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Computer Science in Rural Schools is a high demand that need not to be underestimated, neglected and ignored. I decided to plan a project that would help my community, my former rural school and young individuals who want to pursue Computer Science as their Life Career. This project aims to Educate, equip, acc**ulates and add value to individual skils of learners from Emkhombe High School from KwaZulu Natal in Republic of South Africa.

Computer Science is changing our world and shaping its future. It plays a leading role in modern society, whether it is to help us fighting crime, finding a cure for cancer, planning a mission to Mars, keeping in touch with our friends, listening to music on our MP3 players or enhancing our experiences at the movie. It is a fascinating and diverse field that brings together subjects like sociology, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, biology, logic and Mathematics to drive Scientific and technological progress forward.

Our range of research-led and industrially relevant degree or high school programmes can prepare you for an exciting and rewarding career. This School had have no computers for a period of 30 years since its existance. I did my High school there: with limited books, unqualified teachers, unorganised time schedule, no career advise, no role models, no one who went to a high University Institution. I found myself struggling when I entered at NMMU in 2006. I failed Computer Science by getting 25%, which was a good marks as far as I understand my situation. I have noticed more students who finished matric in that school dropping out without going to the 2nd year of their Academics. I realized that I have to do something about it. This project would develop the necessary skills to contribute to the rapidly evolving field of Computing.




This project involved the building of the two robots who fenced with each other. One robot was controlled by a flexible exoskeleton that the student built to convert his arm movements into movements to in the robot. Th e 2nd robot was controlled by artificial intellegence: it skills in fencing were created by obtaining 'know how' from experts on the college Fencing team and building a set of rules for the Robot to follow allowing it to react to the attacking robot in a human like way.

The project would cost an estimated amount of R150 000, given that proper procedure would be followed and Learners would contribute for the Lessons.

Fencing robots

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Comment by Buffy B on May 17, 2010 at 4:03pm
Hi, this is an awesome Evokation! Yes, computers are the key for the future for any school and I applaud you for your courage and perseverence to get beyone the obstacles you faced! So your Evokation is to start out with a computer class, develop the content and get the necessary computers. If you got laptops, you could make this class mobile. You didn't mention who you would like to mentor you, if you have no preference that's fine just say you want someone who will inspire and guide you (in your words). What would you do first with your US$1000?

Well done and I wish you all the best of luck. Do you know about OLPC it's an org that has smaller wireless computers (One Laptop Per Child) perhaps this is the type of computer you can use for the class. http://laptop.org/en/
Comment by Bongumusa on May 17, 2010 at 4:21pm
Thanks with your comment. This project will start with a small number of children in class. Getting a Laptop would be useful as a start, but for expansion we need more computers. I would use the first Investment of $1000 as the starting CAPITAL of my project. Those Learners would be required to also pay some contribution during their Lessons. People like John D. on Evoke can give me any advice or guidance. Dr. Robert Anthony is always behind me to ensure that I get something out of Life. Thanks with the Website.
Comment by Bongumusa on May 17, 2010 at 4:24pm
Buffy B. I personally appoint you as the my Mentor on EVOKE. I have been struggling to create a meaningful website. You really help me. I did it once, but it didn't work for the 2nd time.
Comment by John D. Boyden on May 17, 2010 at 10:26pm
Sounds good, useful and should have pretty high student interest! Go for it! +1 courage
Comment by Bongumusa on May 18, 2010 at 7:39am
People around the world they are speaking about Human Investment which is simply to improve skills, gather knowledge, keep the useful information for many generations. Computers are a rapidly most influential tool to meet all demand e.g. in Business, we keep business records on computer files or USB, in Court, we keep All doc**ents in storeroom and alternatively in Computer Files , during the past 40 years, they were using Storerooms for doc**ent keeping, due to the high loss and stolen files, they decided to keep those records in a restricted File in a secure Computer where Senior individuals have access to files. It is of high interest to come out with a project that can promote and develop skills of unemployed Youth. If you understand the use of computers, you can do whatever you want e.g. Some people have companies where they are response for creating Websites for Private and Small Companies for easy marketing and meeting the customer needs. Internet is the most rewarding Business in this century. Therefore I regard this project as the most rewarding long run investment which will yield positive returns.
Comment by Bongumusa on May 20, 2010 at 11:45am
ADD: I have researhed and found that most of the Rural and Township school in Republic of South Africa have the same problem. The other guy from Walmer Township told me that his student don't see any needs to use COMPUTERS as their part of LEARNING. This township is situated in Port Elizabeth next to the International Airport where there is a rapidly high rate of crime and poverty. I have met a young girl on the street yesterday on my way to University, I asked her how do you manage to make a living? I can't believe what she said " I am 13th years old, my mother died when I was at the age of 9 years old, she left me with my elder brother who run away with little money which my mother left us with, I tried to ask some food from nearby homes but they refused, another sister from my Township told me that I can make a lot of money by selling my body on the street, I am not schooling and I don't see any need for it. I am using that money to live. I have slept with people from Nigeria etc. They pay me. I don't like it but I have no option." This is not the only person who is a victim of poverty. As University student, sometimes I sleep with no food, no money to attend the cla****, no Room to sleep, no friend to ask. Luckily, I have no criminal record, but sometimes I think back in 2007 when I eat food from the Dustbin to survive for a week. No one knoew about this, I was like other students in class but performance drop dramatically. I always stick to my instinct. With no option to make a Living, I understand that we have a lot to do. But we need have no fund to make such a different. This Township touches me since last year when I was doing research for Rural development. It is surrounded by Surbub Houses with Golf Fields and Richest white people who are driving smart high class cars. I don't understand why people on the other side they staving from poverty while others they eat and throw it away. It touches my heart. Without proper Education, this people cannot do anything. Township schooling in Walmer have no Computers or if that school have they share it in group of Five. I have realised that we can say WE ARE FREE BUT NOT REALLY!!! WE ARE DOM!!
Comment by John D. Boyden on May 20, 2010 at 1:59pm
Thank you for bringing the harsh reality of today's youth to Evoke from the streets . You are Free. If you believe you are. Freedom is not the streets, but in the attitude you carry. You are free, but have to find a path to pay for your dreams. A path to take you to where you want to go. That is the hard part in life. Not everybody will find it. Very few will find a magic path to their future. Most will have to work out solutions from choices that seem like no solutions at all. Education is vital and can help people like you with some education, Bongumusa, to explore different possible paths. The young girl will not seek them, seeing no value. Talk to people at your school. See what your teachers can suggest. See what any job knowledgeable people can suggest. No one is doomed or dumb unless they accept the label. Look to your heroes. Ask them too. Here is another truth:

"We find not much in ourselves to admire, we are always privately wanting to be like somebody else. If everybody was satisfied with himself there would be no heroes." - Mark Twain.
Comment by John D. Boyden on May 20, 2010 at 2:04pm
On this proposal posted here, I had another thought. Make it a cross-curriculum project involving all the cla****. Each subject at the school can have assignments that effectively add to the project. An example: A science research paper that involves: science, history(science), English (or the standard taught language) Mathematics, physics, chemistry, computers, industrial arts...
Comment by Bongumusa on May 20, 2010 at 3:14pm
Thank you Mr. D. I like your opinion. But I have asked mself that what is FREEDOM? other people classify it as: Different races share together.
I still remember when I grew up, if we have no food, we ask it from our neighbor without paying. We call it as UBUNTU-YOU ARE BECAUSE I AM. In our days, it is all about money. Love is money. Can you tell me something that doesnot cost any value on earth in our days? I am not blaming anyone on this issue, but we are the people, we need to see the core source of the problem. You can remember my words "Don't give street child money, but teach him or her how to make money". As I am playing EVOKE right now, it cost a lot of money to access the Network. We are the people of Tommorrow, therefore we need to look at the situation as it is. I like CROSS-CURRICULUM PROJECTS. I have to share something with you, it too courage, hard work and deducation for me to get a distinction to go to the University with a Bursary. Some of my partners are busy drinking and making babies. Teachers didn't teach me what is going to happen after Matric, I don't blame them because they were not qualified, but I am just thinking about those who don't want to try.
Comment by John D. Boyden on May 20, 2010 at 3:58pm
Yes, there will always be those who do not try..again or the next time, or however they see it. Each of us tries, but it is easy to get discouraged and quit trying. Some people have decided everything should be given TO them. Most of us would LOVE to win a major lottery-whether we play or not. And that is what has happened and is happening to many all around the world. We alkl react to the pressures of failure in many different ways.


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