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All of my family and friends are coming over to my place to celebrate my birthday. My condo is located in a relatively small quiet neighborhood powered by a large community windmill just one kilometer from my place. My roof is comprised of solar panels, so I receive alternative means of energy with this method. My father offered to BBQ sausages, steak, hamburgers and shish kobab's on my natural gas BBQ versus my old charcoal BBQ. Since everyone will be conversing and mingling outside, I had to prepare lighting for sundown. So I decided to rummage through my garage and get out my solar powered garden lamps. Of course I have a few cousins who hate the outdoors, so they will want to stay indoors. We can't forget it is the middle of July, so temperatures are well into the high twenties therefore it will be hot! In order to keep my cousins that are not so accustomed to the outdoors comfortable, I open the windows around the condo instead of cranking up the air conditioner. I quickly set up the tables with plastic plates, cups and cutlery and spread around recycling bins both inside and outside the condo. *Ding dong*, my first guest is here, got to go!

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