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EVOKE manifesto - IMAGINE10

EVOKE is a global network of online gamers - called "heros" - with the common goal to change the world in a positive way.

The players of all ages and nationalities develop an individual hero character and work on three different levels. Firstly, they can…


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My crisis reaction team

I would gather a crisis reaction team combining the following persons:

- Teachers (especially in rural areas) to inform their students and hand out medical equipment.

- Pharmacy owners to create a robust and efficient medicine supply network

- Facebook employees to spread the news on every single Facebook profile in the relevant country

- TV and Radio station employees to inform the people with helpful information

- Owners of local security services to provide the…


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EVOKE Season 2 - LEARN10

WHICH great challenges and social problems should the EVOKE Network tackle next?

The challenges and social problems I would like to see the Evoke Network handles next are

(1) URGENT EVOKE: education

(2) URGENT EVOKE: human rights

(3) URGENT EVOKE: child labor

(4) URGENT EVOKE: loss of…


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Learn 10

In Evoke 2 it should be opened a mission every week. This time you could read all missions at the beginning. I think this would be more exciting and motivating.

There are so many problems which have to be solved. For example how can you help people in countries with political turmoil?

How can you convince people to do something voluntary?

Improvements: I think there are a lot of opportunities to improve the system. For example why should i log my evidence again when i sent…


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Challenges to crisis communication

Glen Nowak, Chief of Media Relations with the CDC explains the five main challenges to crisis communication:

1. Most scientists believe that news media articles should have the same standards as scientific journals which is of course unrealistic because in the news media headlines and articles have to be eye-catching and thrilling for to attract the attetion of the potential customer.

2. Education is not the only purpose of news reporting. That means a single article can only be…


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The Future of Evoke

I had hoped that season 2 would cover topics like the protection of wildlife, the constantly increasing criminality, the hopelessness among the European youth, especially in southern Europe, and the increasing divergence of social cla**** regarding financial means, but since the season 2 of Evoke is out already and the focus of season 2 is on trash, i would like to see those topics covered in season 3.

Moreover, Urgent Evoke had some technical deficiencies, which were quite…


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I met up with a few classmates, to tell you that we can help one girl with better access to education.
We thought that if we each give a little money, then this may be enough to help in the construction of a building in one of the countries of Africa. We decided to give as much as you want, and if possible send the money to the organization occupying education in Africa. As soon as I find such an organization in the interenet it will try to forward them the money.

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I used http://www.wmtransfer.com/. It is a multifunctional payment tool that provides secure and immediate transactions online.

The System supports several types of Purses, that keep record of valuables property rights of corresponding types:

R-Purse WMR — Bearer's bank cheque in Russian Rubles

Z-Purse WMZ — Goods certificate, in USD

E-Purse WME — Bearer's bank cheque in EUR

U-Purse WMU — Bank account claims in…


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I would advise people involved in water crisis to focus more on those economic areas where it is used a lot of water in order to find a more economical way to water consumption. Particular attention is paid to agriculture, because there are not always rational use water.

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The network

The EVOKE network is a place to gather for people who have the ambition and the vision to work together, share their thoughts and develop great ideas and solutions for the most urgent social problems of our times. The network provides a platform for its members to come together and discuss their ideas, it poses questions about the most urgent social matters in the form of missions where the users shall inform themselves about these matters and then solve a specific problem using a huge…


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The perfect thing to do with an old watermill.
Pros: Unlike photovoltaics and wind, a more steady supply of power. Less controversial than large-scale hydro electric because significant damming and storage of large quantities of water is seldom needed.
Cons: You'll need a nearby river.
Nevertheless, I think it's a good idea for alternative energy at home.

Added by Dimitri on June 30, 2012 at 3:20pm — No Comments


During a pandemic, any person of any profession could help. Because in today's world almost everyone has access to the internet from a mobile phone or computer. During a pandemic, people might shoot video or take photos on their mobile phones or other electronic devices and send them to the doctor for a speedy and timely delivery of information.
So can quickly take the necessary measures.

Added by Dimitri on June 30, 2012 at 3:04pm — No Comments


For it's next season, EVOKE should tackle problems related to children - like child slavery or poverty. Although child problems are closely related to world problems in general, they are a special target group who needs a lot of attention. Children are the ones who will built our future and therefore highly important. One has to show them how to live a respectful and useful life. Furthermore EVOKE could tackle problems which are related to globalization. In Europe, there are huge problems…


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I would posted on a large area ​​the water counter, which would be showing how much water leaves people a day, month and year to use a toilet, shower. So people could see how fast the water is used, and thus trying to save her.

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A lot of the problems and missions can be solved in the second season. I would direct attention to the problems of Asia. There, as in Africa, there are many unresolved social problems. In the second season I would have made ​​it possible for agents to play more opportunities by providing them with contact details of officials who are responsible for various problems. Perhaps some of the agents wanted to talk personally with these officials, to imagine the problems in the countries closer.

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The challenges that EVOKE should propose in season 2 !!!!!   I find this game very interesting, it's fun new solutions for complex problem to search.I've learned about this game just because it's in …

The challenges that EVOKE should propose in season 2 !!!!!


I find this game very interesting, it's fun new solutions for complex problem…


Added by Shnayder Oxana on June 30, 2012 at 1:30pm — No Comments

Change in Season 2

Evoke Season 2 should tackle with challenges in care about children. Children are defenseless.

There are a lot of problems that need to be solved from evoke agent:

about 200 million children are working on dangerous and exploitative conditions around the world(http://www.planet-wissen.de/politik_geschichte/menschenrechte/kinderarbeit/index.jsp)

about 10000 children are… Continue

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I have a lot of fun to play Evoke.

For me it was a good experience to learn more about the problems in the world. Mostly we take care of our own problems and see not the real big problems. So Evoke was very helpful to open my eyes.

I think Evoke should tackle the poorness and help people who have no home or no perspective to change their life. They need our help to get out of their difficult situation.( Ideas to build new homes or help them to find good work.)

I would call…


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EVOKE changes the world

At the time I was playing EVOKE, I often asked my friends about topics which preoccupy my mind - about changing the world and they are wondering about… And therefore I tried to explain to them the EVOKE Network – the reason for my questions and thinking…

I told them EVOKE is “a crash course in changing the world” ,I explained that this program brings people all over the world together for finding solutions for real problems of our generation and for people in Africa… And also it makes…


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Think about what is a “web society” and how to deal with social media

I think one of the next problems evoke should deal with are the new ways for communications. What are the rules in social media portals, what is necessary to making the public more aware of the problems, chances and rules in relationships via internet?

How many web is good for us, what should we extending… for what we should better not use the web… How can we deal with the opportunities the web gives us?

Furthermore, everybody needs to make his own decision about dealing with the…


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public servants

The exchange works directly for state and public workers and servants. It gives them credit in exchange for the amount of public work they contribute to the community. The more constructive they are based off a base rate the more credit they recieve.
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