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Back at the beginning of the 21st century, people were still cursing and cursing at pyramid schemes and Ponzi-like scams as they rampaged through the bank accounts of unsuspecting people who didn't know better. Who'd have thought a few decades later we'd use the principles they were based on to help stop the Blue Flu of 2020 ?

Bookheads all over the world had started experimenting with information and best practices distribution networks by late 2010 after companies, ideological groups and associations that all had something to sell - products, ideologies, consulting services, you name it - tried to get into teachers' good grace so that we, in turn, would promote it all on to our colleagues and our pupils through hardcore lobbying and political and economical pressure. That had been the last push : after that, a small coalition of librarians had started a movement to provide free, open information to all the teachers who needed it, and spreading in turn the relevant information to their colleagues. It was organic it was unofficial, it was efficient even though it could have gone wrong in so many ways, and a complete bottom to top solution to a problem the Education Nationale ministry in our country would have struggled with for months before giving the OK for a state-approved solution.

Back to 2020. People coughing blue mucus everywhere, breathing masks, flourishing industry for drugs and pharmaceutical companies in general. We all remember how much the 2010 "swine flu" pandemic cost the country and in this post-crash economy, no one wants to see the State pay up millions of euros again for vaccines that'll not be used : so instead of waiting for instructions from "the Ministry", somewhere in France - maybe in just one little school, maybe in several at once as it often happens with organic networks - a nurse and a librarian must have sat down together and spread the information about the old swine flu prophilactics technique and asked the other members of the network to pass it on : from one group of teachers to their school nurse to librarian to another school and another librarian and nurse and teachers, and so on...Along the way, teachers and their students designed public domain health information posters and flyers, while others kept updating the information as health professionals and the State gave more information - thus transforming the country's educational infrastructure into something it had always been meant for...

Prepare its citizens for whatever would come up in the future.

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Comment by A.V.Koshy on April 30, 2010 at 7:34pm
a lady here is working on a library evokation and it's interesting
i like the spin you have in your tale
today's underground is tomorrow's future
little known fact...
Comment by Thomas Maillioux on April 30, 2010 at 7:40pm
Agreeing with you here, A.V. The political and economical aspects of our worlds are going to go through some major changes and that's why I believe we need to take things in our hands more and more, even (especially !) governmental services. Learning to be more independent, for the sake of our countries and their citizens...
Comment by A.V.Koshy on April 30, 2010 at 7:54pm
yes, you mean changes for the worse everywhere
only way is bottom up innovation
Comment by Jeremy Laird Hogg on April 30, 2010 at 9:28pm
pyramid scams probably have something to teach us; information is nowadays a pyramid scam with no one in control, and you don't get to pick being at the top or not. Who's kitten will be seen 10 million times this week? Who knows. But s/he'll be on top of the web 2.0 information pyramid for a moment - wait maybe that means it's a flying pyramid. awesome.

Now we just need to attract the flying pyramid to the right places at the right times. eg, to respond to crises.

wait - bottom up innovation, web 2.0... now it's a flying upside pyramid? This analogy was funky to being with, but no it's in outer space... I guess to complete the dizzy picture, the upsidedown flying pyramid has to be a virus to account for the virility of information paradigm.

But still, yeah passing it forward with pyramid scam techniques = an important EVOKE-like or TED-like principle.


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