should be calculated in such a way that all players and farms can only reach top level after completing a minimum of 95% of all missions and achievements.

Of course, both playfarmer and OUR Farm levels will be closely tied to the rewards players receive, creating an incentive for continued participation. The higher their levels, the bigger the rewards.

For those who reach top levels, other "end game" possibilities can open, such as becoming OUR Farm Network conference speakers, being granted administrative spots on their local OUR Organization, receiving help networking with local lobbyists and lawmakers, free trips to help develop other OUR Farm projects within areas with sustainability needs, etc.

Note: This is part of OUR Evokation, it will improve with your input. At this point this Evokation is not my idea it is OUR idea. It has been improved thanks to everyone's comments and other blogs. Thanks to everyone!!! Join OUR Team

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Comment by Patricio Buenrostro-Gilhuys on May 18, 2010 at 5:11am
Brilliant as always Julio Cesar!!! Let me read it again tomorrow and I´ll comment. Thanks so much for contributing to OUR Farm!!!
Comment by Julio Cesar Corona Ortega on May 18, 2010 at 5:14am
Of course, Patricio.

Let me know anything I should work more over, fine tune, change, etc. :)


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