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EVOKE is the way for youth to get their thoughts out about the problems in the world and how to fix them. It sparks creativity, vision, knowledge and shows students how things work in other countries. The missions are sent out weekly and are based on different worldwide problems. Each mission involves imagination, learning and acting on the problem. EVOKE students discover what it means to think and act on something important.

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Pandemic outbreak

My student army gather round as I go over the plan again. We are to take resposibility of each retirement home in the city, making sure that the flu doesn't get into the elderly who are weaker than most. Another group has taken care of the infant area at the hospital and several nurseries around the city. Equipping ourselves with masks and sanitiser we go to work!

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When I am 100

To my children, my grandchildren and my great grandchildren

Growing is a way of life that we all should have. Taking care of your natural surroundings. Do not let nature wither around you. Protect the last of the rainforest. Eco - friendly is one of the most important things of this age as we still destroy nature wherever we walk.

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The new garden city

Wow it has been a busy time for Christchurch! Because of the earthquakes so much has changed. But thankfully we have retained our nickname 'the garden city'. Builders are just finishing up the last of the houses and the plans for the new eco-friendly shopping centre and libraries are halfway through development. It is so great to see my city becoming normal again. The shipping container shopping mall has remained as a memorial and the new cathdrael looks amazing despite the critics.

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2020 in a Sudan bakery

Sabira felt a wave of heat on her face she opened the oven door. She quickly took out the brown loaf, wrapped it in brown paper. She had been working at this bakery ever since she was fifteen. She remembered the kind faces of the white people who helped build it. How one woman showed her how to work the oven and how even though they didn't live their they came to help. She passed the loaf of bread over to her mother who exchanged it for a few coins to the man at the front of the shop. When…


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Season 2

I have loved EVOKE and even though it has been a lot of work it is worth it!
The next target audience should be teens AND young adults. Young adults are old enough to go out into the world and act in the places that desperatley need it.
As a issue to target I think that there can be more focus on sustainability. It was a great power this season but I think it needs to be focused on a little more.

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Crisis communication

Trust in authorities will prevent people from panicking. It will enable individuals to better cope with their fears, act more rationally, and support each other. It will allow people to accept more drastic measures such as quarantines and school closings.

I think this is one of the best secrets because it teaches that in a crisis there needs to be someone in charge. Otherwise people start making rash descions and things get worse.

If there is an authortive figure who is not…


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Community forestry

Community forest ownership: Key to sustainable forest resource management -- The Gambian experience

Over the years the thick forrests of Gambia have slowly withered due to human forestry leaving wastelands in their footsteps. As this was a detteriorating problem a community forestry was developed. Together the local community made descions on land use and quantities of forrest planted and cut down. This clarly shows that communities can take responsibility for things that are placed…


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Civil Defence

As my city has recentley been in a time of crisis basically everybody knows our plan. But I know that even I didn't know about the civil defence before the first earthquake struck. I doubt that many citizens knew what to do and where to go. I think that people around the world need to be educated about such things otherwise in times of crisis things would become even more chaotic due to lack of understanding on what to do.

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Ushahidi in New Zealand

I think that if there is Ushahidi in Christchurch then the risk of lives lost in future earthquakes would reduce. Ushahidi could help SAR teams find those stuck under rubble much quicker. If we had Ushahidi in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes then I believe the death toll would have dropped significantly!

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Women rights

Twitter is quite useful for spreading the word. I, myself have started to post facts about womens rights, how they are treated in what we thought were civilised countries! I hope that when people read what goes on in their neighbouring countries then they will do something about it. If more people know about this then more can be done to stop it.

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Bringing CEDAW to life: the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women turns 30

For three decades, the 23-member Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women has worked to bring the landmark Women’s Convention (CEDAW) to life. In response to the Committee’s review and recommendations, governments have changed their laws, policies and approaches to women in line with international gender equality goals.

After investigating this story I discovered that over the 30 years that the CEDAW has been in bussiness 30 countries now have at least 30% of their…


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Blackboard bank

My family and I have invented the Blackboard Bank. A system used in our family to keep track of pocket money. Instead of handing over cash every week we just simply chalk it up on the blackboard. This system is a great way of keeping track of savings and ensures that we do not lose it!

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Community Bank

I think community banking is a great idea! It does the same thing as a normal bank except there is no cost, no big corpratism company behind it and it is local. Community banking is a great way fto save for those who live in poorer countries.

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Water Warriors!

I have become a Water Warrior. A person dedicated to informing and acting about this problem. Occasionally I will send ouut the mass text showing facts about how much water we have and how much they need. I subscribed to this website www.globalwaterchallenge.org.

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Water kiosk

In Uganda water.org have started putting water kiosks in villages. Kiosks are basically a walled patio in which there are water taps built in to the walls. I think that thi is an excellent idea as it makes sure that villagers live safe in the knowledge tht there is a clean source of water right across the road instead of them having to used cotaminated springs and creeks.

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Celllphones. They are something that almost everyone has. Some teens are texing non stop! Some take up a lot of power especially if they have to be charged everyday. They may not seem like a lot of electricity but if you add up how many people have cellphones then the power usage is quite alot. If all cellphones had solar panels on the back, front, keys and around the screen then all you would have to do is leave your phone by a sunny window to charge it. Only on rainy days would we have to…


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Food security

To help food security I have helped my mum in the vege garden. It may not be a lot but half of what we grow this year will go to the local community centre for those who have no money to buy food. I hope I have provided a back up for those who are at the bottom of the wealth pyramid.

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Paul Polack, Social inovator.

Paul Polak–founder of Colorado-based non-profit International Development enterprises (IDE)—is dedicated to developing practical solutions that attack poverty at its roots. He also wrote "Out of Poverty" a book that explains what he does.

For the past 25 years, Paul has worked with thousands of farmers in countries around the world—including Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe–to help design and

produce low–cost, income–generating…


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Bringing skills not just finished technologies

Provide skills, not just finished technologies. The current revolution in design for developing countries is the notion of co-creation, of teaching the skills necessary to create the solution,

rather than simply providing the solution. By involving the community throughout the design process, you can help equip people to innovate and contribute to the evolution of the product. Furthermore, they acquire the skills needed to create solutions to a much wider variety of problems. They are…


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