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LEARN9 - Five principle bulwarks against denial

I think the secret “How do People React in a Pandemic?” is very important, because you can learn how to react during a pandemic.

When people initially become aware of a risk, they overreact temporary in a short-term way. The knee-jerk…


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act 2

My idea to increase food security in Germany is that children farming her own food and then they cooking self. They learn many things about their food and know, it is a product of nature. If they spend a lot of time in farming, they learn to respect the nature. Food is then not a stuff from the supermarket, but the result of hard work. After that they know, where a chicken or a pig comes from. Know about food leads to healthier diet and increase food security

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Helping your Neigbours

We want to create a overview of the society while a pandemic. Who need body help, general informations or other things in this crisis? The network "Helping your Neigbours" want to connect people in the real world with real promplems for improving the situation. For example: My neighbour is 79 years old and have no knowledge about a online network. Her husband is affected from the pandemic and she needs help in her everyday life, because she cares about him. And in her circle of acquaintances…


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Precaution advocacy

I think the most important is the precaution advocacy, because it is possible to recommend precautions without outrage. You have to keep your message short, work hard to make your message interesting and stay on your message. The reason why, people have a short attention span, apathic people are easily bored and people tune out pretty easily.

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Learn 9

I read the five secrets of Crisis Communication and my opinion is that all of them are important.

I choose the secret “Managing Panic in a Pandemic” - it is especially important.

I think it's important that journalists deal cautiously with the word PANIK , and educate the citizens. They have a big responsibility.

Panic is about a loss of social and internal order. Most of the time people are running around doing what they believe is self-protective. This exacerbated the…


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the "science and future" day

Today is a special day in the history of our planet because the last nuclear power station was shut down. From now we use only electricity from renewable energy sources that's produced by new generation of power stations. This new power station invented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology uses the power of the sun and of the wind in combination with the force of the Earth's magnetic field. It's more than twice as efficient as all the other old power stations on earth.



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Managing Panic in a Pandemic

I think its very important to calm people down during a pandemic.

Journalists play a key role helping government manage fear in the general population during a disaster.

Its important how a situation is discribed in a newsreports, if you for example exaggerate and use the wrong words like death and chaos too often it could just even cause more panic.

When we reach out to the different audiences, we find public trust is a big issue. If you don't have the trust, people aren't…


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Do it the opposite

I think a very important aspect in change communication is the actual reaction and behavior of the people who have to cope with the information. There seems to be a very sensitive dynamic within the way recipients assimilate and respond to potential threats. Being able (or at least have the chance) to control this is in my opinion the decisive key to increase the chance of de-escalation in any scenario.

This makes it interesting that in order to achieve a goal like breaking down…


Added by Tim Winkelmann on June 25, 2012 at 3:32pm — No Comments

Pandemic journalism

I chose the "Pandemic journalism" because I think this is a very interesting and important point related to pandemic issues. Usually reporters are trying to increase and to overrate their issues. Reporters stop sensationalizing when they start thinking it’s serious. Scared reporters write reassuring stories. I think this is a very important point to prevent an overreaction. Media coverage can be very dangerous to manipulate the nation. When reporters are honest and careful with their…


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Outbreak Communication: How the Sources See the Story

What I think is most important to the people is that they get informed about news - and even small ones - as soon as possible. They want to get to know every single fact that arises to a pandemic, so that they can decide what to do on their own.

But since most people are no experts in medicine or that specific pandemic, they need some trustful people who spread the news. On the one hand these people can be journalists. The problem with journalists is, that they get paid or are…


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Managing Panic in a Pandemic

Managing Panic in a Pandemic

I have chosen "Managing Panic in a Pandemic", because in my opinion this is the most important part of Crisis Communication.

In general it makes no sense spreading panic, because "panic" evokes a feeling of being out of control and this is not very helpful in a crisis situation. So trust in authorities will prevent people from panicking.

The idea behind the public trust is this: If people are concerned about something and you…


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LEARN9 - Managing Panic in a Pandemic

I picked "Managing Panic in a Pandemic" because it seems to me most important after a pandemic has broken out. Journalists help the government with the crisis communication. The article includes five different aspects that are important for dealing with panic.

1. Public trust is a big issue

2. Push technology

3. We don’t deal with what we house in our minds

4. Good things happen if you do them

5. Questions Journalists Can Ask



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Learn 9

Humanity, as a rule, in situations of pandemic facing the same problems: lack of potable water, lack of food, lack of medicines and medical care, which automatically calls into question the very survival of man. In addition, due to adverse conditions related to the above-mentioned factors, the life cycle of man can be reduced by almost half. This also applies to multi-threat man-made and man-made, high degree of injuries and problems of sanitation and hygiene. Viral pandemic eruption…


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How do People react in a Pandemic?

What I found really surprising is the statement of Peter Sandman, Risk Communication Consultant. He says that if people become aware of a risk, denial is a way bigger problem than panic. To be honest, I always thought that overreactions to a difficult situation and the panic of the people can cause the biggest problems. What Peter Sandman says is that the overreactions and fear in a crisis are very important to protect people. Sandman argues that people who have gone through such a reaction…


Added by Jana Zieger on June 25, 2012 at 2:38pm — No Comments

risk = hazard + outrage

I chose the Covering Risk secret. In this article Peter Sandman writes about risks and how people see them. He splits up risk into hazard and outrage and explains what he means by this. Outrange basicly is the peoples reaction. It describes how upset or affraid they get about a certain risk. Hazard on the other side is the actual scientific risk to kill or hurt people or the environment. I think that it does make total sense to make this distinction. Especially during crisis people tend to…


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A communication platform for people in need and voluntary civilians

If a pandemic flu would reach Nuremberg and I would have been asked to organize a group of people who can help, I would create an online platform for the communication between voluntary helpers and people who are in need of them.

If a pandemic flu begins to spread over a community or a country it is important try to keep the number of new infections to a minimum. But there is one problem: Infected people still need to leave their homes in order to get food, medicine and other important…


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The five principles of outbreak communication

"WHO - Outbreak communication guidelines

We built risk communications and called it “outbreak communication,” because we were focusing on a special type of public health event. There are a lot of special things about outbreaks, but most important is that they’re unfolding events. Nobody really knows where they’re going and, especially in the beginning, there’s high outrage and high concern in the absence of knowing what the hazard is.

We published a report…


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LEARN9 - Humans responses in a disaster

I chose the secret "How do people react in a Pandemic" because I think that it contains very important informations for everyone to survive a disaster. Particularly the piece of Peter Sandman, Risk Communication Consultant, is in my opinion quite surprising and useful.

There are several ways of human reactions during a disaster. When people overreact, they pause what they're doing, become hyper-vigilant, check out the environment more carefully than they normally would. The most…


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Prevention is better than cure!!

I guess the most important in a disaster situation is to keep cool! We must act in a position to be quickly and effectively, and thereby remain calm.

Overreaction must be avoided. This can only be achieved if one is already faced with disasters before.

It is therefore important that the population on a regular basis receives "information at the right behavior in disasters" . If the population knows how to behave, and what is important, then there is a bigger chance of…


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the 5 secrets of crisis communication

My choise is "Managing Panic in a Pandemic". I think this is very important, because people can overreact in hard and unusal situations. The most important point for me in this article is "Calming". The people need to calm down to make the right decisions. There must be someone who guides the people, so that they know what to do and where to go to.

Link to the article:…


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The exchange works directly for state and public workers and servants. It gives them credit in exchange for the amount of public work they contribute to the community. The more constructive they are based off a base rate the more credit they recieve.
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