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"When people initially become aware of a risk, they overreact. They have a temporary short-term overreaction. People pause what they're doing, become hyper-vigilant, check out the environment more carefully than they normally would and—this is perhaps the most important characteristic of the adjustment reaction—they take precautions that may be excessive, may be inappropriate, and are certainly premature."

I thought this was interesting. It exactly what happened to my husband I heard a… Continue

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In El Salvador a CBNRM is trying to reduce sedementation by means of soil conservation. The are training people in the community who are below the poverty level and strghthen the community as a wh***.

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SO in the future we could be self reliant with food. Each neighborhood could provide different produce. ANd we could trade with other neighborhoods. I know this is kind of like going back in time instead of forward but I think we should take from the past to make the future better. I will post a picture later of my group of our bartering system.

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It would be cool if each person could choose what community they wanted to help. Then by city and possibly start something more local. Local problems for the area they are in might cause them to feel more interested in helping and like thhey ca actually make a difference.

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I joined a group of 5 in my class and we decided to do a bartering system. Each person wrote down their skill that they had then we each traded our different skills. I sing so I could sing at someones birthday or event in exchange for them helping me fix my computer.

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When i firt read this mission i autiatically started thinking of currencies. Using different currenicies. BUt then after doing some research I saw that a bartering system would work as well. Using a bartering system to trade our different skills is my idea.

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It would be great if with this program you could type in your name in a disaster sitution and your status, so that people worried about you can easily type your name in and see where you are and your status. Alive, safe, healthy, unijured, injured, need help, tramped, and so on. Then these statuses could be filtered and those that need help along witht their location can be forwarded to rescue teams.

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In light of the recent Earthquake scares and possible future earthquake, my city has recomended that individuals carry with them an earthquake kit. The kit should include: bandages, water, and simple foods, flashlights.The price changes depending o the number of people you are buying it for. They can be baught and walgreens and other stores.

I also saw some stuff saying that business should buy some sort of backup in case of disaster, or power outage because just an hour lost of power… Continue

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I know for this area the scare of a earth quake is pretty relevant. The first thing after an earth quake happens, if you survive, i would wonder about my husband and family.
Eathquakes scare a great many people. They unpredictable, all we know is one is supposed to happen, but you have no idea where you will or who will be with you. scary.

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Its 2020 and thousands of women's live have been drastically changed thanks to the donations of thousands of supporters of women for women. The women in DRC who had been raped have recieved physical and mental help to move on. With the money recieved we were able to create and initiative to begin to change DRC policies against rape and have now very stict punishment for men who do rape women. With som of the fund recieved we also created safe havens all over to be refuges for women. In these… Continue

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TO help the women being raped and the women recovering from the war go to http://www.womenforwomen.org/global-initiatives-helping-women/help-women-congo.php At this link you can donate money or spo…

TO help the women being raped and the women recovering from the war go to


At this link you can donate money or sponsor a women.

Donate to women for women which is an organization made by women from congo. It is super easy to donate. Continue

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OMG!!! YOU NEED to read this articel

New study shows four women raped every 5 minutes in the DRC http://www.unmultimedia.org/radio/english/detail/121813.html

This incredibly sad. WHY? because while we are here worried about thing like paying more money for school or little minute things that in the long run will not effect our way of life there are women being raped.… Continue

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Hmmm... So I am thinking culture. Like in different regions cities can meet at the town center and come dressed to represent their culture. Though there are many difference in culture, we are all human and can unite on the issue of saniation and our basic needs as humans. It will be fun because everyone can represent their culture by dressing to represent the culture, or makeing tables or booths to respresent the culture but everyone will be showcasing their cultures talents while focusing on… Continue

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Here is the link for World Water Relief's website.


in the top right corner is a DONATE link. The accept all major credit cards.
Every little you can give can help.

We take for granite simple neceities like water, because we have such cheap and easy access to it.


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I decided to write about a situation I read about in the newspaper today. So far in Haiti, 5,000 people have died from Ch***ra. This is an infection to the small instenstine and if not treated can cause death. It causes your body to release more water in the stool and create severe diarrhea, which leads to loss of bodily fluids. It occurs when the water being drinking is contaminated or untreated. Unfortuantle in Haiti this is very common. But there is a group trying to make a… Continue

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Hmmm... So it will be a new holiday, called Energy Day. And millions of people all over the counrty will join. There will be different event to suit everyone capability. They will be sporting events such as running, biking, swimming, wheelchair raises, many other related sports. But each competator will be contributing to our energy bank while playing. Everyone will excited because well who doesnt like sports, and it range from competitive to beginner so everyone can join in on the fun.… Continue

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So there is a company called the "Wave Energy Conversion Corporation of Ireland" and they are figureing our way to use the waves tp crete energy. This is the biggest and most competive inovation for 2011. It sarted in Ireland since they have great potential for waiver generated energy but has now come to the US. It sounds like a great clean idea. Very interesting. Here is the link if you want o read more about it.… Continue

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OK so you know how people work out.... Well why not use some sort of machine that is powered by us while we are working out? Lets say you are going to go for your morning run you shoes could have something inside them that everytime you pound the pavement it creates energy, the same with a bicylce. Everytime you go ride you bike it create energy that you can use later to power your home. This would encourage people to work out and create a healthier society.

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I am at my home with my husband and children and we are eating dinner together. I imagine that by then things will have changed alot. I hope to see more local food being bought and that we can be less dependant on super markets and have our own gardens or local grower we can purchase from. The food would be from our garden or local growers. I went to my neighbors and paid her for her tomatoes and she paid me for my potatoes. I prepared the meal. The dish would be called Old fashioned (fill in… Continue

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So when i think about helping out it gets hard. Everytime I am walking around town, and am asked for money I hesitate because of my doubt that they will actually use the money to buy food. Instead I try to buy the operson food. But this week for my church I was fasting so I thought I could talk about my experience.

Like i said I was fasting for my church. There are many different ways to fast you can fast from things like tv or your phone or from food. I chose food. So for 6 days I ate… Continue

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This past weekend was the annual celebration at the lake house in Connecticut. It is amazing that the lake is still so clear and beautiful after all these years. The watershed association has done a wonderful job protecting these waters from the damaging effects of development.The wood grill was finally ready to cook on, so we didn't miss the propane tank fueled grill anymore. The food actually tasted fresher than in the past and was easy to keep fueled.Dad was very proud of the solar hybrid…See More
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