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The Dynamic Daniel Dingel and his Water-Powered Car

What a great name for a great inventor. Mr. Dingel lives just south of Manila, Philippines. I was introduced to him by a friend who had heard about this wonderful man and was seeking to find ways to help him patent his idea.
We met him on the corner of his village, and then followed his car back to his house. There was a gentle drip drip drip of water coming out of his exhaust pipe.

I am no scientist but this is what I saw and this is how I understand the invention:
40 years ago, Mr. Dingel invented a device that splits HO2 in a very minimal current as the car is driven. You pour water into the device and it is enough to power the car for one hour. I saw it with my own eyes.
The hydrogen produced is enough to cruise along quite happily. A very smooth ride indeed. I can attest to that too.
According to Mr. Dingel, he first pitched his idea to President Marcos during the 70s. President Marcos actually rode in the car with him.
"This is the miracle i have been waiting for" he said. However, after two weeks, the government claimed that they were not in a position to help. Perhaps Imelda needed more shoes.

Mr. Dingel is still driving his water-powered car around his barangay south of Manila as he has been doing since 1969.

There have, of course, been many interested parties that have visited Mr. Dingel over the years. However, no offers made have satisfied him.
Like millions of filipinos he has no faith in our government.
He does not want any money generated by his invention to go anywhere near the government.
He wants investors to set up a foundation so that the money will go DIRECTLY TO THE FILIPINO PEOPLE.
And he will not settle for anything less.

Any takers?

Daniel Dingel's story (from the horse's mouth)

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Comment by Thomas Bell on March 24, 2010 at 3:59pm
I would really like to meet this person, and look at this car. Lasting an hour, would be good for city travelling. It's a real pity he hasn't been able to bring this out, just one large honourable donor and the world would be so much better.
Comment by Zack Garton on March 29, 2010 at 2:19am
Absolutely amazing!
I remember hearing a story about a car-engine being developed that, by means of crafty fuel-efficiency, could get 100mpg.. According to the story, this technology was invented some 50 or so years ago.. It was promptly bought by a leading auto company and sealed away, never to be spoken of. This was done in order to facilitate some shady agreement with oil companies to keep gas consumption high.. It's a silly story, to be sure; but there's a certain creepy parallel between that and this one..
Anyway, all rambling aside; this is awesome, and I'm jealous you got to meet this man =) I'll be spreading it about as much as I can =D
Comment by Nicholas Nagao on March 29, 2010 at 2:32am
Thank you for posting about this, you've ruined the next 2 days at least for me haha. This sounds amazing! I found this article from a Taiwanese company that sent someone to come back and describe the device


So I wonder why he isn't producing at least a few of them.....if the cost is low enough, you'd think even a group of us could get enough money together to produce a few of these right? I'd be really interested in helping and would provide any hosting or technical expertise to get a donation drive going....Rebecca, would this help him at all from what you understand of the problem?
Comment by Rebecca Gillman on March 29, 2010 at 12:58pm
Thanks for the support! I can certainly get in touch with Mr. Dingel again but last time I spoke to him (which is a few years ago now) he quoted his price as the same amount of money owed to the filipino people after years of government corruption. Hmm. I have a feeling that this is a figure a little beyond the grasps of a donation drive...


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