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Kabul, Afghanistan

'A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.' - Chinese Proverb

'A child is a child of everyone.' - Sudanese Proverb


PANEL A: Setting/Picture: A Kabul street with children sitting on grubby grounds begging for food (see photo on my profile for an idea of what I mean.)

TEXT BOX 1: Kabul. December 10, 2020.

PANEL B: Setting/Picture: UN Headquarters building in New York.

PANEL C: Setting/Picture: Two UN officials talking at desk.

TEXT BOX 2: UN Headquarters in New York.

UN OFFICIAL #1: "You know who we need to call..."

PANEL C: Setting/Picture: Alchemy at his desk with video conference streaming on screen.

UN OFFICIAL #2: "Alchemy? We need help - this is an Urgent Evoke."


PANEL A: Setting/Picture: Alchemy at his desk.

ALCHEMY: "Are you saying you are asking for help, to help someone else?"

PANEL B: Setting/Picture: UN Headquarters.

UN OFFICIAL #2: "Yes. They have asked for our help but we need your agents as well."

PANEL C: Setting/Picture: Alchemy at desk.

ALCHEMY: "I see..."

UN OFFICIAL #1: "Your success rate is amazing."

PANEL D: Setting/Picture: UN Headquarters.

ALCHEMY: "No need for flattery. But I will need you to inform whoever we are helping that EVOKE is now involved."

UN OFFICIAL #1: "Of course. I will get them to join our conversation now."

PANEL E: Setting/Picture: House of Elders - Zalmai and Namir in office.

TEXT BOX 1: House of Elders, Afghanistan.

ART INCLUDES: 'Ring Ring' in background of Setting/Picture.


PANEL A: Setting/Picture: Screen showing Alchemy's face in House of Elders.

ALCHEMY: "Hello... My name is Alchemy. I understand you would like to discuss something?"

PANEL B: Setting/Picture: House of Elders - Zalmai and Namir in office.

ZALMAI: "My name is Zalmai and this is Namir."

NAMIR: "Afghanistan has become the most dangerous place for children to be born - we want to change this..."

PANEL C: Setting/Picture: Alchemy's face.

ZALMAI: "We have lots of support among officials but what we need is publicity."

UN OFFICIAL #2: "And following recent developments Alchemy... we believe that would be your specialty"

PANEL D: Alchemy's screen at close range showing list of agents.

ALCHEMY: "Not my specialty, our specialty. Let me inform my leading agents."


PANEL A: Setting/Picture: Agent Ember with 3 Students outside a learning institute.

ALCHEMY: "Ember, how are you doing?"

TEXT BOX 1: Hamilton, New Zealand.

PANEL B: Setting/Picture: Alchemy at desk.

EMBER: "Great. I have three students here willing to gather some more keen graduates."

PANEL C: Setting/Picture: Ember in front of the students putting up posters behind her reading 'car wash' and 'bake sale'.

EMBER: "Looks like fundraising will start immediately."

PANEL D: Setting/Picture: Alchemy sitting at desk.

ALCHEMY: *smiling* "Sounds like New Zealand's can-do attitude is worthwhile. Now where have Eureka and Cipher gone?"


PANEL A: Setting/Picture: Eureka and Cipher sitting on the street side in Kabul, Afghanistan.

TEXT BOX 1: Kabul, Afghanistan.

EUREKA: "You think this will work?"

CIPHER: "Possibly. I'm mainly relying on the youth to pass this around."

PANEL B: Setting/Picture: Online newspaper headline... 'EVOKE - can you change the world?'

PANEL C: Setting/Picture: Eureka and Cipher.

CIPHER: "Bright minds research and seek more information... If they look beyond this article I will make sure they will find reliable information."

EUREKA: "I hope this works we need doctors to teach local students and preschool teachers to take care of the young children so mothers can work, keeping children off the streets."

PANEL D: Setting/Picture: Alchemy's computer screen showing online headline made by Cipher.

ALCHEMY: "Ahh... good work agents."


PANEL A: Setting/Picture: Zalmai and Namir and Quinn in office.

TEXT BOX 1: House of Elders, Afghanistan.

ZALMAI: "So you think we can benefit from this?"

PANEL B: Setting/Picture: Quinn's face.

QUINN: "Not at first but you need to understand that this is an important investment - it shows belief in your people."

PANEL C: Setting/Picture: Zalmai and Namir close up.

ZALMAI: "We do believe in our people and we have been trying to help them as best we can starting with President Hamid Karzai's work in the early 2000s. Public Health Minister Mohammad Amin Fatemi brought great change to the health system but it still needs help today."

NAMIR: "And don't forget Minister of Education, Ghulam Farooq Wardag. He was well liked among the government officials. We understand that our government 10 years ago was not perfect but it helped start change... we would like to now bring the ultimate results."


PANEL A: Setting/Picture: UN Headquarters building.

TEXT BOX: Conference Video Call - UN Headquarters, New York.

UN OFFICIAL #2: "Hello Alchemy. Welcome Zalmai and Namir."

ZALMAI: "What updates do we have Alchemy?"

PANEL B: Setting/Picture: Alchemy's face.

ALCHEMY: "Many."

PANEL C: Setting/Picture: Cipher and Eureka in the streets of Kabul.

ALCHEMY: "Sites developed by Cipher and Eureka are getting enormous numbers of views... people are very interested in helping."

PANEL D: Setting/Picture: Ember with students.

ALCHEMY: "New Zealand students graduating from nursing and medicine courses are fundraising to come share their skills with students in Kabul. Preschool and primary school teachers are fundraising to bring their skills along too."

PANEL E: Setting/Picture: Quinn close up of face.

ALCHEMY: "And Quinn has met with you both in terms of investing with these goals."


PANEL A: Setting/Picture: Children playing with skipping rope. In background we see New Zealanders meeting with local Afghan students.

NAMIR: "Good to hear Alchemy, we are very glad to have sent an EVOKE. We have a long way to go but we are dedicated to helping our children and your help has set us off."

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Comment by A.V.Koshy on May 14, 2010 at 3:04am
ur a good creative writer too
Comment by Erin Sammons on May 14, 2010 at 4:21am
thankyou =)
Comment by Michele Baron on May 15, 2010 at 5:26am
great post, Erin
Comment by Erin Sammons on May 15, 2010 at 11:10pm
thanks for taking the time to read it =)
Comment by Samiran Roy on May 16, 2010 at 7:59am
Very nice. I like the focus on children.


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